Hygge (pronounced hew-gah) is a Danish word that encapsulates the feeling of warmth and comfort. It is that special moment where you feel safe, comfortable and accepted. It’s also the feeling of being charmingly at home. The Hygge concept has, of late, helped characterize interior design, especially Scandinavian inspired interiors.

If you love the minimalist Scandinavian look with a cosy touch, that’s Hygge. Here are some ways you can incorporate that concept into your own interior:

  1. Lots of muted colors

Scandinavian and Hygge interiors are not loud and showy. They are quiet and serene, with calming colors that promote a sense of peace. Stick to neutral colors like grey, white and beige for the background of the room. Add highlights with dark colours like black, navy blue and bits of pastel. Earthy colors like dark green and brown will work too, but in limited amounts.

The secret of getting your color scheme right is to make sure that they harmonize together. Avoid fluorescent or overly bright hues that are jarring and cut into the overall look and feel.

A cat at a window in a sitting room
Image credit: Nathan Fertig@Unsplash
  1. Add ‘soft’ elements

In order to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, lots of soft and ‘furry’ items should be added to a room. These include cushions, throws, blankets, soft covers and other types of fabrics. These are added to take the ‘edge’ out of a space and to minimize the feeling or stiffness from wooden and metallic furniture. Another good tip is to use carpets and rugs to create a warm and casual atmosphere.

A dining room in the Scandinavian Hygge style
Image credit: Nick Carvounis@Unsplash
  1. Let plenty of natural light in

The Hygge style is one that encourages contemplation. It’s also one that allows you to appreciate all the small wonders of life in a slower pace. To lift one’s spirit, one needs to let nature into one’s comfort zone. Once way you can do this is to have larger windows in your home and keep them open.

Not all of us are lucky enough to live near large rolling fields of forests. However, letting the light in is the first step in creating a healthy home environment.

Image credit: Freestocks.org
  1. Warm Drinks on a Cool Night

Hygge isn’t limited to furniture and decorative items. It can determine your kitchenware too. In this lifestyle, hot steaming mugs of cocoa next to a fireplace is a common image. That’s why mugs and heavy ceramic plates are a must have on Hygge dining tables. More often than not, the Hygge lifestyle is one where you enjoy comfort food like hot soups and stews while being surrounded by loved ones.

Dining table with hot drinks and pancakes
Image credit: Anthony Delanoix@Unsplash
  1. Spread Candles and Votives

Fireplaces are something that we often see in Hygge homes. However, in Malaysia, fireplaces are non-existent. Therefore, another Hygge element can be incorporated which is candles. If you’re afraid of safety issues, you can always get the battery powered variety. Make sure that you’re always nearby if you light a candle.

Candles are ideal for relaxation purposes, especially if they’re scented.

Candle and mug in front of a computer at Christmas
Image credit: Mint Owl@Unsplash
  1. Wear Lots of Comfy Clothing

Hygge is as much about personal comfort as it is about creating a comfortable home. Be sure you have a space at home where you can laze about and wear sports pants without worrying about what other will say. Curl up with your pet cat and a good book, and let the Hygge times roll!

Person with socks, coffee and book with blanket at autumn
Image credit: Alex Geerts@Unsplash

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