Zalora Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals & Promotions with Cashback

With a wide range of products including comfy loungewear, luxurious couture fashion pieces, cult-favourite beauty brands – Zalora is the one-stop shop to satisfy all your shopping needs. This Black Friday Cyber Monday sales season, Zalora is back with all the amazing deals, and you definitely don’t wanna miss this! 

We always want to share all best deals with you to help you shop smarter. This Black Friday Cyber Monday, you can get up to 80% + extra 40% off with Zalora – yes, you heard that right, the discounts are this high! All you need to do is to apply the coupon code “BFCM40” to enjoy the savings.

We know the deals themselves sound insanely good already. But wait! Here’s how you can save even more – all you have to do is to shop Zalora via ShopBack for up to 18% Cashback during this crazy Black Friday Cyber Monday sales period. Stack all that savings you can get. All the good deals will happen during the following periods. So mark your calendars and set your alarms to prepare for the battle ahead!

Not sure where to get started? To give you some inspiration, we present you with some all-time favourite brands and products that you can find on Zalora. 

Premium & Luxury Brands on Zalora 

If you’ve ever experienced falling in love with a clothing item, only to be saddened by the hefty price tag – you’re not alone. But fear not – for Zalora is here. Not only do they carry many premium brands on their store, but there are also crazy attractive promotions and discounts this Black Friday Cyber Monday. 

Pro-tip: From 27th Nov – 30th Nov, you can get extra 40% off with the Code: BRANDED40, or shop even smarter during the D-Day! On Black Friday (27 Nov), from 3pm-6pm, get extra 45% off Premium & Luxury products with Code: BRANDED45This is the best chance for you to snag some luxury fashion pieces without breaking the bank.

Stay modern & sophisticated with Calvin Klein

calvin klein premium luxury brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein shouldn’t be a stranger for those interested in sports apparel, that iconic ‘CK’ logo is recognizable almost anywhere. Those into pop culture will also know them for their celebrity models like Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, Kate Moss and many more. They’re particularly known for their modern yet sophisticated fits. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe with Calvin Klein – Zalora carries their sports apparel, accessories, underwear, shoes and more! 

Celebrate classic American style with Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger premium luxury brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

Over the recent years, Tommy Hilfiger has gradually crept into the hearts of many fashionistas. They’re an American premium clothing brand founded in the 1980s, featuring mainly preppy and timeless styles. For those looking for long-lasting quality pieces, Zalora carries a wide range of their products. Tip for the ladies looking to gift your boyfriends this Christmas – their Polos & T-shirts are great options! 

Cult-Favourite Beauty & Skincare Brands on Zalora

There are beauty & skincare brands that you hear about from time to time – but the real question is: do these brands really live up to the hype? Sometimes, these brands really do seem to have a legendary quality, and they are out-of-stock often because they are just that good. 

Psst, you’ll be pleased to know that Zalora carries many of these iconic brands too. What better time is it to grab them than this mega Black Friday Cyber Monday sales?

Hydrate your skin with Laneige

laneige korean beauty skincare brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: Laneige

Laneige’s most iconic product has got to be their sleeping mask. Despite the initial craze a few years back, beauty fanatics’ obsession with it never died down as it remains one of their best selling products! Zalora carries the full sized Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Cica Sleeping Mask, along with many other popular Laneige products. However, if you want to try them out first, you can opt for the Laneige Mini Sleeping Mask Set. It’s also an adorable and appropriate gift for your loved ones (hint: Christmas is just around the corner!).

Rewind ageing skin with SKII

sk-ii beauty skincare brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: SK-II

SK-II’s famed PITERA Essence (or Facial Treatment Essence) is an award winning product that has been raved about for many years. Despite the higher price tag, beauty aficionados swear by the effectiveness of its natural ingredients. If you’re itching to try it out yourself, Zalora carries a wide range of SK-II products, and you might want to get started with the SK-II PITERA First Experience Kit.

Revitalize your skin with Sulwhasoo

sulwhasoo korean beauty skincare brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo is another fuss-free Korean luxury skincare brand that is well-loved by not just Koreans, but Asians as well. This sophisticated skincare brand incorporates medicinal herbs like ginseng into their products to give you a healthy looking complexion. Zalora carries their Ginseng Serum, Masks, Emulsions amongst many other products. If you want to gift someone else, they have a beautiful Holiday Limited Edition Mask Duo Set available too!

Home & Living Brands on Zalora

Revamp your bedroom with Akemi

akemi home and living brand on zalora black friday cyber monday
Image Credit: Akemi

Akemi is another favourite home & living brand adored by Malaysians. They always deliver quality yet affordable products with intricate designs to suit every home’s needs. You can find a variety of Akemi bedsheet designs on Zalora – including colourful designs for the youthful spirits, muted tones for the minimalists, and floral prints for the nature-lovers. Take your time to browse through their selection. You can even throw in one of their iconic Eversense Series Diffusers to amp up your bedroom too! 

Up your room decorations game with Hooga

hooga home and living home decor brand
Image Credit: Hooga

Don’t underestimate the power of homeware and home decor in amplifying the aesthetics of your home. Having a themed collection of home decor can definitely tie the living space together. Hooga has many Danish-inspired, intricate decor pieces well-suited for those in love with the Scandinavian concept. From their animal sculptures, bath mats, to lamps and botanical accessories – Zalora has got you covered! 

Celebrate Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales with Zalora – with Additional Savings!

Black Friday Cyber Monday sales is the prime time to cart out all those items that you’ve been wanting, but haven’t been able to bring yourself to purchase. Zalora makes this process a lot more wallet-friendly for you with their super attractive promotions and sales. Now that we’ve told you all about it, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Before you cart out your purchase, remember to shop Zalora via ShopBack for up to 18% Cashback – only during this mega Black Friday Cyber Monday sales season!

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