Korean dramas have been available in Malaysia for almost 20 years now, and are still popular even today. It’s rare to see Korean dramas in DVD or VCD box sets nowadays, but you can easily watch K-dramas online on streaming sites. Some platforms require payment, but some are totally free.

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These are the platforms where you can watch your favourite K-dramas.

2. Rakuten Viki

watch k dramas
Image credit: Rakuten Viki

Viki has been providing K-dramas to Malaysians for years. You can choose to subscribe to this American platform to watch all their dramas. A Viki Pass Basic costs about RM4 per month and RM 40 a year, which is quite affordable. However, they have older titles like ‘1% of Something’ and ‘My Secret Romance’ for free, without you needing to pay anything.

The site also allows access to plenty of really nice Chinese period romances, if you’re into those too.

Watch K-dramas on Rakuten Viki.

3. Iflix

watch k dramas
Image credit: Iflix

Iflix was Malaysia’s first on-demand streaming platform before Netflix arrived. It has a dedicated section for Korean shows, called K-flix. This section is richly populated with the latest titles. However, they also have a huge part dedicated to classic k-dramas, dating back to dramas like Winter Sonata and Full House.

Monthly subscriptions to Iflix cost RM10 while a year’s subscription is RM98. All the dramas here are grouped into categories like rom-com dramas, youth dramas, fantasy romance dramas and more for easy navigation.

Watch K-dramas on K-flix.

4. Netflix

Netflix has many great Korean series, like Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and Memories of the Alhambra. However, what makes Netflix unique is that they have lots of original Korean content.  You’ll want to check out titles like Chief of Staff, Svaha: The Sixth Finger and My First First Love.

Netflix has monthly subscription fees starting from RM 33 per month. They now also have an RM17 plan for mobile streaming.

Watch K-dramas on Netflix.

5. Dimsum


DIMSUM dramas
Image credit: Dimsum.asia

Dimsum is a streaming app dedicated to Asian dramas. They’re only RM13.90 per month and they update the latest Korean dramas all the time.

The Dimsum app is available for both Android and iPhones, as well as any Android box hooked up to your TV. You’ll find titles like Goblin, Love in Trouble, The Producers and so much more. Dimsum is available for 5 concurrent users at once.

Watch K-dramas on Dimsum.

6. HanCinema


hancinema catalogue
Image credit: HanCinema

HanCinema has a rather dated layout, but it does provide a wide selection of dramas organized by their year of release, some even dating back all the way to 1995!

If you would like to watch K-dramas without annoying pop-up ads, you can subscribe to HanCinema for USD0.99 (about  RM4) per month and USD 7.99 per year ( about RM 32).

The site also carries the latest K-drama news and articles about all your favourite Korean stars.

Watch K-dramas on HanCinema.

To watch your Korean dramas smoothly, a stable internet connection is a must.

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