If you’re looking for a fuss-free substitute for food in the office or at home, check out Uber’s food delivery system — UberEATS. It’s easy to just pick out a store and send the website URL to all your lunch buddies. Everyone returns to you with their orders, and ta-dah! We’ll all have full tummies soon.

Bookmark 8 stores that you can find on UberEATS in KL for a head-start:

Price: $


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Image credit: Hayadon

Hayadon is a Japanese restaurant that thoughtfully includes hot or cold green tea in its set meals. Take your pick from an array of rice sets, Japanese curry rice sets, soup udon sets and dry spicy udon sets.

If you’d rather do without the green tea, you can go for a la carte options. Make sure you try the Dry Spicy Udon & Egg, which comes with Grilled Chicken (RM16.90), Grilled Saba (RM18.90) or Grilled Salmon (RM26.90).

Recommended Order

Main Dish: Boneless Grilled Saba With Piri-Piri Sauce & Rice (RM14.90)
Beverage: Green Tea (RM2.00)

Jom Makan

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Image credit: Jom Makan

Jom Makan is a halal-certified, vegetarian-friendly caterer that sells local cuisines in well-packaged bento sets. Its extensive menu includes vegetarian food, rice with chicken or fish, and noodles.

Make sure you try the Vegetarian Fried Rice (RM18.40), Signature Rendang Chicken (RM17.40), Thai Style Ray Fish with Lady Fingers (RM17.40) and Fried Penang Keow Teow (RM18.40). All bento sets come with one or two sides from an assortment of vegetables, fried eggs and chicken dumplings.

Recommended Order

Main Dish: Tom Yam Fried Rice With Prawn, Chicken & Fishcake (RM18.40)

Hoagies On-The-Go

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Image credit: Hoagies On-The-Go

Hoagies On-The-Go is an American diner that serves up mean sandwiches. Depending on which you choose, you can sink your teeth into thick slices of chicken patty (Signature Hoagie, RM14.90) or sliced Philly steak (Beefy Hoagie, RM14.90).

If sandwiches aren’t satisfying enough for you, take a chance on its Grilled Chicken Chop (RM17.50) and Cheesy Baked Rice, which is cooked with Chicken (RM16.90), Philly steak (RM17.50) or Seafood (RM17.50).

Recommended Order

Starter: Green Salad Bowl (RM9.90)
Main Dish: Beefy Hoagie (RM14.90)
Beverage: Hazelnut Latte (RM10.90)

Price: $$

Salad Atelier

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Image credit: Salad Atelier

Salad Atelier is the famous salad bar that now boasts an ownership of 6 outlets. Check out the Premier Tuna Strips salad jar (RM 22.15) and the chef-recommended Say Cheese Salad (RM20.15). Otherwise, customize your own sandwich, which comes in two different sizes (Baby Sammich, RM14.85 or Adult Sammich, RM16.95).

You can select unusual breads like Charcoal Ciabatta or Poppy Seeds Bread, and combine it with mains, toppings and sauces such as quinoa, roasted lamb, seared tuna, avocado, honey yogurt and wasabi dressing.

Recommended Order

Starter/Dessert: Small Classic Fruit Platter (RM10.00)
Main Dish: Monster Salad (RM25.45)
Beverage: Very Berry (RM12.00)

Betel Leaf

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Image credit: Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf serves authentic South and North Indian cuisines. Its vegetarian menu is the longest one in this list; apart from vegetables, rice and breads, you can expect starters (Onion Pakoda, RM10.00), soups (Murungakai Soup, RM6.50) and kebabs (Paneer Tandori Pasanda, RM16.00).

Meaty options include Mutton Masala (RM17.00) and the less common Rabbit Chukka (RM18.00). Pair your main selection with a Garlic Cheese Naan (RM9.00) and your lunch will be complete!

Recommended Order

Starter: Vaalai Poo Vadai (RM10.00)
Main Dish: Betel Leaf Chicken (RM14.00) and Paneer Kulcha (RM8.00)
Beverage: Mango Lassi (RM9.00)
Dessert: Gulab Jamun (RM5.00)

Baba Nyonya By Sambal Chili Restaurant

ubereats_office party 6
Image credit: Baba Nyonya By Sambal Chili Restaurant

Baby Nyonya By Sambal Chili Restaurant brings you Asian and local cuisine. Rice and noodle sets come with Iced Lemongrass Juice; try its Assam Pedas Fish Rice (RM24.70) and Soto Ayam (RM14.90).

If you fancy a la carte orders, go for its Half Flying Fish (RM32.00), Chicken Pongteh (RM24.90), and Steamed Ladies’ Fingers With Sambal (RM13.90).

Recommended Order

Starter: Spring Roll (RM6.90)
Main Dish: Half Flying Fish (RM32.00)

Price: $$$

The Bad BOSS Café

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Image credit: The Bad BOSS Café

The Bad BOSS Café creates both Asian and Western delights with a twist. You’ll have to try its Nasi Kerabu With Pan-Grilled Ayam Percik (RM20.90), and especially its very interesting Lemon Butter Sauce Crispy Crab (RM27.90).

There’s also a vegetarian Fettucine In Garlic Butter Gravy (RM15.90) if you’re interested, as well as lighter meals such as Corn Dog With Fries (RM14.90) and Prime Beef/Pesto Chicken Sliders (RM18.90, RM19.90 respectively).

Recommended Order

Starter: Chorizo Sausage & Onion (RM6.90)
Main Dish: Soft Shell Crab & Chips (RM27.90)

Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill

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Image credit: Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill

Serving Western and Asian mains, Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill will change the way you experience black-hued foods forever. Get everyone excited with its Kuro Squid Ink Pasta (RM40.30) and a squid ink-crusted Napoli Bianco Pizza (RM37.10).

If you’re a huge fan of cheese, its Qauttro Formaggio Pizza (RM38.15) will satiate your cravings. Otherwise, try its very well-received Basil Walnut Chicken Pasta (RM29.70) and Smoked Duck Salad (RM29.70).

Recommended Order

Starter: Spinach, Melon & Feta Salad (RM27.55)
Main Dish: Napoli Bianco Pizza (RM37.10)

Why settle for boring lunches when you can have totally rad ones? What other food delivery systems do you use?

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