Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that most of you (should) have already gotten your plans all laid out. And the rest, well, you’re probably still cracking your brain for some ideas. Your partner deserves nothing less than perfection and it has got to be a memorable Valentine’s. But little do you know that all of these could be achieved with little budget and even lesser time! Read on to find out how!

  1. Indoor Picnic

indoor picnic date for valentines day
Image Credit: rawpixel | Pexels

We all know how busy restaurants can get during Valentine’s Day week, and being sandwiched in a room full of people, is not the most ideal date. So how about throwing an indoor picnic for you and your soulmate? It’s bound to be affordable and not too time consuming either. You can opt to cook on your own — as a couple, or even order takeout using food delivery apps like Foodpanda or GrabFood.

  1. Go On A Long Drive

driving with your loved one
Image Credit: Jorge Saavedra | Unsplash

Ever watched those movies where couples drive endlessly into the night and park their car in an isolated place and have some pizza under the stars? Yeah, well how about recreating that? It’ll be romantic, and the two of you will have tons to talk about without being interrupted; that’s quality time at its finest. While this may not seem like much, it certainly is one of our favorite date ideas, it’s spontaneous, thoughtful and definitely romantic!

  1. Game Night

game night with your partner on valentines day
Image Credit: Bao Truong | Unsplash

According to Max and Annie (Game Night ref.), games are a great way to meet your soulmate, although if you already have, it can certainly be a great way to de-stress and get into a jolly mood after a long day at work. Pour yourselves a glass of wine, grab some snacks, and whip out your favorite board game. Pro tip: Choose less competitive ones like Game of Life or Scrabble. You wouldn’t want to end up fighting with each other.

  1. Cook Together

cooking together on valentines day
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If the two of you can score some time off from work, then get back home and whip up a delicious dinner together. Cooking at home may not be as tedious as one might think, it certainly allows you to eat healthily and can be a lot cheaper than eating out. Even the entire cooking process is lots of fun and romantic! With the help of apps like Tasty and Youtube, you need not be an expert in cooking, just follow the recipe and you’ll do great!

  1. Solve A Mystery

escape room on valentines day
Image Credit: Pixabay | Pexels

If you’re up for a scary, adventurous and mind-boggling date, then head on over to Escape Room! Choose the story that appeals the most to you and your partner, and book your slot online! Each game is about 45 mins long, shorter if you can find your way out sooner. You’ll be required to work together to get out of a locked room, while the clock is ticking; if this isn’t a fun way to be spending Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what is 😉

  1. Take A Romantic Stroll

a romantic stroll with your loved one
Image Credit: Jason Leung | Unsplash

Drive to a park, and go for a romantic stroll under the night glimmering sky! This will be a great way to take a trip down memory lane. Sometimes life gets to us, and we often overlook the most important things in life. So bringing back those wonderful memories would certainly ignite the sparks in your relationship and you could perhaps even get yourselves back into the lovey-dovey phase you were once in!

  1. Binge-Watch Shows/Movies

netflix and chill with your valentines
Image Credit: Freestocks Org | Unsplash

Skip the queue at the theatre, make your own snacks and cuddle under a blanket while you binge-watch an entire show or movie that has forever been on your to-watch list. We believe that this date would be especially great since the two of you were probably drained out at work, and unwinding at the comfort of your own home and in the hands of your significant other would definitely get you into a much better and perhaps a romantic mood. Netflix and chill y’all 😉

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*Featured Image Credit: Yuting Gao | Pexels