shopbop slip ons

There exists the common misconception that slip ons and mules are unfashionable or that they’re for (much) older women. Shopbop will show you that a pair of mules or slides can be designer too.

If you don’t know what slides or mules are, here’s your answer. They’re not the slides you see on children’s playgrounds or the mule (as in a baby donkey). They are what these shoes which look like a cross between slippers and sandals are really called.

Look through this guide to find a a bold and edgy look.

1. Ulla Johnson Babette Suede Slides

black strap shopbop slip ons

These suede slides come with unique metallic beads that trim its soft straps. Its simple design makes it a great piece for casual outings. Pair this with denim shorts or boyfriend jeans and you are ready to go.

Before Cashback: US $350 | After Cashback: US $322 

2. Soludos Embroidered Two Band Slides

Soludos Embroidered Two Band Slides

Cute colours, tribal patterns and tassels. This pair of slip ons definitely bring something different to the table. This chic footwear can definitely give an interesting twist to your overall look.

Before Cashback: US $99 | After Cashback: US $91 

3. No. 21 Mules with Bow

No. 21 Mules with Bow

Whoever said slip ons are too casual clearly hasn’t seen the No. 21 Mules. This champagne toned slip ons and its structured front adds an air of elegance to your style. You can add a touch of sophistication when strutting around in these, no matter if you’re doing a presentation at work or if you’re just lunching with the family on the weekends.

Before Cashback: US $590 | After Cashback: US $542.80 

4. Phillip Lim Cube Open Toe Mules

Phillip Lim Cube Open Toe MulesThis sleek pair of slip ons come in handy for any occasion. Whether it’s going to the office, or meeting the girlfriends, this versatile pair of slip ons will do the trick. Everyone needs one of these in their collection.

Before Cashback: US $450 | After Cashback: US $414 

5. Trademark Castainge Slides with Marabou Feathers

Phillip Lim Cube Open Toe Mules

The poofy feathers and pastel hues really come together to give you that feminine vibe when you slip into these shoes. The satin material and pointed front  has a dramatic yet lady-like effect. Channel your inner broadway-girl with this stunning pair of slip ons.

Before Cashback: US $598 | After Cashback: US $550.16

6. Eugenia Kim Tilly Mules

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.27.59 pm

Covered in bright red and an equally dramatic pom pom front, this pair of mules is perfect for the girl with a jovial personality. Pair this with your favourite dress or skirt for a fun, outgoing vibe.

Before Cashback: US $525 | After Cashback: US $483

7. Malone Souliers Hannah Mules

Malone Souliers Hannah Mules

With neutral tones, a sleek front, and a woven strap, this pair of mules is adds a touch of class to any casual outfit. Pair this with a pair of jeans for more casual outings, or match it with a cute midi skirt for a more feminine look.

Before Cashback: US $560 | After Cashback: US $515.20

8. Ancient Greek Sandals

ancient greek sandals

If you’re a fan of denim, you’ll love these denim strapped slip ons. Its light denim colour, frills, and cute bow come together to give off a fun and casual look.

Before Cashback: US $220 | After Cashback: US $202.40

With these stylish slip ons from Shopbop, you’ll know what to say if anyone tells you slip ons make you look sloppy. From casual to classy, Shopbop’s designer slip ons are perfect for anyone.

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*All prices accurate as of 24 April 2017
*All images taken from unless otherwise stated.