Can’t get enough with just Cashback? One of the swanky new features that you see on the ShopBack app –  Challenges – is the easiest way to earn more bonus as you shop.

Yes, earn when you shop.

What are ShopBack challenges?

ShopBack Challenges are small simple tasks that you can complete via the ShopBack app. They can be along the lines of inviting a friend to sign up, or making purchases at a number of stores, or spending a certain amount of money via ShopBack GO.

They are updated often, and you can also keep a lookout for them during mega sales (read: ShopFest @ ShopBack). Simple and straightforward!

Where to find the challenges?

First and foremost, make sure you have the ShopBack app downloaded, with your account set up! If you haven’t already – here are the download links for your easy reference:

Next, to see what are the challenges available:

     1. Open ShopBack mobile app and click on the Earn More tab at the bottom.

     2. Under the ‘Earn More’ section, you can find all the challenges available. 

      3. Click Start to opt in to your desired Challenge.

      4. Or, if you want to see specific instructions on how to complete the Challenge, click on the Challenge you’re interested in. Here, you can see T&Cs and more information. Thereafter, you can opt in for them!


After you get the hang of it, there are so many other challenges out there waiting for you too. It’s like you’re being rewarded just for shopping!

What are the benefits of completing the challenges?

Money, money, money!


  • Always remember to opt in to the Challenges so you don’t miss out on any bonuses! You won’t earn any bonuses if you’ve fulfilled the criteria but had forgotten to opt in.
  • Complete your Challenges before they expire! If you’re only halfway through the Challenge and did not manage to complete it, you will not be eligible for the Challenge as well.
  • We send timely notifications to inform you of new Challenges, so make sure to turn on your notifications setting for the ShopBack app! Some of them are limited time challenges so try to complete them quickly!
  • Check back often for status updates on your Challenges!


  • Terms & Conditions of each Challenge applies.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to invalidate any order that does not comply with the terms and conditions.
  • For Challenges FAQ, you may refer here.

What are you waiting for? Come check out the current challenges available on the mobile app now! You can earn bonuses just by shopping with us, how sweet is that! Download the ShopBack app now!