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More about DAZ 3D

Daz 3D gives you 3D rendering when you need it most

Whether you are looking for 3D models in comic illustrations or book covers, Daz 3D brings that dream into reality. Don't mistake the 3D here with special glasses or pictures that you have to look cross-eyed to find the hidden image. You are getting the legitimate ability to take people, buildings and models and place them in your hands so you can move them around in a virtual environment. Now you are in control with Daz 3D, and what's best is that it is free! There are no Daz 3D coupons to be had, but you can get Daz Studio Pro for free.

Why Daz Studio?

Why would you pay for similar software like LightWave 3D, 3D Studio Max and Maya when they are over a thousand dollars in pricing, when you can get Daz Studio for absolutely nothing, zero, zilch? What you are getting is a pretty complete package too, with scene building, rigging, morphing, animation and rendering. You get the very best of custom CG characters & avatars, illustrations for books & magazines, custom reference artwork, story boarding, design virtual environments with animated fly-throughs, 3D skills such as Weight Map painting, Poly-grouping, Mesh Deformation, Morph Creation, graphic design for web& print and artwork for short films and animations. All these for free! 3D renderer enthusiasts rejoice!

This is how you use Daz 3D studio

You can literally choose from thousands of 3D rendered people, creatures, buildings and props to put into any background scene. It's simple:

  1. Dress them with your awesome outfits, get them to pose with them, and give them expressions.

  2. Once the stage is set, you can adjust your lighting and camera angles.

  3. Start getting your pictures in, animating your video or even 3D printing your own creations.

  4. Guess what, you are considered an artist now!

With Daz 3D content going for absolutely nothing, it is easy to do the material you truly desire, and a huge Daz 3D animation fanbase you get an absolutely involving community to seek help when you need that extra push and inspiration! If you want, you can even share your creations on the Daz 3D gallery for people to comment on. It is always an ongoing process to do some of your even better work in the future.

All the different forms of Daz 3D model use cases from professionals

  • Photoshop graphics

  • Character graphics

  • Book covers

  • Comic illustrations

  • Freelance Daz 3D Art & Design

  • Student Daz 3D Art

  • Independent Film

  • Fantasy Daz 3D Art

Heavy Metal magazine fans, Daz 3D is your dream come true and you can take a crack at recreating your favourite designs if you so desire.

Daz 3D Money Back Guarantee

Daz 3D is so convinced you will love the results you get from their products, that Daz 3D will give you your money back if you don't. Want to give the tools a spin? Try out any product in the store for thirty days. Give those different forms of Daz 3D model uses cases a try and if you don't like what you see, Daz 3D will give you your money back. No risk involved and satisfaction guaranteed. Just head down and get Daz 3D download free trial version to get the most polished 3D rendering for your elaborate scenes or most attractive covers.

Daz 3D comprehensive customer service

If you have any questions about any Daz 3D products, the platinum savings club and membership benefits. You will be glad to know that our Sales Support Staff will answer your customer service questions.

ShopBack Malaysia gives you Cashback on top of all your purchases

Courtesy of ShopBack Malaysia you will always get an awesome 5% Cashback offer on top of all existing Daz 3D promotions that may be happening. It's like we are practically paying you to simply click on your free download of Daz Studio 3d software, for instance. Plus it's ultra-easy to get your successful Cashback.

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For more updates on Daz 3D, check out their Facebook page.