We get so easily carried away with the daily demands of life, social media and our own expectations for ourselves, that we fail to focus on the things that matter. People often assume that owning materialistic things are the only way to achieve true happiness and contentment.

While they might not be entirely wrong, since physical objects and desires do provide you with the happiness that you’re looking for. However, it only gives you a temporary relief. Once you’ve bagged that promotion at work, you’ll be happy for a week or two, then what?

You’ll return to hunting new ways and means to feel that euphoric spark. So to help you out, here are some of the most easiest yet effective ways to lead a life filled with happiness!

1. Be Grateful

be grateful for everything in life
Image Credit: Simon Maage | Unsplash

We cannot possibly stress on how important and effective this is. Be grateful for everything that you already have instead of constantly wanting more. While greed is a part of basic human nature, do not let it dictate your life. Be thankful for your home, for having a job that pays you, and a family that loves you, because let’s face it, not every one is as lucky as you are. So instead of comparing your life to others, just be thankful for all that you have, and you’ll start looking at life in a much more positive sense. Another trick is to write down everything you are grateful for –no matter how small, and whenever you’re feeling down look it up, and you’re sure to feel a lot better. 

2. Forgive Others

forgive others for a happier you
Image Credit: Felix Koutchinski | Unsplash

While this one can be really difficult to practice, it does however play a huge part in achieving happiness. Whether you realise it or not, stored anger takes a toll on you. There’s no point in replaying the damage someone caused you, when it’s only going to be you who’ll end up feeling like crap. Remember, forgiving someone doesn’t make you a loser, it only makes you a better person, and a happier person too!

3. Exercise

go for a walk or jog
Image Credit: Emma Simpson | Unsplash

Nope, don’t roll your eyes, there’s a simple scientific explanation behind this. Exercising releases the ‘feel good’ hormones aka endorphins. Not only do they assist in reducing stress, a good round of evercise will keep you feeling a lot happier and refreshed since endorphincs trigger a positive sensation in your mind and body. You don’t necessarily have to go for a hardcore workout routine, even a 20-min brisk walk would be effective enough.

4. Love Yourself

love yourself for a happier life
Image Credit: Ben Mater | Unsplash

You’re probably thinking, “as easy as that huh?”, and yes it is as easy as that. When you love yourself, and your life just the way it is, no negativity could ever break in. Look at it this way, lots of ideas and people are striving in this world because we feel shitty about ourselves. They make us think that happiness is something that has to be bought, but here’s a secret, happiness is within you. And the first step to finding it is by loving yourself. Being content with yourself means you will not be insecure, you will not have the need to constantly want more, you will not have the need to satisfy others, because YOU know for a fact that you’re enough and that’s all that matters.

5. Practice Mindfulness

practice mindfulness to be happy
Image Credit: Lesly Juarez | Unsplash

When you quit living in the future or harping on the past, and just start focusing on your present, you will certainly be able to live a happier life. Practicing mindfulness allows you to center your thoughts and energy on whatever that’s happening then and there, without judgements. In simple words, you become a realist; you accept reality for what it is, instead of wishing it had turned out some other way and beating yourself up because it hadn’t.

6. Give out Compliments 

pay compliments to strangers
Image Credit: Hannah Grace | Unsplash

Ever noticed how contagious smiles are? Well, the most genuine ones can certainly make your day. If you think that that guy has the best kicks, or that lady has the most luscious hair, then go ahead and let them know! Not only will you make them happy, you’ll certainly feel a lot better about yourself knowing that you just made someone smile. Not all of these compliments need to be physical, whenever possible, say something positive about someone’s character or personality, for it will make them feel a lot better about themselves. Now you don’t need to go on and compliment every single person you see; the last thing you need is to seem creepy. Just be genuine and you’ll do great!

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Another way to keep yourself happy is to figure out your relationships with the people you love around you — find out each other’s love languages and start from there.