Taobao and Tmall are two of the more popular sites for shopping online – they’re known for great variety and even greater value. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them and if not, you are really missing out! Check out the prices of some of these popular items on Taobao, and how we can shop online and ship our hauls back to Malaysia.


What’s 11.11 Singles Day And Why Does It Give Me So Much Discount?

11.11 Singles Day is the largest sale in China. It falls on (you’ve guessed it) 11 November 2018, but there are special Taobao deals leading up to 11.11 from 1 November 2018 – 10 November 2018 so you have more than just a day to get your Taobao Hauls. With revPAY (or Malaysia e-banking), you can use any bank account in Malaysia — from AmBank to CMIB to Maybank and more — to get all the items in your cart.

11.11 was popularised by the Alibaba Group, which owns Taobao.

Pink Off-Shoulder Top TaobaoPink Off-Shoulder Top MYR 43.25

chokers TaobaoChokers MYR 0.94 – MYR 2.82

Statement Rings taobaoStatement Rings MYR 0.94 – MYR 2.82

Unrivalled prices for the trendiest items? Yes please! Taobao offers irresistible jaw-dropping deals when you shop online. There’s a little something for everyone. With endless options for fashion, tech gadgets, home decor and many others, you will definitely find what you need on Taobao Malaysia.

So if you’re looking for a piece of the action but you’re at a loss because of the language barrier, fret not because we’ve got your back! Read on for this comprehensive guide on how to shop online at Taobao and Tmall and get the best Taobao promo codes there are.

  1. Create an account on ShopBack

ShopBack Malaysia is known far and wide for being the top cashback provider in Malaysia and the region. Everyone loves online shopping, especially on Taobao. With ShopBack, we pay you when you do your shopping online! It’s basically free money.

What does this mean? This means having access to exclusive coupons and promo codes at your favourite online shops! You will also stand a chance to get rewards of up to 30% Cash Rewards (was 10%) when you shop on Taobao from 1-10 Nov 2018, and up to 50% Cash Rewards on 11.11 itself.

Step 1: Visit ShopBack Malaysia


shopback taobao tmall

Step 2: Input your email address

Step 3: Set your password

Step 4: Click on the red button below

With all these exclusive promo codes and discount coupons, you’re off to a good start to your Taobao and Tmall experience!

Next, we’re going to need a Taobao and a Tmall account. It is pretty simple, all you have to do is follow these easy steps that we’ve outlined for you!

Skip to section 3 if you already have a Taobao or Tmall account!

  1. A. Create your Taobao Account

Step 1: The first step to getting your Taobao account is to head on over to Taobao’s merchant page on ShopBack and click through ShopBack to get to Taobao’s website.

shopback clickthrough to taobao

Step 2: To start signing up, click on the “免费注册” at the top left hand corner of the page as shown.


Step 3: Next up, all of you have to do is simply click on “English” to translate the page to English and you’re pretty much set! Select the country of your residence (in this case, Malaysia) and then insert your phone number. You will have to drag the slider to the right to verify that you are not a bot. Click “Next” afterwards. You will then have to input the verification code sent to you via text to the number you have provided.


Step 4: Input the verification code you received as shown above.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 5: Fill in the respective fields with your password and username.
taobao shopback tmall

Step 6: You will next be directed to a page for you to fill in another verification code. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re done! Congratulations, you have yourself a Taobao account!

Step 7: Now that you have your account, it is time for you to make sure your goodies get delivered to you at the right address. To do this, you will have to edit your shipping delivery address. First, move your cursor above your username at the top left hand corner of the page and then click on the button as shown to go to the edit account details page.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 8: Once you are on the edit account details page, click on the button 5th from the bottom to go to the delivery address menu. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the option second from the bottom for Malaysia. The drop-down menu next to that would be the state in Malaysia you are in – for this, you might have to translate the web page into English.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 9: Enter the correct information in the fields provided. Click the red button and then you’re done!

taobao shopback tmall

Next up, let’s find out how to create your Tmall acount. These accounts are interlinked, meaning once your delivery address has been input or edited in your Taobao account, there is no need for you to do it again on Tmall.

  1. B. Create your Tmall Account

Step 1: Just as before, you will have to head on over Tmall’s merchant page on ShopBack and direct yourself to Tmall’s website by clicking on the “Shop Now” button. Once you are on the homepage, click on the button at the top left hand corner to start signing up.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number in the field provided before swiping the verification slider. The number input will be the one that all the various verification codes will be sent to.


Step 3: Input the first verification code received into the field as shown.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 4: You will be directed to a page to enter your email address.

taobao shopback tmall

Step 5: You will see a page that says a confirmation email has been sent to the account that you entered. Log in to your email and click on the link to be directed to Tmall’s account sign-up page.


Step 6: Enter your account Tmall account details including your username and password into the respective fields. Click on the red button and you’re done!

  1. Shopping Online at Taobao and Tmall

Now that you’ve got your accounts nicely set-up, it’s time for the fun part — online shopping! Let’s find out how you can use ShopBack to earn some cashback out of it!

Step 1: Login to your ShopBack account.

Step 2: Head on over to ShopBack’s Taobao or Tmall merchant page.

Step 3: Taobao operates in Chinese. This is where Google Translate comes in handy, especially when searching for products. Translate the name of the product you would like to purchase using Google Translate and then copy and paste the results into the search field in the Taobao merchant page on ShopBack.

(Note: Tmall doesn’t require the translating step. All you have to do is click “Shop Now” after which you will be redirected to Tmall’s website where you can proceed to shop online as per normal.)


Step 4: Download the ShopBack Cashback Buddy (it’s available as a Chrome extension) and install it in your browser.

taobao cashback buddy how to

Step 5: A list of search results will be presented to you once you’ve activated your search through the Cashback Buddy. Clicking on a product from the list will redirect you to the product page where you can take a closer look at the product and its details. You can then click on the respective buttons to instantly purchase that certain item or add it to your cart. A pop-up will appear showing all the quantity, size and colour options available.


Step 6: After you are satisfied with the items in your cart, you’re going to want to checkout. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top left of the page to be redirected to the contents of your shopping cart where the different products are grouped into the many different sellers. Check the boxes next to the products that you would wish to pay for and proceed to the next step by clicking on the orange button.



Step 7: After choosing the products you wish to purchase, click on the type of shipping method that you wish to employ — there are more details on the different shipping methods in the protips section below. You can have a look at the details of your order and then check the box at the bottom of the page to agree with the Foreign Direct Shipping Logistic Services Agreement. To proceed to the next step, click on the orange button.


Step 8: To complete your purchase, simply input your credit card details and click continue. Congratulations again, you’ve done it! You’re now a proud Taobao/Tmall shopper!


Protips For A Better Taobao Shopping Experience!

As you all know, you have to have a passion for online shopping to work at ShopBack. Hence I have compiled some of the best tips and tricks you should definitely keep in mind whilst shopping online at Taobao Malaysia.

Protip 1: The Search-ception

If you aren’t all too happy with the results of your search using Google translate then here’s a way for you to get a more in-depth search for your products.

  • Step 1:
    • Use Google Translate for the translation of the product you are searching for.
  • Step 2:
    • Copy and paste the Google Translate results into ShopBack’s Taobao merchant page search bar.
  • Step 3:
    • This will get your redirected to the search results in Taobao’s website.
  • Step 4:
    • Now here comes the important part. If the results aren’t all that satisfying for you due to reasons such as a lack of credible sellers, you can execute an extra step to widen your search results.  All you have to do is copy the name of the product that you are most satisfied with and then paste the untranslated product name again into the search bar. Execute the search and you will be presented with a more extensive result. Easy!

Protip 2: Currency Converter plugins

To make life easier for you when trying to figure out the price of products in your local currency, all you have to do is download a currency converter plug-in to save you from having to switch between windows.

Protip 3: Direct Shipping vs Consolidated Shipping

Essentially, if you don’t want to have to deal with all the complications, Taobao’s Global Direct Shipping method is the one you should be using. It is much more straightforward and you get to know the prices before you check out. It may not necessarily be cheaper than the alternative, but it would save you some hassle.

Protip 4: “Find Similar” button



Another way to look for a wider range of sellers for the same products is to use the “Find Similar” button. Clicking on it will present to you a range of similar products from many more different sellers. It is also a good idea to change the order of products from sellers with the highest number of purchases to the lowest. That is one of the best ways to gauge if a seller is credible. Also, scrutinise the photos of the products to ensure it is the exact same one you are looking for.

Protip 5: Read the reviews

Reading the reviews is quite useful for you to see if a seller is credible or not. Most of it is worded in Chinese so you will have to translate it.

Protip 6: Check the ratings of the seller


See all those little symbols? Those are seller ratings. A seller is awarded a positive (+1) point for every positive rating whilst a negative one will knock off a point (-1). The rating system is tiered with the symbols changing to a new one once they sellers has received more than enough positive ratings to acquire 5 symbols. Another good measure of a seller’s credibility.

Protip 7: Contact the sellers


If you have any inquiries with regards to your purchases, you can contact the seller in double-quick time using Taobao’s instant messaging system, Aliwangwang. You will have to download the program for it and after you’ve done that, you can link up with the seller in an instant.  If you are planning on using this tool, here are some questions you can ask the sellers:

  • How long will it take for the products to arrive
  • The quality of the products (e.g. material)
  • The price of the products
  • The size and dimensions of the products

The seller knows best so use this tool to be extra sure!

Protip 8: Know when to shop

Prices at Taobao Malaysia are ridiculously low, that we all know. Well, there is a way for you to shop online at Taobao Malaysia at even lower prices. We at ShopBack want to make your shopping experience both easy and well-informed. This includes shopping online at the best prices. To help you along with that, ShopBack Malaysia houses information on some of the best deals and promo codes available from our extensive list of merchants.

Well, that’s it folks. You are now ready to take on the online shopping behemoth that is Taobao and Tmall! But be sure to shop online at ShopBack because promo codes and cashback rewards are yours to enjoy when you do!

In addition, ShopBack will be having our inaugural Shopping festival ShopFest. Happening from 9th September to 3rd January; ShopFest is the go-to event that will help you shop the Smarter Way throughout the 6 major year-end sales.

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