Waking up early in the morning just to beat the morning rush hour to get work can be a hassle, wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up later and just work from home?

Why Work From Home?

Working from home means that:

  1. You get to sleep till you wake up naturally.

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Yes, working from home means that you get to sleep and wake up before your alarm does (unless you partied hard the night before or worked during the night, in which case, remember to turn your alarm off).

  1. It’s impossible to go to work late. Well, almost.

You work where you live and any place as long as there is an internet connection, so it’s impossible to be late… unless you’re stuck on a desert Island with no wifi?

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  1. Nap Time Anytime.

Working from home means that you’ll never be far from the comfort of your bed and you can take a quick nap for a quick recharge.

Work From Home Jobs That Are Available

Getting ready to google “work from home jobs in Malaysia” to find what jobs are there available?

Don’t worry, we’ve helped you the find types of work from home jobs that are popular and available in Malaysia.

  1. Home Based Call Center.

That’s right, you can work as a home-based call center operator, where you receive phone calls from customers in the comfort of your home.

You can find such job listings on Jobstreet.

Income range: about RM30 per hour
Pros: High Pay.
Cons: Can be stressful sometimes.

  1. Freelance Writer.

There’s nothing like expressing yourself or just conveying meaningful messages in words online and getting pay for it makes it even more enjoyable.

If this is your cup of tea,  maybe you can consider joining us at ShopBack, or try emailing publications to offer your services.

Income range: depends on the company, can range from about RM100 per article
Pros: Flexible time
Cons: Fluctuating workload

  1. Data Entry

Remember those online surveys that promise to pay you once you’ve completed them? Yeap, those are considered data entry jobs in Malaysia.

Take Note: Some of these data entry jobs aren’t legitimate, remember to do some due diligence.

Income range: about 0.8 per survey
Pros: Easy work
Cons: low pay, risk not being paid (check the company’s background before applying!).

  1. Freelance Accounting.

Yes, you can help companies, business, and even individuals handle their accounts in the comfort of your home (provided if you have the expertise).

*Take Note: The Income can vary because of the experience of the accountant and complexity of the case.

Income range: varies, about *RM300 / per case
Pros: High Pay, own business
Cons: You need to look for clients and relevant expertise.

  1. Freelance Website Builder

For those who fancy designing and building websites or just want to capitalize on their C++, HTML coding skills that they’d learned.

Take Note: *Price varies with complexity.

Income range:*about Rm1800 / per website
Pros: High Pay
Cons: Amount of projects that can come your way is uncertain when you first start freelancing.

As usual, keep an open mind you can try to take on more than 1 of these jobs on a freelance basis.

For example, you might be a gentleman or lady who knows how to code and build websites but is also a classy writer in your spare time. With a little time management, you could do it all.

So which job interests you the most? Do you dream of working at home?