Everyone knows that you got to check in at least 2 hours before the flight departs. The check in counter closes 1 hour before that. So what do we do in between, while waiting in between gates and terminals?

Before you do anything at all, the first step is to find your flight gate and check the departure time (do not be late!). Once you have done this, cover the basics of using the bathroom, getting some water to drink as they don’t hydrate you well on the flight and having a stretching session.

transitImage via passengerterminaltoday.com

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Other things I like to do is grab some food to eat, find some free airport Wi-Fi to check your emails and Facebook. Some airports even provide free computer terminals for you to browse the internet!

If you have at least 4-5 hours in transit, on top of the basics you can do a few more things. This includes showers (if you have brought a towel) in airports like Dubai, Heathrow, Hong Kong or Frankfurt. After your shower and you feel fresh and clean, you can browse the wide range of airport shopping.

Love travelling? Are you like me and travel almost once a month? I would recommend getting something like Priority Pass, Lounge Club or Lounge Pass for access to airline lounges so you can relax in better chairs, take a nap and catch up on some news. After this you can go searching for a massage so you feel better before your next flight. Trust me it's worth it!

transit-loungeImage via cnn.com

Lastly, if you have a long transit time ahead of you (8+ hours) before your next flight then I would recommend covering a few of the basics such as finding your gate and checking your flight time, but after that I would consider leaving the airport to explore. Some airports can hold your bags for you!

Many adventures can be had in the cities that you might not have explored before and are waiting just outside those doors. Jump in a taxi or rent a car and go to the market, sight-see a few of the local tourist spots, eat some of the countries native dishes and interact with the people. If you have a long overnight transit, make your way to the nearest hotel so you can book a room. A night in a soft bed will do wonders for your travel the next day.

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