Many people have been pushed into thinking that you’re only options for losing weight or getting fit is by dieting or going to the gym. While we’re not saying that this isn’t entirely true, there are several other options available to help you get that rocking bod! Workout videos on youtube are definitely one of them.

Thanks to the rise of social media influencers, more and more YouTubers or vloggers are posting workout videos that have been proved to be rather effective. Read on to find out some of our most favorite –and hella painful- workout videos that require no equipment whatsoever so you can do them from anywhere you like!

1. Abs Workout (Alexis Ren)

abs workout that you could do at home
Image Credit: Alexis Ren Abs Workout | YouTube

Alexis Ren is a model cum social media influencer and is a slow and upcoming YouTuber too! She has her own channel on YouTube that includes travel diaries, a few workout sesh, and food too! Her abs workout is a 10-min long video with a total of 20 exercises, each 30 secs long, with no break in between. It’s gruesome yes, but you’ll most definitely feel that burn on your entire abdomen, as well as your arms!

2. Full Body Workout (Chloe Ting)

full body hiit that really burns
Image Credit: Chloe Ting 30 Min Full Body Workout | YouTube

Chloe Ting is an Australian youtuber/vlogger, whose content mainly revolves around workouts and meal plans. She recently reached a million subscribers on YouTube, and a majority of her followers can’t help but rave about the effectiveness of her workouts –us included. Chloe has various High-Intensity Interval Training videos up on her channel, each different than the other. The best part of these videos is that most of them include a low impact version (no jumping) which is definitely helpful for beginners. The exercises are around 30 secs each, with 5-10 secs break in between, and if you need a longer break, then feel free to pause the video but make sure to come back!

3. Legs & Bum (Danielle Peazer)

legs and bum short workout with a dance routine
Image Credit: Danielle Peazer Legs & Bum Dance Workout | YouTube

Being a professional dancer, Danielle’s workouts are a great way to get your groove on, while burning that body fat! Don’t be fooled by the extremely short videos for you’ll already be breathless halfway through, and if you aren’t too sore, then go for another round. This dance workout has over 5 movements which focus on both your legs and bum, while also helping you build stamina!

4. Lower Abs Workout (Chloe Ting)

burning and effective lower abs workout
Image Credit: Chloe Ting 10 Mins Lower Abs Workout | YouTube

Here is another favorite by Chloe Ting! This lower abs workout will burn, and with consistency, you will definitely see a difference. This is a 10-min routine, with a total of 12 exercises, focusing on your lower belly, while also giving your upper abdomen the work that it needs. There is a 15 secs break in between each workout so you can take a quick breather! This video is a part of her Flat Belly Challenge, so if you’re interested, feel free to join in, just click on the link in the description!

5. Arms & Core Workout (Pamela Rf)

at home 10 mins arms workout
Image Credit: Pamela Rf Arms & Core Workout | YouTube

This is a no-equipment workout video that focuses on your arms mainly, and a bit on your abdomen too! From superman pulls, to multiple kinds of planks and pushups, it’s a killer workout, but you’ll definitely end up with toned arms! It’s a full-on 10 minutes video, with a 30 seconds break after 4 exercises. If you need a longer break, then pause the video for a minute, before continuing. Remember your limit, and don’t injure yourself!

6. Inner & Outer Thighs (MadFit)

at home leg exercises
Image Credit: MadFit Inner & Outer Thighs Workout | YouTube

If you’re looking for a toned thigh, instead of muscular ones then this is definitely the way to go. This workout routine requires no equipments, however, if you’re willing to challenge yourself, then feel free to add in a resistance band. It’s a full-on 10-min video with no breaks in between, so get ready for the burn! Also, make sure you have your core tightened at all times, so you don’t injure your back.


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