Penang is to date, one of the most touristy states in Malaysia. What with its stunning street paintings to mouth-watering hawker stall food and well-preserved traditional shophouses. On top of that, a huge chunk of Georgetown streets has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, attracting even more people to the capital. However, at some point of time, we are bound to get bored of repeatedly doing the same old things and visiting the usual attractions, so to help you spice up your trip a little, we’ve listed down some exciting things you should try instead!

  1. Take the tram up Penang Hill

view from the top of Penang hIll
Image Credit: Penang Hill | Facebook

Whether this is your first visit to Penang or not, you’ll most definitely have to visit Penang Hill if you haven’t done so. It is where you can enjoy scenic views of mountains and inhale uncontaminated crisp air away from the bustling city. Apart from admiring the gorgeous greenery, you could take a walk along the trail and discover exotic plants and spot over 100 species of birds and rare animals. However, if you’re up for something a tad bit more adventurous, then you could hike up the Penang hill from Botanic Gardens, which is estimated to take about 3 hours.

  1. Attend a reading event

reading event in penang
Image Credit: MYWriters Penang | Facebook

Here’s one for all logophiles and bibliophiles! MyWriters PG aims to provide a platform for all local writers to showcase their work, be it poetry, stories, or for that matter anything related to writing. They organize weekly write-ins and bi-monthly reading events for anyone who’s interested. It usually is a small group so it’ll be easier for you to make friends and maybe learn a thing or two from budding writers.

  1. Hang freely 294m above ground

rope course challenge in Penang
Image Credit: The Gravityz | Facebook

Feel as though you’re walking on air with this high altitude activity! It is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Located on level 65 at The Top, Menara KOMTAR, Gravityz is the world’s highest rope course challenge. There are a total of 6 mind-blowing levels in this course. Starting off with a slightly less challenging confidence booster, slowly allowing you to conquer your fears till you reach the final and most exhilarating level—the G-Rocky—where you lie down facing up on a narrow platform. This is best enjoyed when you try and relax 😉

Note: You are required to do prior booking.

  1. Explore World War II relics

penang world war 2 cenotaph
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Anticipating the Japanese invasion, the British built a military post during the World War II. Now all that remains today are a few bunkers and pill-boxes overlooking the sea. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much done to preserve these relics, so it’s not really much of a tourist spot. There is, however, a local seafood restaurant along the coast where you can have some fresh seafood while enjoying the cool sea breeze and clear waters.

  1. Visit the Tropical Spice Garden

spice garden in Penang
Image Credit: Tropical Spice Garden | Facebook

This is your one stop to all things spice! The Tropical Spice Garden is home to over 500 types of spices and offers visitors a truly wonderful educational experience. From cooking classes to guided tours and spice trails, this one’s a must-visit during your trip to Penang. The hands-on cooking class teaches you how to cook the dish-of-the-day from scratch, with a live demonstration by talented chefs! Although the cooking classes require additional payment, it’s definitely worth the experience.

  1. Café Hopping

soft serve in penang
Image Credit: Rollney Penang | Facebook

Of course, you didn’t think we’d leave out food, it is after all one of the many things Penang is hella famous for. But apart from hawker stalls, Georgetown has got some really great cafes that not only offer some of the tastiest delicacies but also have got Instagram-worthy interiors. From enjoying a cone of fancy soft-serve with Hungarian sweet bread at Rollney, to treating your taste buds to a slice of Cheddar Avocado toast at Narrow Marrow, it is a true paradise for all you foodies.

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*Featured Image Credit: Pixabay