Japan is a land of irony and paradox. Home to crazy amounts of vending machines, bizarre inventions and themed restaurants, one can be sure that there will never be boredom in the Land of the Rising Sun. Instead of having your food and drinks at traditional sushi bars, why not have your meal at some of the wackiest themed cafes, restaurants and bars in Tokyo?

Maid cafes

tokyo maid caferocketnews24.com

Maid cafes have become so popular and common now that it is challenging to not associate Japan with their lolita-dressed waitresses. Maid cafes are an avenue for guys to fulfill their wildest imagination possible, with the waitresses treating you as their master once you step into the entrance. Girls are welcome too-if maids happen to be your thing.

Butler cafes

tokyo butler cafephotobucket.com

The counterpart of the maid cafe, butler cafes are exclusively for the girls. The butler cafes goes with the concept that customers are wealthy ladies who has returned home after a day out. You will be welcomed warmly, have your bag and coat taken from you and basically be treated like a mistress of the house.

Vibrator Bars

tokyo vibrator barjapantrends.com

The image of Japan as a prudish and conservative country is definitely not reflected within the vibrator bar itself.  Located in Shibuya, the bar is staffed by exclusively females and caters to a large female clientele.  Featuring a huge and wide showcase of vibrators of various designs and sizes, the bar offers a place where you can freely open up and talk about anything in general without being judged. Even our drink comes in a vibrator-shaped glass too. Sorry single guys, you have to find yourself a date to be allowed into this bar.

The Lockup

tokyo the lockupdailynewsdig.com

This is a popular prison themed restaurant. Upon entry, you will be handcuffed by the “prison wardens” back into your cell, where you will have your meal. The atmosphere within the restaurant has been painstakingly recreated to resemble a haunted prison where you will be thoroughly spooked.

Kill Bill Restaurant aka Gonpachi

tokyo kill bill restauranttokyoincognito.info

The very setting where the fight between the Bride and the Crazy88s happened, it is no wonder that many Kill Bill fans around the world continue to flock to Gonpachi. Even though many reviews that the food there is a hit and miss, the main attraction is the interior of the restaurant. The place uses wood and bamboo heavily, offering guests a fusion of modern and ancient Japanese architecture.

Ninja Alaska

tokyo ninjauniquevenuesjapan.com

A homage to one of Japan’s most elusive and intriguing historical occupations, this restaurant is as close as you can get to becoming a ninja in buzzling Tokyo. True to its namesake, the entrance is just an unassuming black door where it opens to a series of cave like corridors. Soon, you will be welcomed by a ninja and given a secret passcode. What a cool way to start off your dinner.

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