Many end the decade by dining on food that reminds them of yesteryear. Who doesn’t like home-made dumplings, seafood galore and home-style hotpot? The list is endless. The turn of the decade has also seen the rise of health aficionados who prefer healthier diets and lifestyles. There are so many reasons to treat yourself to a good meal on New Year’s Eve, and we’ve compiled a list of delectable favourites here:

1. Symphony by Chef Jo

Rustic pitzaal - baked bread with toppings and sauce
Image credit: Symphony by Chef Jo | Facebook

Why travel around the world in search of a good meal, when flavours from around the world can be enjoyed at Symphony by Chef Jo. Offering a unique culinary experience, Chef Jo is known to push the boundaries of cooking to produce remarkable signature dishes. Among the most popular pasta dishes is the Crispy Chicken Marmite Pitzaal. Many love the thin crust signature dough, with crispy fried chicken marmite, pineapple, kiwi, onions on a cream base. Next is the Spicy Chocolate Seafood pasta. It’s pasta tossed with milk chocolate, assorted fresh seafood and Korean gochujang paste.

Highly recommended on the menu is the Portobello Slider Sandwich and Lamb Merguez Twister. Traditional favourites include smoked duck breast pasta and southern fried chicken prepared in a heritage recipe. Also, indulge in delectable desserts comprised of chocolate treats and specialities like jackfruit pavlova. Do reserve in advance to ensure you can get a table!

2. KGB- Killer Gourmet Burgers

Burger set with sides and drink
Image credit: KGB – Killer Gourmet Burgers | Facebook

Make a killer start to the new decade by ending the last one with a gourmet burger from KGB- Killer Gourmet Burgers. Tuck into handcrafted burgers made from ground steak and freshly baked artisan buns. In fact, the chef would recommend trying a burger straight up without sauces, to enjoy its original flavours. However, the restaurant does provide dips, toppings and seasonings made from freshest ingredients, to complement burgers. Sides and add-ons include gourmet fries, fried chicken, salads and onion rings. Finally, select a perfect ending to your meal with decadent handmade ice creams and shakes.

Bunless burger
Image credit: KGB – Killer Gourmet Burgers | Facebook

For the health enthusiast, there’s the bunless burger where the bun is replaced by healthy lettuce in generous portions. So, expect a firmer crunch of veggie goodness accompanied by the patty and toppings for a healthier burger. After all, KGB takes pride in creating the most unique diner experience.

3. Tony Roma’s Malaysia

Lamb shoulder on platter
Image credit: Tony Roma’s Malaysia | Facebook

Famed around the world for their signature ribs and steak, Tony Roma’s is a globally recognized name for great food and casual dining. Further, it’s a hot spot for New Year’s Eve merriment. What guests love most is the bountiful beef and lamb ribs served with a variety of sauces. Besides, there’s also their world famous onion loaf, grilled steak, chicken and seafood entrees. The menu is overwhelming and will surely satisfy any cravings for the best in Western cuisine.

Moreover, Tony Roma’s Malaysia is Halal certified, with locations all across Malaysia, so you can celebrate at the one nearest to you!

4. Hotpot Kitchen

Top view of noodles in hotpot with bowls of ingredients on side
Image credit: Hotpot Kitchen | Facebook

If you’re missing your family’s heartwarming hotpot meal, then, Hotpot Kitchen has got you covered. Fire up your appetite with Sichuan-inspired fare and mala-style peppercorn sauces. For those who shy away from spicy stuff, select the clear soup hotpot. Then, add in your favourite meats, vegetables, noodles, condiments and more. In fact, with over 80 ingredients to choose from, guests are spoilt for choice.  Customers can select from different sets ranging from a vegetable set, chicken set, pork set and seafood set. All sets come customised with ready ingredients for your convenience.

Better yet, the restaurant ensures that their food items are free from pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. So, diners are assured of a wholesome, good meal.


5. Wok It

Boxes of food served with mantou buns
Image credit: Wok It | Facebook

For scrumptious Asian fusion cuisine, try Wok It to “wok” your way to tasty goodness. The restaurant specialises in wok-fired meals that are comprised of stir-fries, rice bowls and specially created dishes. Food is served in their signature Wok It boxes or Wok It bowls. Highly recommended meals include the wok-fired “Asam Pedas“, salted egg chicken bowl and “mantou” (buns) with “Kam Heong” beef. What’s more, the variety of sauces make their stir-fries customisable.

Wok It offers delectable all-natural shaved ice treats in all-time favourite flavours like mango and strawberry. Share these delights with the whole family for the year-end celebrations!

6. Friends & Fig

Plate of salad greens and tomatoes
Image credit: Friends & Fig | Facebook

If you love a healthy, good meal to share with friends, you’ll love Friends & Fig. This quaint cafe serves a variety of healthy salad bowls with super healthy ingredients. These include quinoa, soba noodles, tempeh, cauliflower rice, kimchi, garlic chips, organic eggs and veggies aplenty. Further, vegans would be pleased to find full vegan meals on their menu too. Finally, top off the good meal with lovely cold-pressed juices that taste as good as it looks.

A Good Meal to Welcome a Good Year

With tons of restaurants, proper food and great deals for New Year’s Eve, there’s plenty to choose from for a meal to close 2019 and enter 2020! If you’re eating out, be sure to make a reservation a week in advance. The end-of-the-year is a time to celebrate, and what better time than now to do so with food?

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*As of 19 January 2020, FoodPanda has been offlined and is no longer available.