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More about BrickHouse Electronics LLC

Brickhouse Security answers your problems through technology

With solutions and consulting services to more than 400 Fortune 500 companies and more than 2,500 local and the biggest national government agencies. Including NYPD (New York Police Department), the LA County Government agencies and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). BrickHouse Security has a undeniable reputation in being that premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions to over 40,000 small businesses from around the world.

Every need is addressed at every life stage with BrickHouse Security solutions

Everyone has the right to know if their loved ones are safe and protected at all times or not, and BrickHouse Security ensures you have that right protected at all times. Similarly, companies need to verify that their employees are conducting themselves in a manner consistent with their organisations' culture and goals. Brickhouse Security always keeps tabs on everyone, ensuring optimal safety and security possible, a trademark that always speaks quality. Brickhouse Security always seeks to reinforce their position as the finest, most responsive solution provider in the surveillance and security industry.

The best technology for security exist at BrickHouse

You can always find the very best in security cameras at BrickHouse Security. Choose from professional CCTV systems or even hidden camera to ensure your small business is safe. Night-Vision security cameras even allow you to always get surveillance over you desired location, both day and night. Now you can monitor from anywhere with IP security cameras, internet cameras that are extremely easy to monitor on your smartphone or PC.

BrickHouse Security products are always tested and curated by the best industry experts out there so you can always be sure your purchases from BrickHouse Security are top quality. Proven to be ultra-useful, BrickHouse Security GPS trackers for personal GPS tracking can be used to track lost children and the elderly. You don't have to worry about the batteries on these GPS trackers though: they last for weeks, which essentially means you can locate your children or elderly even after a few weeks.

Even in Dash Cams, BrickHouse Security Solutions are smart enough to provide extra insurance on the road. With GPS Logging and Impact Sensors that trigger in the event of an accident. What this will benefit you is that basically everything happening on the road or inside the vehicle is covered, and thus you will be safe as BrickHouse Security will always make you feel with all their products.

More BrickHouse premium quality products include Sentry, Fire Alarms and more, all remote control capable with BrickHouse Security easily accessible, well-built and convenient mobile app. Live video, alarm controls and triggers, you can expect the very best from BrickHouse Security.

With BrickHouse Security promo codes and sales come the biggest savings

Getting access to your savings is easy with frequently updated BrickHouse Security promo codes, for such selected products like the HCT Micro GPS tracker and Camscura Micro Hidden Camera, and across every single security product category.

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