Practically speaking, the answer to that question is no. But that is if you compare using Grab and Uber to commuting on trains and buses or hailing cabs (which we all know you do lesser than taking an Uber/Grab).

However, if you just look at it in a ride hailing or ride sharing perspective, the answer is a big yes.

Using Grab or Uber alone already makes you a winner. There’s a higher cost incurred compared to commuting, of course, the convenience it brings you makes it all worth it.

It might not be the best option to save money, but it does save you a lot of time and energy. And using promo codes, availing discounts, and all other kinds of promotions from both ride aggregation apps is just the cherry on top with the savings they bring.

Cost vs Convenience

Those who frequently use Grab or Uber are those who usually hail a cab or drive their own car. On rare occasions, those who are used to the public commute opt to use either of the platforms if the situation calls for something more convenient compared to commuting.

If you compare the fare for Grab and Uber over hailing taxis, there’s really just a slim difference. It will all boil down on which you prioritise the most – cost or convenience.

Ride hailing and sharing apps wins when it comes to convenience.

What Uber and Grab have to offer is the convenience.

You can book a ride – or schedule it ahead of time – right at your phone and just wait for the driver to pick you up exactly where you are, and send you to the exact location where you requested to be dropped off.

If you’re not much in a hurry, you can save a margin of your fair if you share a ride with other riders.

The scenarios with which Grab and Uber can bring utmost convenience for you is endless. While it doesn’t win the war against cost, they do bring different promotions to the table each month so you can save a few bucks when you do hail a ride.

Grab and Uber Promotions

Both Uber and Grab offers promotions that can help you save money.

How can you save when using Grab and Uber when it’s more expensive than your everyday commute?

It’s simple: promotions.

Both have great deals of discounts and promos every month, or even every week.

First off, if you’re a first time user, both apps give you a huge discount on your first ride. You can also invite your friends to use the app and share your personal promo code to earn discounts. They also have promotions from time to time which varies in their promo terms and conditions.

Most of the time, both Grab and Uber offer discounts with a certain cap for a limited number of rides at a limited time; sometimes, even at limited availability.

They also do promotions wherein you need to accumulate a number of rides first before you’ll be given a special promo code for the discount.

You can also earn rewards if you use Grab. Each ride will earn you points depending on the type of service and payment method you use. You can convert these reward points to discounts for your next ride. Plus, Grab has partnered with other merchants where you can earn Grab rewards (just check your rewards tab) so you get to save a little more as you spend too.

Ride more with Grab and Uber and earn more cashbacks from Shopback.

So, can you really save from these promotions?

Now that you have an idea on how Grab and Uber work and how it could be to your advantage, the answer to the question is pretty obvious.

Yes, you can save a lot of money from Grab and Uber promotions. The discounts they give can be as much as 50%. Other discount rates and Grab promo codes can also be used more than once, so you know you can save for more rides.

For bargain hunters always looking out for the cheapest ride, you can even use ShopBack’s Ride Aggregation to compare your rides on our app: available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

With promo codes, and discounts galore – what more can you ask for? That’s a lot of ways to save on your Grab and Uber rides. If that’s not enough savings for you, then what is?