Taobao is a shopping market place where you can buy any. And in China, there’s plenty of strange food you’ve probably never heard of. From sea cucumbers to duck hearts, read on to find out the weirdest food we found!

1. Canadian Wild Sea Cucumber

weirdest food

Have you heard of a Canadian Wild Sea Cucumber? Well, neither have we! Unlike regular sea cucumbers, the Canadian Wild Sea Cucumber is thick and has no thorns. Its yellow ribs give the Canadian Wild Sea Cucumber its essence, and its crisp hair which is best served with soup. Preparing it is a four-day process, but definitely worth the effort. You’ll be blown away by its crunchy taste and how well it goes with the soup.

2. Prawn Candy

weirdest food

With its strange shape, it’s hard to believe that these cylindrical snacks are in fact, Prawn Candy. Bite into its interior to reveal a soft, sweet mix of prawn and peanuts, wrapped in an unassuming cocoon. Trust us, these are delicious! No prawns were harmed in the making of this candy of course, but it makes a good mystery snack. Serve it as a snack at any time of the day for your family and friends!

 3. Transparent Fish Skin

weirdest food

We weren’t able to tell what this was at first glance, but it’s actually transparent fish skins wrapped to resemble a fish! Pretty cool, right? It’s light and crunchy, so it’ll be great for long road trips or plane rides. Your fish skins will be safe in their secure packaging!

4. Duck Heart

Who knew duck hearts are actually considered a delicacy? This interesting snack is packed with delicious duck meat, and sauce to go with it. Despite its name, it actually tastes really good! Surprise your friends with an unusual snack the next time they come over for a visit.

5. Korean Claw

Chicken claws, but Korean? Sign us up! They are delicious when fried with Korean sauce and served with rice! Its crunchy texture gives the dish its kick. It’s a great rainy day snack, or when you want to try something new! We advise sprinkling sesame flakes on it to make it more flavourful.

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