Ever watch a scene in a movie and dream of experiencing that feeling of being among scenic views? Well with Booking.com, we’ve got a couple of local Malaysian spots that you could head on over to without travelling abroad! Take your significant other or family on a short trip to enjoy these breathtaking destinations!

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

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Image Credits: Mount Kinabalu Climb | Facebook

East Malaysia is one of the more untouched sides of Malaysia, having countless beautiful and breathtaking spots. Tourists and locals hike all the way up Mount Kinabalu for two days, but they are rewarded with an amazing sight. You’ll be the closest to nature, overlooking over 5,000 species of plants, about 300 types of birds, and other mammals that live on the mountain! Now, isn’t this a scenic view? Even the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, resides on this mountain.

The view is spectacular on the peak of the mountain, and some even specifically climb up during the night for stargazing and night photography. Take a short flight over to Sabah and enjoy the amazing view from Mount Kinabalu!

Danum Valley, Sabah

scenic views
Image Credits: Danum Valley Adventure | Facebook

Danum Valley is also located in East Malaysia, Sabah. It is one of the remaining rainforests that are left untouched. It is currently under conservation, research, education, and habitat restoration training.  Catch the sunrise from the observation deck at Danum Valley, and watch the sea of clouds tower above the trees with the sun rising above the clouds slowly. It is truly a hidden gem for amazing views, especially for nature lovers! 


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Coral Beach, Pangkor Island

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Image Credits: Anders Mohlin | Flickr

Coral Beach is located right next to Nipah Bay on Pulau Pangkor. Be entranced by calm waves on a golden coastline next to a line of palm trees. Sit back, lay on the hammocks and admire the sunset by the beautiful sandy beach. The golden hour at the beach is stunning and calming, so take your date and walk by the coastline and enjoy the amazing scenic view. There are cafes overlooking the beach where you can grab a drink while checking out the sunset.


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Bukit Tabur, Selangor

Image Credits: Bukit Tabur Treasure | Facebook

Bukit Tabur is quite a hidden gem as there are so many different routes to get to the peak. The climb is about 3 to 4 hours and hikers usually start early in the morning to catch the sunrise. The view from the peak will definitely surprise you. From the top, you can see a sea of clouds above the trees and a river below reflecting the light. Be awed by the complexity and sights of Bukit Tabur!


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Perhentian Islands, Terengganu

Image Credits: Achilli Family | Journeys | Flickr

Sunsets are one of the most romantic things to do, especially those by the beach! Head over to Perhentian Islands, as they are known for their beautiful sunsets! The most famous spot is Coral Bay by Perhentian Kecil, recommended as one of the more popular and stunning spots to watch sunsets. There are plenty of private beaches on the Perhentian Islands for you to catch those breathtaking views, so you can experience romantic sunset views right here!


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Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

Image Credits: Tanjung Rhu Resort, Luxury Resort Langkawi, Malaysia | Facebook

Tanjung Rhu Beach is ranked one of the most beautiful sunset scenic views in northeast Langkawi. Walk along the beach and admire the golden hour till the sun sets beyond the emerald clear sea and play among the waves surrounded by islands. There’s also mangroves in Tanjung Rhu that immediately adds to the exotic aesthetics and beauty of the area.


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