Not gonna lie – navigating Taobao can be quite confusing, especially for first-timers. With so many shops out there, it’s difficult knowing where to start. Since we know you want nothing but only the best, most affordable, most fashionable options – we dived deep into the Taobao world to find the top few trendiest Taobao fashion stores for you

Not to mention that these shops curate and manufacture their own designs and pieces – so rest assured that you’re getting unique items when you purchase from them!

1. LoveHeyNew – for basic pieces

loveheynew taobao fashion
Image Credit: LoveHeyNew

We all have those clothing pieces that are just collecting dust in the wardrobe after an impulsive purchase. Here’s the ultimate solution –  is to purchase timeless wardrobe staples! LoveHeyNew is an expert at producing quality yet cheap basics. If you want that cool yet casual look, simply mix and match their solid colour pieces – ranging from turtle neck tops (~ RM 25) to sweatpants (~ RM 50). To ramp it up a bit – throw over a sweater vest or add a statement piece like a patterned belt!

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2. Elinasea – for girl-next-door pieces

elinasea taobao fashion
Image Credit: Elinasea

When we think about girl-next-door style, we’d probably think of that approachable and nice girl you can always go to for help. Elinasea is known for making delicate pieces that finds the right mixture of sweetness and simplicity in their style. They have a wide range of pieces like V-neck cardigans (~ RM40), patterned long skirts (~ RM44) – you can probably get an entire outfit here. They also produce other statement pieces that play with patterns and textures – like stripes, denim, and graphics!

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3. Eggka – for elegant pieces

eggka taobao fashion
Image Credit: EGGKA

Eggka is an 11-year old store with millions of fans (for real) – so rest assured that they only produce quality pieces! Their pieces focus on minimalism, with some elements of retro style. Tops (~ RM50) usually play with chic cuttings, and most bottoms (~ RM 40) have really unique one-of-a-kind prints.

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4. Miss Qiuqiu – for youthful pieces

miss qiuqiu
Image Credit: Miss Qiuqiu

Those into young, refreshing girly looks should look into Miss Qiuqiu. They carry a wide selection of  items leaning more towards the sweet and feminine side – without looking tacky at all. A look at their catalogue and you’ll find a consistent neutral yet soft scheme – with graphic tees (~ RM25) and tennis skirts (~ RM34). Not to mention, their sizings also cater towards the more petite girls too!

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5. Superniniyy – for chic pieces

Image Credit: Superniniyy

Chic style often include sleek pieces – and whoever embodies it has that powerful yet intimidating aura, yet everybody wants to be her. Superninyy’s specially selected pieces are flattering and can definitely ramp up your wardrobe game. Elevate your style with their soft long-sleeved tops (~ RM 37) and monochromatic bottoms (~ RM 73) – paired with a pair of boots for a bold statement.

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6. Chic Ven – for black and white pieces

chic ven
Image Credit: Chic Ven

We all know that one stylish friend always clad in all whites, blacks, and every shade in between. If you’re that friend, definitely check out Chic Ven! They have look books to inspire your next outfit – including round-neck pullovers (~ RM49) and black skinny jeans (~ RM 55).  True fashion lovers know how to style these simple tones in sophisticated and chic ways without looking boring!

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