What if I tell you even seasoned travellers are not getting the best for their buck when booking their travels? With a running list of 3rd party sites like Expedia and Agoda already providing beyond attractive prices for airfares and accommodations, you might think that’s the end of the discount line. These are little-known ways within your travel itinerary that you can get a bigger discount on, cutting a little slack on your travel-torn wallets.

With over 40 travel merchants on board with ShopBack, chances are, the online stores that you are already booking your travels from are on ShopBack! Need a hotel? No matter how upscale or you’re planning to cut back on accommodation, Hotels.com providing not just a plethora of options to choose from, but also guaranteed cashback for your hotel bookings! Why sleep on the opportunity to get more out of your purchases?

  1. Save Even More While Booking Your Flight

A weekend getaway to the neighbouring islands of Indonesia or a trip across the continent, you’ve got yourself covered with guaranteed cashback so long you book through the travel merchants on ShopBack!

airplane taking off
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Getting Your Flight on Fave

From over 40 merchants, Fave by Groupon could be just the one-stop coupon site you’ve been looking for; decked out with the biggest deals and promotions for practically every service you can think of under the sun, flights and travel bookings alike, we’re about to amp this saving experience a notch higher!

Get more out of your coupon frenzy with ShopBack; with up to 4.5% cashback on your purchases with Fave promos, your already-discounted goods and services just became a whole lot affordable!

expedia website
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Flying with Expedia

Going somewhere far? Expedia.com operates with travelling agencies across 75 countries worldwide to bring travellers the best flight prices possible. With up to 9.5% UPSIZED cashback from your flight bookings, you can be sure to save a sizeable amount each time you make a purchase.

Note: upsized cashback comes and goes with our campaigns. Our normal cashback amount stands at 6%, so if you want to save more, book when you spot upsized cashback!

Malaysian Airlines 0% Cashback?!

Malaysian Airlines 0% cashback on ShopBack

If you see 0% cashback and you’re worried that we might not have tracked your cashback when you obviously booked through Malaysian Airlines and clicked through ShopBack, fret not. Cashback will show as RM0 when you first clickthrough, and will be readjusted to the correct amount within 90 days after your travel dates.

Pro Tip: Always read the Cashback Details on our merchant pages, so you can be at ease. If you do have missing cashback after that waiting period, we’ll be here to help!

  1. Play More but Spend Less

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‘When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

It is important to plan ahead of a foreign land you’re about to embark on. A list of places to get to, places of interest to visit and places to pig out at. Oftentimes, we fall victim to the exorbitant prices of tourist attractions. A milkshake at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) priced at RM 45? No thank you. Entry tickets to USS priced at RM220, what is this — daylight robbery?

Booking Attraction and Tour Tickets Through Klook

Klook Attraction Tickets Universal Studios Singapore USS

Advance booking of attraction passes might have been made easy and readily accessible over the years, but did you know on top of the discounted tickets on Klook, these online purchases are also eligible for cashback? Discount on discount with no catch, simply use Klook promo codes or any merchant of your choice through ShopBack and you’re set!

Tickets to neighbouring country Singapore’s USS at a much lower cost and you get a percentage of money back as REAL cash. Use that money to get some souvenirs instead!

Getting a SIM Card Through KKday and Klook

Image Credit: KKday Website


Getting a SIM card is vital to stay connected *ehem* more like to satisfy our insatiable need to scroll Instagram*. Either way, dog days of complying to the jacked up prices of these SIM cards are over, merchants like KKday and Klook are there exactly to reduce these miscellaneous costs that could otherwise be better spent elsewhere.

Pre-order and have your booking of these SIM cards confirmed even before you take off. Less time for this trivial stuff, more time to explore the city!

  1. Get Rewarded for Staying!

accommodations hotels
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Save More on Your Accommodation With Hotels.com and Booking.com

hotels.com stay 10 nights get 1 free

Hotels.com is literally rewarding you with free hotel stays as you book your overseas stays through them. For every 10 nights that you book, you’ll be awarded with 1 free night and with holidays easily stretching over a couple of days, before you know it you’ll have free nights accumulated!

booking.com genius traveller

If you prefer Booking.com, know that they reward you by making you a genius traveller. What is a genius traveller, you ask? It’s basically someone who can save 10% extra on top of the rates that Booking.com promo page is offering and the cashback that you’re getting.

Remember Your 6% Cashback When Booking Your Hotels Through ShopBack

What’s more, these bookings are also entitled to promotions and cashback (just click on the banner on top)! At a standard rate of 6% cashback, you can expect savings no matter whether its the travel season of the year! Cashback percentages may rise as sales we enter certain sales period so certainly keep your eyes peeled for even greater savings.

  1. Travelling To China? Trip.com (Previously CTrip) Can Save You More Money

ctrip is now trip.com

If you have no clue what Trip.com is, it’s basically the rebranding of CTrip as they expand to bring you more savings in and out of China. Because Trip.com is by CTrip, they carry the best Trip.com deals (duh) for Chinese flights and hotels.

Trip.com allows you to bypass the fact that you don’t have a Chinese phone number (and by extension, a Chinese bank account) by allowing you to book all those flight and train tickets you would have otherwise missed out on. You’ll be able to compare all the different Chinese airlines and more.

man in yellow building in China
Image Credit: Thong Vo | Unsplash

You can book anything from hotels to flights, getting train tickets, and even rent a car. This is especially useful if you don’t understand Mandarin, since everything is in English on the website (plus you get up to 3.5% cashback on your purchases).

Literally Earn as You Spend

You get our point, practically the expenditure of your travels can be further mitigated in ways you never knew about! Accommodation, bookings of restaurants in a particular city, literally anything under the sun one would do on a vacation, you can practically do it on a dime now!

What are your travel hacks? Share them with us!

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