While Sammydress sounds like your standard online fashion brand store, there’s really much more to just fashion that Sammydress has to offer. Aside from clothing, accessories and shoes, we’ll take a look at 5 other unconventional purchases you can find on this online fashion retail store.


1. Costumes and Accessories

Though Halloween has just passed, Sammydress offer a wide range of costumes and accessories for all of your party needs, from adults to children!

Sammydress halloween costumes

Dress up as a vampire with this adult sized black and red cloak. Or if in the mood for something more demure, you can dress up as Elsa from the animated movie Frozen.

Sammydress children's halloween costume

There are even adorable decorations for all of your themed party needs.

party decorationsVisit their festive and party supplies page for more costume designs and decorations for your home or party.

2. Kids Toys

Now which online fashion store sells toys? Sammydress does! Thinking of getting a birthday present for your kids or nieces and nephews? Check out Sammydress’ toy catalogue for super affordable toys.

remote controlled toy from sammydress

This remote controlled helicopter toy is one of the many available toys being sold on Sammydress!

Children play tent from Sammydress

How cool would it be for your kids to have their very own play tent? In the age of the internet and mobile devices, give them the gift of imagination as they make up their own stories and adventures with this play tent!

3. Home Decor

You don’t just get to beautify yourself by shopping at Sammydress, beautify your house as well with their catalogue of Home Decorations.

Room Decorations from Sammydress

Sammydress home decoration offers everything from wooden art pieces, to wall and floor stickers to decorate your home and give it a creative touch.

night lamp from sammydress

Cute night lights, 3D neon lights and luminous wall stickers can help make your room look nice even at night.

4. Wigs

Be it for a dress up themed party, a cosplay event or a boost of confidence for those having hair loss issues, you can get all sorts of wigs on Sammydress.

short blonde wig from Sammydress

From long hair to short hair to straight hair and curls, the wigs available on Sammydress comes in all styles and shades. There’s even wigs available for men too!

Long blonde wig from Sammydress

5.  Garden Tools

How often can one shop for clothes and garden supplies at the same time? With Sammydress, you can! Tools such as the 4-in-1 multi-functioning portable garden shovel as shown below can be found in their gardening tools catalogue.

4-in-1 gardening tool from Sammydress

Decorate your private garden with these unique inverted pots for a different way of organising your plants. They come in different shades of colours, perfect for decorating your office as well as your home.

Inverted Flower Pot from Sammydress

What are you waiting for! Visit Sammydress to check out all the other unconventional things you can buy from an online fashion brand as well as the Men’s, Women’s and Children’s wear that are available there. Be sure to take advantage of Sammydress coupon codes when you make your purchases! For more fashion and shopping, ShopBack is the site to visit to enjoy cashback and savings from your online purchases.