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The Internet is teeming with sites with loads of kids-geared merchandise, but recently, the greatest of Chinese e-commerce sites is slowly rising as the de-facto place to shop for your kids. Yes, Taobao has become a prime online store where parents regularly go to enjoy economical prices and great deals. Because, let’s get real, when it comes to toys, no discerning parent likes to overspend.

Taobao is the biggest e-commerce site in Asia for many reasons. Taobao started off as a powerhouse consumer-to-consumer marketplace, and many Chinese users praised its system, service and products. They set into place a rock-solid order-tracking system that rivals that of Amazon, and has created new portals like Taobao Mall for consumers to buy from brand-name stores. They also strove to win the trust of their primary market, the Chinese, and did not rest on the laurels of economical pricing, but rather on respectful two-way communication.

Not that Taobao isn’t a leader in terms of pricing  – Chinese commerce in general has always been backed by cheap manufacturing costs after all.

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Let’s start with the one thing your children needs no matter if they are newborn or 10: clothing. That’s one product category that got to new heights in the advent of the Chinese Internet boom. Brand name apparel have taken the place of generic, low quality tops, shorts or dresses, and that’s probably the best thing to happen to clothing bargain-hunters everywhere.

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Because Taobao has the very same brands that are renowned for their comfort, materials and looks. Search with names like Gap or Ralph Lauren on Taobao, and a huge list of hip and modern designs should flood your screen. The prices are affordable, across the board, understandably as we convert the final prices from Chinese Yuan RMB to Malaysian Ringgit.  

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An authentic pair of Gap camouflage pants costs MYR 39, and you don’t need to worry much about shipping costs, as Taobao direct shipping service always discounts freight costs. A discount of MYR 27 from your shipping costs means that huge overheads are a thing of the past. Free shipping could even be had for a clothing piece or two.

Camouflage pants may serve as a staple for your little boy, but if you want something softer for bedtime, smooth black-fabric GAP pajamas from the Autumn collection fits the task to a T. MYR 70 for a pair could bring you peaceful nights, and sound sleep for your kid.

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If you are shopping for girls, Taobao gets more interesting. Korean-styled one-piece fashion dresses, or pastel coloured shirt and skirt combos are the regular selections, and so are scarfs, stockings and caps for specific occasions.

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Frozen movie merchandise have been all the cool these days, and Princess Elsa ballerinas are great shoes to get at Taobao. But when it comes to specific Frozen toys, Taobao shows its colourful side. Princess sisters Elsa and Anna come with Prince Hans, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven all in a complete story collection, great for surprise birthday gifts.

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Sometimes your kids need to look the part too while playing with their sets, and Taobao literally has everything from Cinderella dresses to Bigby wolf onesies. Perhaps they could even be wanting some thematic dressings while playing with the home Nintendo Wii U console, slashed heavily in price due to the console price war, and slashed even further with dozens of Taobao promotions.

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Of course, Wii U games are also a hit at Taobao, and almost come with a low price guarantee from them, as US versions of these games are almost always priced lower. You don’t need to pay exorbitant shipping costs for these too – MYR 40 freight all-around for such selections as:

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Super Mario 3D World, Super Luigi U, Super Mario Bros U, Mario Kart 8, and many other triple-A kid titles, all at sub MYR 250 prices. But we understand that you might find these games to be overwhelmingly expensive after getting the console itself.

But with these, you are good to go:

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Mario Kart 8 Wii U console bundles that include the console and the game, so your child could be drifting and overtaking as Mario in no time. They cost about MYR 1000, which is crazy for a modern-day console. But when you reap the benefits of countless entertainment hours, and amusement alongside your kids, these Wii U bundles are priceless.

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Which online departmental store would be complete without some Barbie houses and complete outfits? Taobao brings lower prices for traditional toys, and that even includes all the classic boardgames you loved from your own childhood, and Lego packages that instill intellectual skills.

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Monopoly has always taught children the concept of economics, just as much as Lego is excellent at fostering healthy imagination. Remember how you could do lump sum shipping with discounted freight costs? With Taobao, placing a whole smorgasbord of items into your shopping cart for completeness is the most economical way moving forward.

Choose from around millions of child-focused product listings at Taobao, all while enjoying cheap shipping and affordable prices! ShopBack Malaysia gives you Taobao cashback when you enter in any Taobao URL on ShopBack’s Taobao merchant page. On top of that, there is often Taobao vouchers that you can use to enjoy further discounts.