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It is a known fact that Korean cosmetics have been dominating the scene for years now. We see them everywhere – TV ads, beauty stores, online shops, mobile apps, K-drama series, or even worn by our favorite local celebrities. And, I’m pretty sure we’ve all tried a product from the land of K-pop at some point. It’s safe to say that Korean cosmetics have proven itself worthy of its popular mandate.

But here’s the thing – there are other beauty and cosmetic brands out in the market that are just as effective (packaging may be not as cute, but still). Let’s pick out Taiwanese beauty brands and Korean beauty brands to see which country’s products would be better for you!

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While fairly new in the cosmetics scene, Taiwanese swiftly rose to popularity in a global scale because of their effectiveness at a very reasonable price range. And, I’m also pretty sure you have come across its brands while browsing your beloved online beauty shop, and maybe, even got tempted to purchase one.

What probably stopped you was the thought that it might not be as effective as the one you’re using now, or that it might not be suitable for your skin type, or that your favourite local celebrity is not endorsing it. Whichever of the 3, the bottom line is that you needed more information… which you will find here. Let’s compare and discuss Korean and Taiwanese beauty and cosmetic products.

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  1. Packaging

Let’s go over the outer layer first.

Korean: If you’re the type to be lured by packaging alone, you might lean towards buying Korean cosmetics. Let’s face it, they make their boxes look so cute and adorable, you don’t even want to throw them after opening. And those generous, little, cute samples! Who resist them?

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Taiwanese: If you’re the green thumb kind of girl, you might consider opting for Taiwanese brands. Their packaging centers on sustainability. The materials they use are eco-friendly, recyclable, and innovative. I read that their plastic packages are biodegradable, that their aluminum packages are recyclable, and that their boxes can be planted. That’s sustainable innovation right there.

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  1. Fashion vs function

Korean: Korean skin care and makeup follow and set the latest trends. They observe the beauty industry and are quick to adapt. I say, they are fashionable. If you’re the kind to put fashion first on your priorities list, you’re in for so many treats when you buy Korean makeup.

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Taiwanese: Taiwanese makeup and skin care brands tend to stick to what they know best and innovate from there.  They focus on functionality tailoring the routines based on climate, skin types, and dermatological concerns. If you’re the sort to dig deep into sure ball quality, you won’t go wrong with Taiwanese beauty products.

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  1. Technology

Korean: Korean beauty brands specialize in the use of nano-technology which is the use of liposomes as coating of ingredients for enhanced absorption and penetration to the skin. When it comes to epidermal growth factor (EGF) and stem cell research, they are advanced, too.

Korean cosmetic brands are slowly shying away from the use of chemicals and adding more of plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides in their respective formulations. However, they market their products with enticing results rather than the technology they use, i.e. glowing skin. If you’re the straight to the point kind of person, you might find rest in shopping for Korean skin care products.

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Taiwanese: Most Taiwanese products, on the other hand, contain hyaluronic acid and mandelic acid. These are their hero ingredients. Hyaluronic acid holds 6 times more moisture content than other ingredients. The use of it is rationalized by the fact that our skin ages according to the ability to hold moisture. Mandelic acid gets rid of the most common skin care problems like wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. From these, you can draw the conclusion that Taiwanese products go all-out on anti-aging and brightening of the skin.

In addition to these, Taiwanese products ensure that there is balance between organic and science in their formulations. The products do not use chemicals or machinery; most of their products are hand-made. If you’re the meticulous type, you might go for Taiwanese brands.

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  1. Price

Korean: Korean products are affordable in a way yet still priced at the same range as big Western brands. This can be attributed to the number or quality of ingredients they use, the marketing spend they shell out to get the hottest Korean icon as endorser, and the materials they use to achieve those cute, colorful packaging designs. If you’re willing to splurge a little for beauty, you won’t mind buying Korean beauty cosmetics.

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Taiwanese: Taiwanese brands are in the lower price range. This could be because they use lesser number of ingredients and organic ones, too. Plus, the packaging materials are usually recyclable. If you want effective products at a cheaper rate, Taiwanese brands won’t fail you.

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There you have it. Beauty products from both ends have their own aces. Korean or Taiwanese beauty products – they both have global market reach and both are able to cater to our skin’s most important needs. It is up to you to choose which suits your skin or personality best. Find your skin’s perfect match at ShopBack’s 9.9 Cashback Day.

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