Get more discounts with Grab Promo Codes

Allowing for additional savings, Grab also offers its customers several exciting promotions in the form of deals, voucher codes and coupons. Check out the Rewards page on the Grab website for exciting deals! In addition, customers can also stay connected with the brand via their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as offer feedback and be aware of the latest promotions and offers.

Earn additional cashback with ShopBack

While a good deal is certain with the above codes, ShopBack allows passengers to earn additional cashback with every Grab ride they book. The process is extremely easy and can be availed by every passenger in Malaysia through the following steps:

Step 1: Download the ShopBack Mobile App

Step 2: Navigate to the Grab merchant page and book your ride

Step 3: Do NOT edit Notes to Driver & ensure that there is a code similar to {{29437185SB003}} under Notes

Step 4: Book only JustGrab, GrabCar & GrabShare rides

Step 5: Ensure no existing trips before clicking through ShopBack

Step 6: Click through ShopBack again for every ride

Some of the best on-going deals include:

Grab Promo CodesDeal Description
GRABWAK17Extra RM5 Off On Your Journey With GrabTaxi. Valid for up to 10 rides
GRABJEEnjoy RM4 OFF for a total of 10 rides now!
GRAB2ZOUKEnjoy RM20 OFF on ten GrabCar rides with this Grab code. Applicable for both new and existing users only
Valid with credit or debit card payment, for rides to/from Zouk KL from 8 PM to 6 AM the next day
Only for the first 4000 redemptions
NEWTOGRABEnjoy RM10 discount on your next 3 rides with Grab promo code!
This offer is exclusive for new users on Grab

Remember, cashback is not qualified for cancellations or incomplete trips, GrabTaxi rides and trips made outside of Malaysia.

Background History of Grab

Grab is the leading on-demand transportation service that enables individuals and groups to schedule rides conveniently through an app. This company, formerly known as GrabTaxi, was founded in 2012 and offers services in several Southeast Asia location including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

The company was started by a few friends in 2012 after struggling to get a ride back home at the end of the day, a common plight for most Southeast Asians. Determined to change the way people hailed public transportation, specifically a taxi, these friends decided to solve the problem by starting a location-based app that allowed users to pre-book and order a taxi at their convenience. What spurred the growth of Grab was that it not only solved a huge problem, but was aimed at every single individual. Whether the passenger is a student, a businessman, a tourist or anyone looking to hail a cab, Grab ensures there’s a cab available at all times.

Setting Grab apart from the competition

Grab isn’t just a taxi company, but a lot more. The use of innovative technology by this company along with its guiding principles has set Grab miles apart from its regular cab services. The company operates 24 hours a day, subjective to availability of cabs at the time, ensuring passengers can access transportation at all times. Some other distinguishing features of the company include:

  • A safe transportation platform where every driver and vehicle are screened upon registration and must maintain a star rating above a set minimum.
  • Grab continually improves the training system and Code of Conduct to ensure a high level of service.
  • Passenger safety has always been a primary focus at Grab and the company was the first to introduce “Share Your Ride” feature in the industry.
  • Grab also offers additional Personal Accident coverage, 24/7 call centres, and emergency response teams.
  • Multiple ride choices that cater to every need ranging from taxis, cars, bikes or other vehicles, at fair prices.

This strive to perfection and offering safe and convenient access to rides at all times has led Grab to achieve several milestones, such as, completing 1 billion rides across Southeast Asia in November 2017 and launching its first premium lounge at Sunway Pyramid in the same month.

In December 2017, Grab received its e-money licence for payment services in stores and restaurants with the help of GrabPay. This service is inclusive of a GrabPay PIN, a six-digit pin, enhancing safety and ensuring that the money stays safe in the GrabPay wallet.

Need a ride? Just Grab it!

Grab offers different types of services at various deals, ensuring there is a ride for everyone, irrespective of location, time, age, income or any other factor.

GrabTaxi (also known as MyTeksi)

This on-demand taxi service offers passengers three categories of taxis. These include:

Executive Taxi: A premium service for customers who are looking for a more comfortable ride.

Budget Taxi: A budget service where riders can choose from a wide pool of regular taxis for a quick and affordable ride while saving time and getting access to the best-rated drivers in Malaysia.

TEKS1M: Malaysia’s answer to the popular London Black Cab, these cars boast larger boot space and give customers a roomier ride.

Book a GrabTaxi

Step 1: Open the Grab app and select the type of taxi you want

Step 2: Input your drop off location to get your estimated fare.

Step 3: Grab will find you the nearest available driver with a rating and contact details.

Step 4: Know your driver’s location and ETA in real-time.

Step 5: Share your ride with loved ones for added safety.


Grab also offers people in Malaysia access to chauffeured cars for their needs with the added advantage of certainty of fixed fares, insurance coverage and quality drivers with every ride. The cars are available across two varieties:

GrabCar (Economy) which is the go-to service for casual, everyday rides.

GrabCar+ (Premium), a service for the more discerning passengers who want a luxurious experience.

Book a Grabcar

Step 1: Open the Grab app and select the type of car you want

Step 2: Input your drop off location to get your estimated fare.

Step 3: Grab will find you the nearest available driver with a rating and contact details.

Step 4: Know your driver’s location and ETA in real-time.

Step 5: Share your ride with loved ones for added safety.


This service allows you to save time by automatically assigning the nearest vehicle, either a car or taxi, to you at an upfront fixed fare. This allows you to know your exact fares even before you book. In addition, traditional taxi surcharges such as booking fees and midnight charges no longer apply to JustGrab fares, adding to the savings.

Book a JustGrab ride

Step 1: Launch the Grab app and enter your Pick-Up Point

Step 2: Open the vehicle menu and select JustGrab

Step 3: Choose your Drop-off Point and tap on Book

Step 4: Review prices and enter your coupon code (if any)

Step 5: Wait for the nearest car or taxi to arrive!


GrabShare is the first on demand carpooling service that matches you with another party, heading in the same direction. By sharing the ride, you can reduce the fare and your carbon footprint too! Grab ensures that there will not be more than one additional drop-off point, so that passengers won’t have to sit through unnecessary detours.

There are 2 different types of drop off sequence:

1. Pick up passenger A, Pick up passenger B, Drop off passenger A, Drop off passenger B

2. Pick up passenger A, Pick up passenger B, Drop off passenger B, Drop off passenger A 

Important points to note when using GrabShare

·This service is currently available only in Klang Valley

·Drivers will wait for a maximum of 3 minutes to avoid delays.

·There can be a maximum of 2 passengers per booking. If you have more than two people travelling together, please book a GrabCar.

· No additional stops can be accomodated on GrabShare rides.

Dividing toll charges in GrabShare

In the spirit of sharing the ride and the fare, toll charges incurred will be split when both passengers are in the car.

Scenario 1: One passenger is onboard when it passes a toll. Here all toll charges to be paid by that passenger

Scenario 2: Two Passengers are onboard when it passes a toll. Here the toll charges will be split between both passengers equally.

Book a GrabShare ride

Step 1: Launch the Grab App & tap on GrabShare icon.

Step 2: Input your Pick-Up and Drop-Off points.

Step 3: Enter your promo code if any for an added discount

Step 4: Tap on book and you’re on your way!

Each of the Grab services allow for easy ride-hailing at every location. To avoid any hassles and enable easy payment, do make sure you have the right payment selection made before booking, and that you have chosen an accurate drop-off location. You can opt for cash or GrabPay payment method. In addition, in case you have any concerns after you have booked your ride or are running a little late, simply connect with your driver via Grab chat and keep them informed.

Ensure smooth rides with Grab with these rules

To eliminate any problems and ensure a smoother journey for both the rider and passenger, Grab has issued certain guidelines that need to be followed by passengers. These include:

Before scheduling the ride

·  Be sure to choose the right service: GrabCar, GrabTaxi and GrabCar+ (premium) can only accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers. GrabCar (6-seater) can fit up to 6 passengers and a GrabShare can only accommodate 2 passengers.

·   Select the correct pick up and drop off points: For safety purpose, your driver will only be allowed to pick you up and drop you off at the destination entered upon booking.

·     Be sure of your payment method: Select Cash OR Credit/Debit Card (GrabPay).

·   Check the validity of your vouchers and coupon codes: Make sure to read the terms and  condition of your respective offer before booking to ensure a successful redemption.

·    Communicate with your driver: Write a note to your driver OR use GrabChat if you need to communicate with your driver. This allows your driver to locate you better.

·   Sending of unaccompanied goods are not allowed: For safety reasons, passengers are not allowed to book a Grab ride to deliver goods which are not accompanied by the passenger.

·    Only book when you’re ready to go: For all Grab services, drivers will only wait for 5 minutes upon reaching your pick up point except for Multiple Stop Rides and GrabShare which has a waiting time of 3 minutes. Your ride will be cancelled if you do not board the vehicle within the given time.

·   Don’t cancel unnecessarily: While Grab doesn’t penalise passengers in case of cancelled bookings, it is advised not to do so unless in the case of an emergency. Cancelling your ride can be frustrating for your driver especially if he or she is on the way to pick you up. Use the GrabChat function to ask if your driver is nearby OR inform them if you need to cancel.

During the ride

·   Check your ride when it arrives: Double-check the vehicle number plate before entering the car and make sure it’s the right driver.

·  For the route: Inform your driver if you have a preferred route based on what the GPS suggests, but it is up to the driver’s discretion to select the most suitable route. Drivers will only send you to your drop off destination and no stops are allowed. If you wish to make an additional stop, please use the Multiple-Stop Rides function to input your second stop.

·    Toll fares: Any toll charges incurred during your journey are added onto your base fare at the end of your trip. It is your responsibility to pay for these charges.

After the ride

· Pay the correct fare which includes any toll charges that may have been incurred along the way.

· Check your surroundings and valuables before leaving.

· Remember to rate your drivers fairly and honestly. Ratings help Grab maintain the quality of service, and also affects the driver’s livelihood.


While these are recommended guidelines for passengers, failure to adhere to these rules may result in penalties, including removal from the Grab community. This may come in the form of suspension or account termination.

Connect with Grab

For anyone looking to connect with the Grab customer service team, simply click on the help centre section on the app. The same can also be found on the website. This page offers answers to several common queries allowing customers to resolve their concerns quickly.

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