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Hundreds of ringgit spent later, we find ourselves desperately in need of money after family vacations. We don’t know about you but we often find ourselves spending more than we planned when we go for a family vacation. While family vacations are supposed to be fun and memorable, anything that involves spending more money than we should causes nothing but regret.

If you are one of those people who constantly needs to find ways to cut down the expenses of your family trips or vacations, then you are at the right place. Even if you are not, there is no wrong in saving up some money for other things!

Allocate a vacation budget 

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It’s not a guarantee that we will follow through with the vacation plan that we have made but there is no harm in planning for a memorable family vacation. It’s best to plan for your family vacation beforehand so you can properly allocate your money. Prepare a list of the expenses for your vacation: fuel, tolls, food, the hotel rooms and the activities. Estimate the total expenses for the whole vacation and allocate your money prudently, making sure you don’t overspend your budget.

Pick a Non-Peak Travel Time

This is self-explanatory. Pick a non-peak travel time so that the cost and the fees will be less due to lower demand. If you plan to have a vacation during public holidays like Labour Day or when school is out, be prepared to pay more than the usual fees. If you choose to go for a family vacation during non-peak travel times, not only can you save money, you can also avoid huge crowds and long waiting lines. As an additional tip, opt for a road trip over flying whenever possible as the costs are naturally lower. However, if you still wish to go by flying because it’s too far to go by car, book your flight tickets for non-peak days like Monday or Wednesday.

Bring Your Own Food

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Do you love ramen, maggi cup noodles or even pre-cooked lasagna? Then pack them up and take them with you for your family vacation! Avoid paying twice or thrice the amount for the food that you can easily get for cheap back at home. So instead of having an English breakfast that will cost you your arms and legs, bring along a loaf of bread with peanut butter and jelly or kaya so your kids and you can enjoy breakfast in bed in the hotel room.

Book a Homestay

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Instead of booking a holiday at an expensive hotel, why not stay at a homestay to avoid spending so much? Homestays usually have more than one bedroom where you and your whole family can stay, all under one roof. And these days, homestays tend to be more updated and comfortable. Many homestays come fully furnished fully furnished so you and your whole family can relax and also have some security. Also, you can even rent it with your friends to bring the cost down even more!

Have a staycation

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While it’s rewarding and fun to have a family vacation far from home, it’s okay to have a vacation at your own place and have a stay-cation. There are a lot of things you can do to spend your three-days off from work. Have some movie nights, dinners together or even a barbeque. Anything that you can do to spend time with your children and your family is more than enough to have a great family vacation.

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