It’s always this time of year that gives you a terrible headache. It’s not that you don’t want to give something to your friends, or your colleagues, or your family, it’s that you don’t know what to actually buy for them for your Secret Santa gift exchange.

But that’s an easy problem to solve. It doesn’t matter if your Secret Santee is your sister or your desk mate, what matters is finding out what they like, and then getting them a gift that doesn’t break the budget. And please, for the love of everyone this season, don’t get someone toilet paper. Just don’t do it.

deadpool lego santa
Image Credit: Esteban Lopez | Unsplash

You see that Deadpool Santa? That’s who is going to come after you if you get someone toilet paper. You better watch out, and you better not cry. You better not get someone toilet paper and try to get cashback on top of that. You’ll still get the cashback (we can’t deny that), but Deadpool Santa will make sure it’s not worth your while.

If Your Secret Santa Budget Is Below RM10

Having a RM10 budget is tough, but here’s where a little creativity comes into play.

For The Fashion Forward Woman

red's revenge gold disc pom pom dangle earrings zalora
Image Credit: Red’s Revenge | Zalora

Bring a little festivity into her life with earrings. This particular pair are on discount right now on Zalora, so instead of costing you RM12.93 (upRM19.90), you get an extra 30% off with the code EARLY30 (valid till 11 Dec 2018). That makes it RM9.05, which makes the cut for our under RM10 budget.

The grey pom poms balances out the bedazzled gold discs on this pair of earrings, which makes it easy to bring these earrings from a work day to a fancy dinner party. They’re made out of a nickel free alloy so you don’t need to worry about triggering your Secret Santee’s allergies.

These earrings are only an example of what you could get your Secret Santee. There’s an even larger selection on Zalora (with 4% upsized cashback). If you’re reading this on 12.12, you could get vouchers for up to 40% off and exclusive deals with up to 80% off, so keep a lookout for that.

For That Gamer Who Loves All Things Retro

Virtual Cyber Pet Tamagotchi With Eggshell Retro Toy 90s Nostalgic Machine Toys
Image Credit: | Shopee

You might not be able to get your Secret Santee one of those trending retro gaming portable consoles that look like the gameboys of yesteryear (by the way, those cost you RM36 on Shopee), but you could get them the next best thing: a tamagochi.

Yes, they might be a little bit annoying and they might need a lot of care to make sure they don’t die. But a tamagochi is a definite blast to the past. Plus, this particular one comes with an actual egg. Best part? It’s only RM5.20 for one, which is way below our RM10 budget.

If you spend a minimum of RM100 on the Shopee App (with up to 6% cashback), you can get RM10 off by using the code 1212SHOPBACK. So you could combine your purchase of this toy with actual Christmas gifts you’re getting for people you don’t have a budget for.

For That Person Who Keeps Asking For A Pen

fountain pen 11street
Image Credit: COComall | 11street

If you have a Secret Santee who loves borrowing stationery from you, get them something that looks like it might have cost you a fortune but you actually only spent RM 8.01 on. This particular fountain pen comes with a plunger so your Secret Santee can use any ink they can get their hands on to feel like a million bucks.

You can use 11street promo codes (with up to 13% cashback) to offset your purchases.

Get Your Secret Santa Presents Early On 12.12

Shopping early for Christmas presents are the best way to make sure you’re not scrambling around trying to scavenge a present when you need one. Check back here on 12.12 to find more Secret Santa gift ideas.

There’s up to 30% Cashback and an extra RM12 super cashback on 12.12. This means if you shop at either 12:12am, 12:12pm, or 9.12pm for 12 minutes on 12.12, you’ll get RM12 cashback. Which also means your Secret Santa gift cost you basically nothing.

Isn’t that an easy hack to gift shopping?

*Featured Image Credit: | Unsplash