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It’s not always you get to discover amazing travel destinations for sightseeing beyond those you already know. Even with the power of word-of-mouth, you would be missing a fair number of key must-visit sightseeing locations. However, with ShopBack.sg, you no longer need to miss interesting discoveries for your travel ideas.

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Read on, and you may even find yourself packing your bags already to catch these sights and take the pictures.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of MoherIreland | YogaTraveller.com

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher is easily accessible by car, as its retreat is set a few fields away but facing south towards Liscannor Bay, in which there is a variety of hotels for booking from Expedia. Make yourself comfortable with premium lodging and then make your way down to some spectacular sights and amazing sunrises. With an all-day sun there and sunsets in the evening, there is never a moment you can’t snap some awesome shots. Ireland is an underrated country of beautiful nature, and with Expedia, you could be appreciating all attractions Irish pretty soon.

The Screaming Weasel Gift Shop at the , The North Pole

The Screaming Weasel Gift Shop at the North PolePhoto from VirtualTourist.com

Dog sled race in downtown Fairbanks, AlaskaDowntown Fairbanks in cold Alaska…Where a warm community resides | Jackaubele.com

This little gift shop up in the North Pole, Alaska is an incredibly cool building to start off your sightseeing. It is essentially a log cabin unlike anything you have ever seen. Looking more like a Spaceship, it feels incredibly surreal to head through the door and see a real Grizzly bear. And not only see it too, you get to ride it and have your photos taken as well… Talk about sharing some amazing shots of yourself while sightseeing…and you could even tell your friends you were at the North Pole as well…

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The North Pole is the perfect place for photographers to visit in the dead of night for Aurora Borealis, a beautiful night-sky sight, and the bright of day for the snow. Expedia has hotels up in Fairbanks, Alaska, so you could take in some incredible sights of Husky sledding and more along the way!

Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Bran Castle romaniaPhoto from MedievalArchives.com

You wouldn’t have seen or heard about Bran Castle, until the name “Dracula” gets mentioned. This Romanian wonder of a castle seems to be the place where Bram Stoker based his famous mythical creature and mysterious vampire, Dracula. Going through the wondrous Rucar – Bran Passage, full of beautiful scenery, lined by lovely mountains, you eventually come to Bran-Moeciu, which has one of the most popular tourist sites both inside and in the vicinity and is the epicentre to some of the most mysterious and yet alluring attractions in all of Eastern Europe.

romaniaPhoto from GoingAbroad.org

What about having some of the most beautiful landscapes in Eastern Europe as well? With Expedia hotels in Bran and the other Romanian cities there is free rein on which places you want to see and stay at to take in all the sights you want.

Arches National Park in, Utah, USA

Arches National ParkPhoto from Discovermoab.com

Sure, by now you should already know how The Grand Canyon or Yellowstone looks like, but did you know there is yet another stone structure up in Utah that is worth the visit as well? This orange stone arch bears much resemblance in terms of colour, but should win sightseers hearts with unique shapes, brilliant colours and romantic sunsets? The setting for many western movies and action flicks like 127 hours, you would feel right at home after watching the Western gun-slinging movie Stagecoach.

Just perfect for a nature trek around, you are always compelled to leave the car and explore the hiking trails and viewpoints of the structures. If you have really active children, they would appreciate your decision to head down to the most undoubtedly scenic site near Moab, Utah. With Expedia promotions deals and offers, you could be booking hotel lodgings right away.

Hammondsport, New York, USA

Keuka Lake Wine TrailPhoto from Buzzfeed.com

Once you head down to Hammondsport, it’s all about the Wine and the Scenery, travellers’ two favourite things. You will shortly realize why this is one of the best American small towns as you get cozy with some of the best bed and breakfasts offered by Expedia. At night is where you can get wonderfully drunk with your lover…at dinner in the most famous New York wineries.

The Village of HammondsportPhoto from Woodyboater.com

You will very much enjoy the actual sightseeing at Hammondsport…just as I did, amazing green-covered slopes that are as gentle and beautiful as the most comely hills in New Zealand or Australia. Perfect picturesque views await the flash of your camera, as you busk in the cool dusk air.

With Expedia Malaysia, you could just be a few clicks away from fulfilling your travel bucket list..for you, your friends and family.

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