For those of us who are slowly getting used to working from home for the first time, you might be wondering, how do people even work at home effectively? Now it’s not impossible and you just have to find ways to make your work station a conducive place to work in.

From keeping your work station organized to sprucing up with some plants and caffeine, I’ve found the best essentials to make your work from home hours efficient and productive.

With the Movement Control Order extended till April 14, most of us are going to spend even more time working from home. To help you stay efficient and focused throughout your work from home sessions, I’ve compiled a list of useful home office set-up essentials to make our life easier.

1. Laptop Desk

Photo: Shopee

Working from your bed is the epitome of working from home. With an anti-slip surface and a cup holder, this laptop desk will allow you to work comfortably at home. For tablet users, there’s also a slot that serves as a tablet holder – making your work life more portable around the house.

Get a comfortable laptop desk here!


2. UV Light Smartphone Sterilizer

steriliser for phone, spectacles, watches and others
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Your smartphone is actually dirtier than most toilet seats -gross, but true. Find a multi-purpose UV light sanitizer that can be used for your phone, glasses, jewellery and watches and cleanses in just 6 minutes. Effective in killing germs and bacteria, UV Light Sterilizers help to maintain a clean and healthy living environment around you.

Keep your surroundings clean with a handy sterilizer!


3. All-in-one Charging Station

wireless charging station for phone, smartwatch and AirPods pro
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It pains having to charge your phone, smartwatch and tablet separately all over the house. To make it more convenient for yourself, get a wireless charging stand that can simultaneously charge your phone, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch all at once. Long gone are the days of detangling your cables and it’s time to welcome an easier and minimalistic desk workspace.

Power up your gadgets with a charging station.


4. Clear Acrylic Desk Storage

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A clean and tidy workspace definitely helps you to focus and be more productive. Get aesthetically pleasing desk storage drawers to beef up your workspace and keep away the small items lying around. There’s a variety of designs available so choose one that is versatile and suitable for you.

Keep clean and tidy with a clean acrylic desk storage!


5. Memo Board

stick-on clear acrylic memo board to stick on monitor
Photo: Qoo10

I like to keep a to-do list near my workspace just so I stay on track. But I often misplace my notebook which means, I lost track of the tasks I need to complete. This Clear Memo Board sticks to your monitor (which means you’ll never lose it) and is a great size for your post-its.

Stay on track with a stick-on memo board!


6. Weekly Desktop Planner

white weekly and monthly calendar
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For those who need a bird’s eye view of your month ahead, a weekly desktop planner can give you the perspective you need to. Plan your weeks and months ahead and note down important dates so you won’t forget about them.

Take control of your time and plan it out!


7. Coffee Machine

white, red and black coffee machine from nespresso
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An essential for any modern-day home, the Nespresso Inissia is the perfect companion for your work from home days. If this is your first step into a capsule coffee machine, the Inissia will be the simplest and fuss-free way to start out.

Brew your next cuppa with Nespresso


8. Tumbler

tumbler mug for coffee
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With a good coffee machine, you’ll need a coffee mug that can keep your coffee hot throughout the day. To stay safe, get a mug with a lid, or those with a non-slip rubber at the bottom of the card. You wouldn’t want your coffee to spill all over your laptop and ruin your hard work!

Keep your coffee warm and aromatic with an insulated coffee mug


9. Gardening Kit

hydroponic plant in glass flasks with unique wooden stand
Photo: Shopee

Addition of greenery and plants gives a different vibe and helps to lighten the mood of your work station immediately. If you’re not one that likes to meddle with soil, opt for hydroponic plants that are easy to care for. Couple with a wooden stand, this mini garden will bring peaceful respite amidst your busy work from home schedule.

Grow your mini garden right at home!



10. Wireless Earbuds or Headphones

black wireless earbuds for music and call
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Too many distractions at home and want to block them out? Invest in a pair of wireless earbuds that you will put to use even in your daily life or at the office. Engineered to fit with great audio quality for calls and music, the Jabra Elite 75t packs a punch in its tiny size. With a secured in-ear fit that sits comfortably in your ear and a solid IP55 water-resistant rating, the Elite 75t will take you from home to gym to office in no time.

Engineered to fit, great for calls and music - the Jabra Elite 75t


11. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

white wireless keyboard and mouse from logitech
Photo: Shopee

Small and handy, wireless keyboard and mouse gives you the mobility to work around the house. Suitable for use beyond your work from home days, wireless gadgets are also easy to bring along every and the Logitech K380 will recognise your laptop and accustom to the suitable controls between macOS and Windows.

No cables attached with this wireless keyboard and mouse!


12. Ergonomic Chair

ergonomic gaming chair in black and red
Photo: Secret Lab

If you’re gonna be spending hours at your desk, you’re going to need a chair with good support. Gaming chairs are likely to be your best bet as they are comfortable and built for long hours at the desk. Choose from a myriad of colours to suit your room’s colour scheme and work from home in comfort.

Work in comfort at home with an ergonomic chair.


13. Air Purifier

white air purifier to get clean and purified air at home
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Air purifiers do more than filtering the hazy air. Efficient in filtering dust particles, an air purifier also keeps allergies at bay by supplying clean and purified air in your home. Place an air purifier near to your workspace and enjoy the benefits of clean and purified air!

Get the Mijia Air Purifier for clean and purified air at home!


14. Desk Lamp

minimalistic desk lamp suitable for the eyes
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For those who work better at night, you’ll need a desk lamp that makes reading and working easier for your eyes. It would be best to get one that has varying levels of brightness and can be used as a pen or phone holder as well – which also helps to keep your desk clean.

Work late into the night with a desk lamp!