We at ShopBack work hard and play hard! This is why we’re always on the lookout for the next long weekend so we can indulge in all the things the extended free time affords us – travelling, staycationing or even just having a chill time at home!

We’re really looking forward so much to the long weekends coming for us next year that we’ve created this neat little calendar for you. So without further ado, we present the ShopBack Long Weekend Cheatsheet 2017!

ShopBack Long Weekend Cheatsheet 2017

There is nothing more frustrating than being unprepared and getting caught off guard when a long weekend sneaks up on you. This might mean having to pay more for last-minute bookings on your flights and accommodations, and also just general chaos when it comes to planning anything. To help you save on some needless hair-pulling, nail-biting and money-wasting, why don’t you just use this handy little guide to plan your 12 long weekends – at the very minimal price of just 4 days of leave!

You can even go ahead and use ShopBack’s expansive list of merchants to help you save as you plan your long weekend itineraries! It is here with us where all the best deals and savings are at!


If a getaway is what you want, do check out these handy guides:

Be sure to book your activities using Klook coupons and your air tickets and accommodation using Expedia vouchers!


If you still want to get away but don’t plan on leaving the country, here are some great places for a staycation:

There are plenty of other guides at our blog that will help you out! So be sure to read up before diving in head-first into your long weekend planning!