Travelling to Kuching and tired of all the regular touristy things to do? Fret not. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak in East Malaysia, located along the northwest coast of Borneo. This destination is filled with plentiful surprises from natural rainforest, abundant flora and fauna to aboriginal ancestry. Getting to know them better will take you on a journey to the top underrated things to do in Kuching.

Night Safari On Bako Island

Monkeys swinging across trees at Bako National Park
Image credit: Arfufm | Flickr

Day-time nature trails are for wussies. Level up and head over to Bako Island for their Night Safari at Bako National Park. It’s destined to leave you braver than ever before. Torches at the ready. Walking shoes and insect repellent on. Courage at the front. The Night Safari is one big twilight adventure where travellers explore the many trails in Bako park with a forest ranger. Moreover, it’s the best time to meet and greet the nocturnal animals who come out to hunt and play at night.

Top tip on surviving the safari is to stay on the marked paths. The top attraction is the diversity of animals, insects, flora and trees you’ll discover. Spot the proboscis monkeys scampering from tree to tree. Just as amazing are the moths, butterflies and fireflies that light up the night sky like stars. Nowhere else in Kuching will you come across bearded pigs grazing so close to you. Hear the crickets’ symphony and owls hooting along. Explore tree trunks dotted with different species of mushrooms.

Bako National Park fungus on tree trunk
Image credit: Thomas Quine | Flickr
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Dolphin Watching at Batang Salak Estuary

Kuching has more than just cats. The beautiful city has dolphins too. The 3-in-1 Combo Satang Island Day Trip includes a cruise along the Santubong and Salak rivers in search of dolphins. Sightings are regular among the mangrove forests of Kuching Wetlands National Park and Batang Salak Estuary. After all, the estuary is the habitat of this school of unique dolphins who prefer to roam in shallow coastal waters.

Tail of dolphin in estuary river with trees backdrop
Image credit: Bernard DUPONT | Flickr

Satang Island is part of the Satang National Park and home to a turtle conservation project. Hence, visitors will also see green turtles and the very rare Hawksbill turtles who lay their eggs on the island. Duration of tour is 6 hours on boat.

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However, should tour prices be above your budget, try the boat ride to and fro Bako Island. Dolphin sightings are regular too and the boatmen would gladly bring travellers to explore them along the coastal waters.

Frog Hunting At Kubah National Park

Exotic tree frog on leaves in Kubah National Park
Image credit: Bernard DUPONT | Flickr

Ribbit! Croak! Wheet! Go for the Evening Frog Hunting at Kubah National Park to find the wildest array of exotic frogs. This guided tour leads you through the rainforest to discover rare Bornean frogs in the darkness of the night. They love to hop, dance and mingle among the natural ponds and cascading waterfalls. Better yet, score an amazing sight with over 60 different species of amphibians. Next, explore the variety of sea creatures such as crabs, shrimp and catfish swimming among the clear waters.

The tour is available on Expedia and takes around 4 hours. Also, a certain level of fitness is required for trekking through the rainforest.

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Meet The Primates At Orang Utan Sanctuary

Orang utan in tree
Image credit: ShutterMonkey | Flickr

Make your holiday in Kuching a conservation holiday. Visitors are welcome at the Matang Wildlife Centre located within Kubah National Park. Here, rescued orangutans are cared for in a contained area of the rainforest for eventual release. Day visitors can participate in daily feeding sessions. However, long-term volunteers are involved in working on infrastructure and animal husbandry techniques.

Further, guests can explore the Semenggoh Orang Utan Centre where aged, injured or orphaned orangutans are cared for. Many are spotted dangling from the trees or swinging Tarzan-like through the rainforest.

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Tribal Dinner At Lepau Restaurant

Aerial view of local Sarawak dishes
Image credit: Lepau Restaurant | Facebook

Feast on the finest selection of traditional Sarawak cooking with aboriginal elements at Lepau Restaurant. Awarded the Best Innovative Ethnic Restaurant 2018 during the 20th Malaysian Tourism Awards, this is the place for a thrilling tribal dinner. Culinary creations by two Kayan chefs, guests are served delicious delights from reinvented recipes of the Kayan community. Also on the menu are dishes from various ethnic communities in Sarawak.

Lepau means “farm-hut” and the warm kampung ambience of the restaurant is pleasant. So, feel right at home with wooden panels all around and decorations of traditional Kayan handicrafts. The restaurant celebrates the best of Sarawak tradition and culture.

Tuak Trails Across Kuching

Make a toast to happy travels in Kuching with the ever-popular Tuak. This much-loved rice wine is a traditional drink served during Gawai Dayak and traditional celebrations of the Iban community. Made from glutinous rice, local yeast balls and sugar syrup, the ingredients are mixed and left to ferment to perfection.

Hunting for great tasting Tuak in Kuching is no easy task. Not every tavern has tuak, and some may not taste that good. Locals will share their hidden secret spots for the best tuak. Start your drinking trail at The Dyak, an upscale restaurant located at Panovel Commercial Complex. They serve local Iban food and three different types of Tuak to whet your gullet.

Lady holding bamboo serving of Tuak
Image credit: Sergey | Flickr

Next, arrange a stay in an Iban longhouse via the Sarawak Tourism Board. In addition to experiencing local Iban culture and customs, staying in a longhouse reconnects you to nature. During the stay, guests can sample a variety of tuak prepared by the local villagers. Best served in bamboo mugs for an extra kick.

Should you wish to take home some tuak, you can order them online on Bad Cat Tuak. Prices start from RM20.00 and they deliver to anywhere in Kuching. Moreover, it’s the best way to sample the many flavours of Bidayuh-style tuak till you’re drunk with happiness.

Spa Sessions By Damai Beach Resort

Ditch the old-fashioned spa session indoors with elevator music playing in the background. The best spas happen on the beach at Damai Beach Resort. In the nude. Sheltered by swaying linen curtain hangings. Lulled by the music of waves crashing to the shores. So, book your spa therapy at the resort when you plan your next staycay there. For the faint-hearted, indoor spa sessions are also available.

Beachfront of Damai Beach Resort
Image credit: Bernard DUPONT | Flickr

For the more energetic, the resort boasts a clifftop swimming pool for laps of leisure. So, simply sit back and relax whilst enjoying the views of Mount Santubong, blue skies and endless sea.

Indigenous Cooking Class In A Farm

Some of the best dining experiences come from preparing the meal yourself. Book yourself an indigenous cooking class on a farm on Airbnb experiences. The special recipes dishes offered include Lemang Periuk Kera which is rice and coconut milk steamed in wild pitcher plant. Subsequently, Pansoh Manok or chicken with herbs is cooked in bamboo over a fire.

Pitcher plants that are used in cookery class
Image credit: David Hill | Flickr

Better yet, the class entails hunting and harvesting pitcher plants and herbs and preparing the ingredients. Finally, enjoy the meal in a picturesque pavilion served with traditional tuak to cap the experience.

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Ways To Keep Exploring Kuching And Save

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Note: All information is correct at time of publishing and subject to change without prior notice.

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