Your Next Makeup Purchase Could Save Hundreds Of Lives
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Your Next Makeup Purchase Could Save Hundreds Of Lives

Many of us who enjoy the beauty of makeup hardly ever have second thoughts about the compliance of the product to nature. The few things we consider are usually if the colour looks good on us, the price and ultimately if our skin loves it too. But today, let’s take a different turn and consider if these products are actually kind or cruel to our furry friends.

If you aren’t already aware, animal testing should be something of the past with our advanced technologies, yet some companies are still practising it because of market penetration into certain countries. It is sad to think that our pet rabbits could be one of those who has to pay for our favourite mascara to work.

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So, be a conscious consumer and start noticing which brands are cruelty-free. You will be surprised to find that these 6 makeup giants that you probably already love are in fact cruelty-free:

NYX Cosmetics


Being a drugstore brand, you’d think that it is difficult to balance between price point and moral values. But with NYX, you can get affordable and high-quality makeup without compromising your beliefs. Their products are known to be bold and pigmented – it is easy to find something to love in their wide range of products!

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Tarte Cosmetics


Both vegan and cruelty-free, Tarte is every tree-hugger’s best pick. Not only are they in the right direction towards a better harmony with nature, but their products are one of the best in the market. Specializing in the use of Amazonian clay, Tarte is one of those products that not only looks good on you but brings benefit to your skin as well.

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Too Faced Cosmetics


If you are already using Too Faced, good for you! You have been making the right choice all this while. Too Faced is one of those brands that many makeup gurus and beauty bloggers swear by for their great colour payoff and smooth finishing. Only good things are to be said about Too Faced and now you have a better reason to invest in them!

Don’t be two faced and start supporting against animal cruelty with Too Faced! Check out ZALORA Malaysia for a wide range of Too Faced Cosmetics and enjoy cashback from ShopBack just by shopping with us!

Smith’s Lip Balms


Raved about by both celebrities and bloggers alike, Smith’s is a go-to lip balm for all your dry, cracked lips issues. They are highly moisturizing and leaves a soothing, minty aftertaste. While their product has much to love, their stance against animal testing gives you all the more reason to support them. Go Smith’s!

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Wet N Wild Cosmetics


I have always thought that if I wanted to save the world in my small ways, I had to invest expensively but in this case, you really don’t. Wet N Wild is not only kind and humane to animals but very thoughtful of your pockets as well. They are so affordable and their colour payoff is amazing. What’s not to love?

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What’s special about Supergoop! is their dedication to the health of your skin. They are the only premium skincare brand that is 100% all about sun protection and believe in non-toxic ingredients – perfect for sensitive skins and the heliophobic. While they fight to protect our skin from danger, they didn’t fail to include the fight against animal testing. Way to go, Supergoop!

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*First Published: 14 May 2015, Last Updated: 26 Oct 2018

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