Craving for a little more than just going to work and back home? Opt to go travelling! We all have that guilty pleasure of scrolling through other people’s Instagram accounts and envying where they have been or what they are doing, and if you are wondering who are the few Malaysian Instagram Social Media Influencers that caught our eye, continue reading below!


Image Credits: Jyjosephine | Instagram

Also known as Josephine Yap, the 23 year old social media influencer started booming when she joined the hit Malaysian Youtube channel JinnyBoyTV. Her Instagram follower count has hit a high of 275K followers! She gets sponsored and collaborated with many top brands in Malaysia as well as an enthusiast for fitness from all her workout posts! But what amazes us the most is the travel Instagram worthy photos that she has taken over the years, nudging us to go travel as well!


Image Credits: mrbriansee | Instagram

This fashion savy media influencer takes amazing photos travelling all over the world with his brilliant sense of style. His Instagram profile shows the minimal and urban feel with all those Instagram worthy shots! He’s also awarded Buro 24/7 Upcoming Digital Influencer 2016 and Elle Style Awards Man of Style 2016. Be inspired by this successful Malaysian Instagram Influencer and follow him on his ongoing journeys!


Image Credits: Janechuck | Instagram

The owner of popular Random Food Store and also a model herself, Jane Chuck has got to be one of the top media influencers in Malaysia! Not to mention her travel shots are simply inspiring for us to pack up our bags and go on a trip ourselves! She has a count of 521K followers that gives her unconditional support for the work she has done. On a side note, she recently collaborated with Uniqlo on a trip to Japan for some merchandises to be filmed and the video came out amazing! Do check her out for more travel inspo!


Image Credits: Kellymiin | Instagram

Kelly, beautiful Malaysian Instagrammer showing off her amazing photos of travelling with her boyfriend, Reuben Kang from JinnyBoyTV. Couple travel photos are so cute to see and also inspires you to bring your loved ones on a treat of a trip! Join in her adventures with Reuben on a joyous ride of Instagram travel photos from Japan to Hong Kong and many more exciting places!


Image Credits: soimjenn | Instagram

Also known as Jenn Chia, popular singer and media influencer made it to 143K followers on Instagram. Her quirky and bubbly personality makes her posts even more lovable and not to mention her couple goals! The young singer and song writer has been sponsored to travel and also collaborate with many brands as she is an upcoming figure in the media world. You’ll be amazed at the pictures she upload onto Instagram, just stunning!


Image Credits: jaredle3 | Instagram

Jared Lee, director of Grim Film Youtube channel, currently a cancer survivor made his way up onto Vancouver’s Web Festival Winner. He’s a follower count of 27.1K followers on Instagram, following his journey with beautiful wife Marianne Tan, current actress and social media influencer. Having an Instagram account style of Japanese influences, you can expect amazing content from his profile, not to mention his distinctive humor! Adding in, he’s recently completed a project with Uniqlo to create a video to promote Japan and their merchandise and it came out breathtaking with influence of the hit Japanese anime movie,Kimi No Nawa also known as Your Name. Go check it out and fall more in love with Japan and Thailand!


Image Credits: bboyrice | Instagram

He’s also known as Jeremy Choy, a professional photographer that has worked with many influencers over the years. You can expect top quality pictures on his profile and also travel shots that he’s been taking when he travels abroad. Look up on his VSCO profile while you are at it, the minimalist and clean style of his travel and personal photos will sweep you off your feet and leave you amazed!


Image Credits: jeevansekar | Instagram

Jiven one of the 2 masterminds behind a Youtube channel called TheSaladShow, having a follower count on Instagram of 2.5K, has really mesmerizing photos on his account! Not surprising as he’s an aspiring director for the Malaysian film scene! He goes by a distinctive style of photos, holding friends and loved ones in one hand and taking the photo with his other. Go check him out right now and be inspired to travel more!

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*Featured Image Credit: Drif Riadh | Unsplash