The internet’s going crazy over Corgis who are blissfully unaware of how much the world actually sucks. Those little fluff-nuggets can run through every single day of their lives not caring less about school work or life.

2 cute little corgis

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More often than not, there is so much mental yuck being forced down our minds that we feel bogged down by our daily lives. Having a spectacular room  to come back to will not only make you feel much better at the end of the day, but can help you switch off and unwind. Here are some design ideas brought to you by Cotton On that will help make your room feel like an oasis in the desert. Here is some of what they offer!

1. Novelty Coat Hangers

Cute animal hangers

Who says clothes are the only ones with personalities? Hangers can have them as well! Hang them on these adorable, oversized animal head coat hangers to add a little more swag to your wardrobe.

Dimensions: 37cmL x 22cmH/ 14.56″L x 8.66″H. Costs RM30.00 each and RM28.50 after cashback.

2. Nice Cushy Cushions

novelty cushions

Colour me loud with these statement cushions. Too shy to say anything? Let the cushions do the talking for you and ask your date for some “Netflix & Chill”.

Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm/ 17.71″ x 17.71″. Costs RM75.00 each and RM71.25 after cashback. Buy 2 cushions for the price of RM100!

3. Punnet Containers

Punnet Container

Made from food safe plastics, these punnet containers declare your love for food and remind others not to piss you off when you are hungry.

Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 9cm. Costs RM45.00 each and RM42.75 after cashback.

4. Posters

novelty posters

Posters of boybands and pop stars have gotten too tacky for the 21st century. Spruce up your room with these hipster posters instead!

Dimensions: 40cm X 50cm. Costs RM45.00 each and RM42.75 after cashback. Buy 1 get 1 free for these posters!

5. Light Up Hang-And-Peg Kit

pegs and fairy lights

The perfect way to store and display memories is through these hang and peg kits. Attach feathers, quotes, photos, trinkets and even jewelry to add your own personal touch to it.

Dimensions: 5m twine included. Costs RM59.00 each and RM56.05 after cashback.

6. Giant Straight Up

statement mugs

Be it your own room or office workspace, get your morning caffeine going with these giant sized straight up mugs. Make Mondays feel a whole lot better with some caffeine in these statement mugs.

Dimensions: 560mL / 19.7 fl. oz volume. Costs RM45.00 each and RM42.75 after cashback.

7. Get Cushy Cushion

novelty cushions

One can never have too many cushions. Spice up that drab couch of yours with even more of these novelty cushions. The sushi one looks del-ish!

Dimensions: Measures 45cm X 45cm. Costs RM89.00 each and RM84.55 after cashback.  These cushions are buy 1 get 1 free!

8. Curtain Lanterns

fairy light curtains

Get the perfect backdrop for your wall right above your bed. It is not just a want, but a need for your room. It is battery operated and requires 4 X 1.5V AA batteries to work.

Dimensions: Each strand has more than 100 LED lights, measures 2.5m long. Costs RM99.00 each and RM94.05 after cashback.

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