Today, ShopBack reviews the Xiaomi 10400 mAH PowerBank.

Power banks are a dime in a dozen, but Xiaomi has produced their take on it and is selling it to much fanfare. The result has turned out to be something amazing, and at the end of it all, it just earn it’s place in the Power Bank Hall of Fame. One would expect a power bank offering from Xiaomi to suffer a stigma of being a “poor Chinese product”, especially with the 10400 mAH version going at a tremendously low price of RM67 (as found on Lazada before using any Lazada coupons). But here is where Xiaomi manages to reverse the trend with cheap power banks, just like how they have turned the whole industry on its head with cheap flagship phones. Times are a-changing.

Design: It’s a No-Brainer

Having such a wraparound aluminium casing, Xiaomi practically ensures that you’ll get durability out of the product. You could throw the power bank and your phone both into your rucksack without risking easy scratches, unless you place it together with keys and coins, but even then the casing still manages to resist any blemishes. To be fair, this is consistent with other aluminium-cased power banks, but for Xiaomi to achieve such amazing build quality in such a cheaply-sold product, I just had to give kudos.


Using the product really felt premium in all the ways that matter. Just the feel of the sand-blasted aluminium makes it actually comfortable to hold – perfect for everyday usage, when you need to handle this power bank in and out of bags or other places you would place it in. And with the specifications clearly printed below, nothing is left to question, and that is perfect for aiding buyers’ decisions. (Check out the ShopBack guide for determining the best power bank for your device).


There is an amazing simplicity in its USB ports. Even the ominous power button that seems to dictate that you press it before charging is not as complicated as anyone would think.


You simply have to plug the USB cable between the phone and the charger to get charging underway. And the same goes for plugging in your power bank into the wall charger. Practically everyone can see this is no longer a chore as it feels so intuitive. The four LED lights beside the power button start blinking as it always does on every charge, with the number of lights lit up indicating just how much juice is left. The whole charging process involving the Xiaomi 10400 power bank is an exercise in simplicity that speaks volumes about Xiaomi’s expertise as a tech company. They actually managed to create the user experience to match the surprisingly good build quality.


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Performance: Does It Talk The Talk?

But that’s not even scratching the surface of just how capable this low-priced power bank is. Regular full charges of a 3100 mAH battery in a Oneplus-One smartphone takes no more than one and a half hours, and that’s without any uses within the time. So, one could imagine how much faster you could charge up a lesser capacity phone. For a better gauge, expect a Google Nexus 4 (a 2100 mAH battery) to be fully charged from 0 to 100% in an hour. That’s impressive considering it doesn’t even have AC fast charging support.

In all, I got a total of 6 full recharges out of this portable charger with it functioning just like it did out of the box. Xiaomi is really intent on staying true to the promised number of recharging cycles you can go without quality deterioration.


Xiaomi works a simple form of magic, with the in-and-out charging voltages of 5V-in and 5.1V-out driving the whole impressive speed  with which the power bank or any given phone gets charged. I get constant usage out of this superbly-made power bank, simply because of the speed I get with both my phone and charger ready to go at all times. Very often, people find it incredibly hard to keep a power bank full and you certainly won’t find it a struggle with the Xiaomi 10400 power bank at all.


Also, using it basically made me believe that the dozens of circuit protection features, like short circuit and input over-voltage protection, would be true, even though such situations would be hard to replicate. Because it is evident that with the 10400 mAH power bank, Xiaomi is really aiming to go that extra mile even with such low retail prices to bolster costs. This business model of theirs is truly mind-boggling.

The Verdict?

The industry needs more innovation like this. You probably won’t find a better-made power bank for this price, and Xiaomi clearly made this an incredibly well-built product.  It certainly earns a wholehearted recommendation for anyone looking for a good-quality portable battery.

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