Trying to save money on fuel can be difficult because of the ever-rising petrol prices.

But there’s no need to worry about choosing between food and petrol, because we have 6 ways for you to save some money on petrol:

1. Driving with the AC Off and Windows Down.

You may have heard this trick from your parents but it’s now proved by the Society of Automotive Engineers that driving this way is more fuel-efficient as shown in their report.

The temperature and weather in Malaysia can get pretty intense (ugh, the heat), so we understand it can be quite uncomfortable (or hazardous, in some cases) to drive with your windows down.

So drive with windows down and AC off only when it’s comfortable and safe to do so, and you’re not driving at top speed on the highway. Maybe when you’re heading up to Cameron Highlands to escape from the city life, or going for a nice nighttime drive?

2. Regularly Maintaining Your Car.

Keeping your car in a tip-top condition by giving it an oil change, cleaning its air filter and making sure the tires are properly inflated can decrease your car’s fuel consumption by almost 10%.

A well-maintained car not only saves you fuel, they also have a longer lifespan and a lower risk of breaking down or malfunctioning unexpectedly.

3. Don’t Drive Aggressively.

It’s understandable that we tend to speed when we’re in a hurry, but driving like you’re in a rush to catch a flight every day isn’t good for your car breaks and its fuel economy. (Plus, it can be pretty dangerous.)

Driving consistently at a moderate speed will ensure a more consistent and better fuel consumption rate.

Pro tip: Plan your journey an hour ahead and try to avoid rush hour (if possible) to save time and money.

4.Take Public Transport.

You can try taking the public transport to your destination, even though it can be crowded at times.

This way, you’ll not only be able to save petrol money and parking money, but also save yourself from the nightmare of circling around the parking lot for hours just to find a parking spot.

5. Use Grab or Uber.

This is for when you just want to go to that nearby shopping mall that’s within a 15-minute drive, but you want to avoid the weekend jam or the hassle of finding parking.

Why not try using Grab or Uber — you save the need to find a parking space, pay the parking fee, circling around to find a parking lot. Also, it saves you some petrol money.

In some cases, you’ll save even more if you’re splitting your grab/uber fare among friends (which sometimes can amount to a lower price than taking public transport).

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6. Avoid Overpacking Your Car.

The less weight your car is carrying, the less fuel it needs to move around. So it stands to reason that if your car is carrying more weight, it will consume more fuel in order to move around.

So avoid using your car as your second home. There’s no need to leave that box of books you’re too lazy to carry up to your house in the car. And if you’re done with camping, remember to keep your tents and cooler boxes.

If you’re moving out or made a trip at a furniture shop (or any Ikea), you could consider hiring movers to help you move your things for you.

It may seem pricey, but it’ll save you the fuel and time needed to drive back and forth multiple times to completely move your stuff.

You could check out TheLorry, they have all sorts of movers for hire. Be sure to use any TheLorry coupons to enjoy discounts.

Remember to always drive safe and save smart! Are there any ways you swear by to save your car from consuming too much fuel?

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on How To Save Money On Petrol. Part 2 will talk about the best petrol loyalty programmes in Malaysia you can be in, and Part 3 will be on how to save money on petrol using credit cards.