Just got back from a trip and already planning the next one out? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Travel bugs can be quite a nuisance sometimes both mentally (post-travel blues, anyone?) and financially. But, all thanks to low-cost budget airlines and ticket deals, you don’t have to be left with a huge dent in your bank account after every trip.

And since airfare takes up one of the biggest chunks of a travel budget, we have listed some of the cheapest airlines you should be flying for your next trip so that you can have some extra cash for something else.

For this, we have chosen five destinations in Asia using the discount travel merchants from ShopBack in order to get the best offer.

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To Singapore:


Hop over to Singapore for a weekend getaway. Been there too many times? Then, spend some time exploring the island like a local to get to know it more intimately. Are you sure you know everything there is to that little hidden gem that is tucked away in the corner of the city?


You can easily purchase return tickets to Singapore with:

  • Jetstar via Expedia: Starts from RM 145
  • Tigerair via Expedia: Starts from RM 165
  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo: Starts from RM 230

To Bangkok:


Whether it is to shop or to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, or just to take a break from where you are at, the vibrancy of Bangkok is definitely not going to disappoint even if you are returning there for the umpteenth time.

Thailand-bangkok-market of waterSource

Affordable flights to Bangkok are available at:

  • Tigerair via Expedia: Starts from RM 330
  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo: Starts from RM 360
  • Jetstar via Expedia: Starts from RM 490

To Phnom Penh:


Phnom Penh is one of those places with stories that will touch and warm the heart. It is rich in culture and history and is perfect for those who have a historian in them. Nothing spells magic like walking through an ancient ruin surrounded by a spectacular view. Not to mention that it is also one of the best places to catch a breathtaking sunrise if you are willing to rise early enough for it.


Phnom Penh is easily accessible with:

  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo: Around RM 280
  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo (with baggage): Around RM 370
  • Jetstar via Expedia: Around RM 430

To Hong Kong:


Food, shopping, four seasons, adventures…Hong Kong has it all. It may not be the cheapest city in Asia but it definitely is one of that has a balance of a city’s rush for those who enjoy being on-the-go all the time, and the calmness of nature for those who want to spend some leisurely time outdoors.


You can easily get to Hong Kong with:

  • Jetstar via Expedia: Averaging RM 340
  • Tigerair via Expedia: Averaging RM 400
  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo:  Averaging RM 470

To Seoul:


Ever since the debut of Winter Sonata in the early 2000s, Seoul has been experiencing a rapid rise in becoming a favourite destination for a quick getaway. It is a city that is rich in culture and food. Not to mention all those dream-like places we see in the media. A trip to Seoul is sure to guarantee a desire to make a comeback there as well as to extend the exploration to other parts of South Korea.

seoul-nami-islandSource: myseoulsearching.com

The good news is that, you can fly to Seoul without breaking your bank account:

  • Air Asia via AirAsiaGo: Approximately RM 890
  • Vietnam Airlines via Expedia: Approximately RM 960

The above prices displayed are approximate cost of a ticket. You may even find cheaper deals if you book early enough. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for ticket deals.

Still wondering which airline to go with?

Expedia is great when it comes to scouting and comparable prices. Don’t forget sign-up and use the deals from ShopBack and cut back on your expenses. Even if the destination you have in mind is not listed among the five countries we have chosen, you can still find great deals from budget airlines such as Air Asia Go or Groupon to various other places on our travel section.

So, hop on over now!

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