You might not have heard of all of these brands or products but one thing’s for sure – they’re highly raved about by netizens, local Koreans and the online Asian Beauty community on Reddit. Thanks to K-dramas and K-pop, the K-wave is still going on strong internationally. K-beauty is very dominating beauty trends now with girls everywhere emulating the clear, glowing skin of Korean celebrities.

Besides the big Korean brands that are widely available in Malaysia, there are many other hidden gems on Qoo10 that are selling for great prices.  We’ve done some research and compiled a list of the best kept secrets for you:

1. Club Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Pen


Korean girls swear by this product during the summer time when pool parties and beach outings happen every other week. This product will tint your brow a nice natural colour and the tint stays even with sweat and sebum. Some reviews even boast of it lasting in the pool! It comes in a sharp felt tip pen that will help you to create defined brows in no time!

Price online: RM49.30

2. Berrisom Lip Tattoo

This lip tattoo will change your lipstick game forever. Using the same sort of tint technology, the colour will stain your lips and last for the entire day through food, drinks and you talking. Just apply the gooey stuff from the tube directly to your lips, wait till it dries and peel it off. Voila! A vivid colour that you won’t have to touch up throughout the day.

Watch this video to see how it works!

Price online: RM12.30

3. Hera Age Reverse BB Cushion Compact

With Jun Ji Hyun as the face of Hera, it’s no wonder their brand’s cushion compacts are flying off the shelves. They are a really established brand on the high-end side in Korea and can be hard to find overseas. Hera cushions boast light-reflecting  technology together with skin benefits that you’ll be surprised come with makeup.

Price online: RM181.40

4. Peripera Rougepang and Lumipang

rouge pang lumi-pang


Another great and affordable lip product, this time from Peripera. The bold shades are very attractive as the focal point of makeup and they come in two textures – traditional lipstick and a liquid lipstick. Both are super smooth and wear very comfortably on your lips.

Price online:
Lumi Pang – RM28.30
Rouge Pang – RM31.20

5. COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid

cosrx-ahaClick on the image to see enlarged version.

Moving on to skincare, this is a chemical exfoliator that contains a safe and appropriate amount of AHA to get rid of the dead skin cells and junk. Many users say it also helps with closed comedones!

6. Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

A great, refreshing mask that harnesses the power of nature. A very  soothing treatment for irritated skin, this sheet mask is said to increase skin translucency, hydrate and brighten! What’s there not to love about a multi-tasker?

Price online: RM37.30

7. Leaders Insolution Masks

This is definitely a cult favourite mask brand in Korea and is significantly more pricey than the regular masks that you can buy in bulk from the road shops. They are formulated by skin doctors and are more of intensive targeted treatments for different skin problems. More than just your regular sheet mask, these boast many skin benefits and results can usually be seen with just one use.

Price online: Individual masks are not available but bulk buying is. Buy five pieces and get one free for only RM18.69.

8. Leejiham Tea Tree Essence and Cream

Tea_Tree_90_Essence_grande Leejihamteatree80cream_grande

This little-known brand also has a humble but impressive background. Created by skin experts, the Leejiham team wants to help ladies experiencing acne or what Koreans normally call “trouble” skin. Though they’re a little on the pricey side, the aftereffects are definitely worth every cent you spend on these. After all, good skincare is even more important than makeup!

Price online: RM103.50 + a free sample at Qoo10

9. Tosowoong Sheet Masks


A cheap but effective range of sheet masks – Tosowoong is famous for their propolis mask which works the same way as honey. All the natural healing and antibacterial properties of honey are packed in this mask which will definitely give your skin the boost it needs. It will refine skin texture, brighten and whiten!

Price online: Assorted masks at RM43.60 for 10 pieces

10. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel


A lightweight gel that is a great alternative to the heavy cream type moisturisers out there. Girls with oily skin can consider this as it provides the perfect levels of hydration for your skin while healing and lightening acne scars with the goodness of snail essence.

Price online: RM32.30

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