Ocean Explorers unite! The marvels of the ocean come ashore at the first SEA LIFE Malaysia located in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru. The much-awaited SEA LIFE Malaysia is the newest addition to the family of attractions by Merlin Entertainments.

SEA LIFE poster with a father and 2 kids at centre

With a growing popularity for sea life sanctuaries all over the world, SEA LIFE is a global attraction with centres in Europe, U.S., Oceania and Asia. Now marking its mark in Malaysia, SEA LIFE welcomes everyone to dive into an ocean of adventures.

How To Swim Over To SEA LIFE?

aerial view over LEGOLAND Malaysia
Image credit: blue_quartz | Flickr

Conveniently located right next to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, Malaysia’s first international theme park, SEA LIFE Malaysia is easily accessible from Johor Bahru city. Located at No. 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar, 79250 Johor Bahru, Johor, it is a half hour drive from the JB city centre. Drive time from Johor’s Senai International Airport takes about 20 minutes. Drive time from Singapore’s Changi International Airport takes about 55 minutes.

Public bus service from JB City is also available. Enquiries can be made at the main Bus Terminus at Larkin for details and prices. Better yet, hop on the Iskandar Puteri Free Shuttle Service that makes stops at several destinations around Iskandar Puteri. These stops include SEA LIFE Malaysia, Mall of Medini, EduCity, Puteri Harbour Theme Park, Pinewood Iskandar Studios and more.

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What Fish-tastic Wonders To Expect?

4 kids looking at diver in the aquarium of fishes
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

13,000 fishes. 120 types of fish species. 400,000-litre Ocean tank. No wonder it’s the largest tank in the aquarium. It provides a habitat for the ocean creatures and features a replica of the historic Portuguese Wanli shipwreck. Visitors enjoy a thematic experience of walking through the shipwreck with LEGO elements all around it. So, be prepared for lots of ‘oohs and aaahs’ from kids who love treasure-hunting under the seas.

Black tip reef shark in aquarium and silhouettes of photographers at bottom
Image credit: pexels.com

Among the most popular ocean invaders to spot at SEA LIFE are the black tip reef shark and zebra shark. The exhibits come with shark-tastic facts and figures about sharks. So, kids will enjoy an educational and entertaining time. Next sea creatures to spot are the sting rays whose sheer size will amaze visitors when they swim by. Look out for the glowing jellyfish in various sizes that dazzle with their floating antics. Just as amazing are the sea horses that visitors can see up-close and personal.

How To Explore SEA LIFE Malaysia?

2 kids standing on front of tank with sting ray
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

SEA LIFE has not 1, not 2, but 11 themed Aquarium Zones. Every zone deserves a visit a least once, or twice if you can manage the time because they are bound to thrill the senses like never before.


Touch, Tickle & Learn At The Rockpool

Kids with marine expert at Rcokpool examining sea creatures
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

All kids gravitate to the Rockpool as they get to stroke a starfish, touch the corals and tickle a sea cucumber. So exciting for kids and adults alike, the SEA LIFE marine experts explain the life habits and micro-habitats of all the sea creatures in the Rockpool. In fact, multiple visits to the Rockpool are usual before you leave SEA LIFE for the day. Washing facilities are provided for kids to wash hands.

Ocean Tunnel of Marvels Untold

Family of 4 persons inside Ocean Tunnel
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

Tops in the Ocean Tunnel is the famous Black Tip Reef Shark who rules the ocean with its presence. Further, the gigantic 180-degree tunnel is perfect for viewing all the fantastic sea creatures all around. So, walk through and experience the marvels of underwater world.

Scream Like Tarzan At The Malaysian Rainforest

Take a journey through a lush rainforest with river sounds in the background. Moreover, visitors get to learn the history of the Johor River, the creatures that thrive in the habitat and measures taken to keep the river clean.

Step Into A Sunken Shipwreck

Exterior view of Ocean Tunnel at SEA LIFE
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

Explore the mysterious sunken shipwreck in the Ocean Tank surrounded by moral eels and octopus. History is retold with interesting information shared about how the wreckage treasures such as ceramics contributed to the bustling maritime trade in Asia.

Zoom Around The Shoaling Ring

Just stand there and stare in amazement at the hundreds of yellow tail fusilier swimming at top speed all around you in the Shoaling Ring. Don’t blink your eyes as you may have missed the winner of the swim race.

Explore The Seahorse Nursery

Seahorse with coral backdrop
Image credit: pixabay.com

For fans of the movie ‘Aquaman’, they will know that seahorses are magical creatures that have mythical powers. At this kingdom of seahorses, visitors can observe their living and breeding habits. Also, kids can learn how they swim with their curled, flexible tails and how they avoid predators by mimicking the colours of underwater plants.

Fly To The Stingray Bay

Sting ray swimming by the tank
Image credit: pixabay.com

When the stingrays fly by, their underside look like smiley faces smiling at you. After all, all stingrays have different personalities worth discovering in this tropical lagoon. Further, the SEA LIFE marine experts will explain the unique temperaments and lifestyles of the rays.

Coral Reef Discoveries

Coral reef in many colours
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

Perfect for kids to walk through, the mini tunnels depict the Coral Reef in all its colours and wonders. So, let them spot the wide variety of fish from the regal tang, blue-spotted butterfly fish, dory fish and clown fish swimming around. Just as wonderful are the pretty coral gardens that decorate the reef.

Amazing Creations For Ocean Heroes

Yellow dory swimming past corals
Image credit: pixabay.com

Imaginative and interactive, this little corner of Amazing Creations provides kids some down-time after running around SEA LIFE. Let them draw their fave sea creatures and brings them magically to life in a digital ocean projected on the walls. Better yet, kids can even feed their creations. Next, snap lots of photos of them chasing their fish around the ocean.

Jump For Joyful Jellies

Orange jelly fish swimming in tank
Image credit: pexels.com

SEA LIFE has an amazing zone dedicated to jelly fish. Ideal for kids to learn about this incredible invertebrates that survive without a brain, heart or sensory organs. For adults, watching jelly fish works even better than a lava lamp, when it comes to de-stressing the mind.

Exciting Behind The Scenes Action

Lion fish swimming in tank
Image credit: pixabay.com

Upon request, SEA LIFE provides behind-the-scenes tours where dedicated aquarists share how they care for over 13,000 sea creatures. Moreover, it is aimed at cultivating the importance of marine conservation for all kids.

What Activities Will Kids Enjoy?

Blue mascot of shark at SEA LIFE
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

Kids will learn to love and care for the ocean through magical story-telling sessions, interactive displays, and hands-on encounters with sea life creatures. Also, there’s an adorable mascot to welcome them to the aquarium. In fact, SEA LIFE Malaysia has set up a team of SEA LIFE Junior Rangers as young ambassadors to champion the cause of this marine sanctuary.

SEA LIFE junior rangers looking at fish in bucket
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

The Junior Rangers originating from Singapore and Malaysia are the privileged few to enjoy behind-the-scenes action at SEA LIFE. So, they get to participate in various marine life conservation themed activities. As a result, these rangers advocate the value of protecting sea life to other kids their age and shape the future of the planet.

What Makes This SEA LIFE Different?

Only at SEA LIFE Malaysia can visitors enjoy trekking through the well-designed Malaysian Rainforest zone. It showcases Malaysia as one of Earth’s 12 mega diversity countries.

Clownfish in between the sea anemone
Image credit: pixabay.com

Just as amazing is the focus on building imagination through play. LEGO Mini-Figures and other LEGO sea creatures are placed all over SEA LIFE Malaysia for all visitors, young and old to enjoy their educational trip. Be prepared for an interactive aquarium concept combined with unique LEGO elements.

Why Visit With The Whole Family?

Queue outside SEA LIFE
Image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

There are perks on ticket prices when you visit SEA LIFE Malaysia with the family. Kids and seniors enjoy preferential rates. Simply book online to avoid waiting in line at the ticket counters.

  • Admission ticket (open-dated): RM95 (adult), RM74 (child/ senior)

For better value, bundle your tickets with other attractions such as LEGOLAND’s theme park or water park.

  • Day tickets (1-day combo for SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND theme park): RM278 (adult), RM221 (child)
  • Day tickets (1-day combo for SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND theme park & water park): RM313 (adult), RM250 (child)

When one day is not enough to enjoy all the attractions, visitors can pick up the annual pass for unlimited visits all year, all at the price of a day ticket.

  • Double-park Pass (SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND theme park): RM278 (adult), RM221 (child)
  • Triple-park Pass (SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND theme park & water park): RM313 (adult), RM250 (child)

Attractive Stays Close To SEA LIFE Malaysia

beige starfish underwater
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Heed the call of the ocean and plan a longer stay at Iskandar Puteri where attractions aplenty will thrill you and your family. Find 5-star accommodation online when you search the best deals on Booking.com to snag awesome staycation packages. Keep your eyes peeled for Booking.com promo codes to enjoy further discounts on your stay. Don’t forget to book through ShopBack to score up to 6% cashback.

Tell us all about your best underwater adventures after visiting SEA LIFE Malaysia.

Featured image credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia | Facebook

Note: The information presented in the article is correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes without prior notice.