Everyone knows western style comics like Marvel and DC, as well as Japanese Manga. However, fewer people know about webtoons. This new format of visual storytelling is actually designed to be read on your mobile phone. Rather than having panels or boxes arranged from left to right or vice versa, webtoons employs a flowing style that’s read from top to bottom, with no clear horizontal boundaries.

Webtoons are really easy on the eyes as they’re fully colorized and not as cramped as conventional comics. This is because they aren’t meant to be printed, and the absence of paper limitations really benefit the storytelling. Here’s where you can read some great webtoons in your free time:

1. Naver/Line Webtoon

Naver was among the first to pioneer the Webtoon art style, and their site even gave this digital comic its name. Naver Webtoon has been around since 2004, and offers webtoons across varied genres, including drama, romance, fantasy, thrillers, comedy and action/adventure. The best part about this site is that the webtoons are completely free to read. Some of the titles to check out here include  Siren’s Lament, My Dear Cold Blooded King and My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.

What sets this site apart is that a lot of the webtoons come complete with an original soundtrack, which helps set the mood for the story you’re reading.

Where: https://www.webtoons.com/en/

Naver Webtoon
Image credit; Naver Webtoon

2. Lehzin Comics

Lehzin seems to cater more to those looking for romantic titles, and their romance titles are sub-divided into several categories for you to choose from. This makes it much easier so you can narrow it down to sweet and fluffy romance, or something edgier with more tension. The site also caters to a wider audience who prefer stories beyond the conventional pairings. Many of the series offer the first few chapters for free, but later on you’ll have to unlock it with coins, which you can purchase if you have an account. One chapter is really cheap, at only RM0.30- RM0.50 to unlock chapters.

Where: https://www.lezhin.com/en

Lezhin comics
Image credit: Lezhin Comics

3. Tappytoons

Tappytoons is yet another place that hosts very talented comic artists. Their most popular titles are mainly romance, including ‘The Girl and the Geek’, about Go Nanhee who loses her job and has to become a cleaner for the messiest geek she’s ever met. Will these two clashing personalities fall in love? Best to read to find out. As with many other webcomic sites, you’ll have to purchase coins to unlock episodes apart from the first few free ones.

Where: https://www.tappytoon.com/

Tappytoon website
image credit: Tappytoon

4. Tapas

Tapas is a website ( and app) that plays host to many webcomic creators, and not just from Korea. A lot of their comics come from creators in western countries, including the US, so you’ll see various different art styles represented here. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, some creator teams hosted on this site are actually people from different parts of the world, such as Maham Fatemi and ellinot who are Iranian and Korean respectively, and who collaborate on the ongoing comic ‘Prince of Silk and Thorn’.

Where: https://tapas.io/

Tapas webcomic
Image credit; Tapas

5. Spottoon

Spottoon hosts many Korean webcomic artists and the great thing about this site is that it boasts many non-romance titles in its most popular picks. like ‘The Rat Trap’, a mystery/thriller series by ludovico. Another one to check out is ‘Undead King’ by Jun-Sik Yoon and Ji-Woon Baek, about post-apocalyptic survivors waging a war against a zombie virus.

Where: https://www.spottoon.com/

Spottoon site
Image credit: Spottoon

6. Smack Jeeves

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try webcomics by international artists in experimental styles than Smack Jeeves is the site to visit. It hosts a more diverse and quirky selection of titles and art styles. A lot of the webcomics here come from western creators, so be prepared for a wild ride. Among the titles to check out are the 4-koma style Eddsworld and Pictures of You, based on true stories of regular people.

Where: http://www.smackjeeves.com/

Smack Jeeves
Image credit: Smack Jeeves

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