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More about Guitar Center

Guitar Center has the guitar for YOU!

You can be sure Guitar Center has every variation of guitar that represents that best personal feel and meaning to you, whether it be acoustic or electric, nylon or steel stringed and everything between. Guitar Center is the premier store for the biggest guitar brands like Fender, Gibson, ESP and more. You could be an aspiring performer with an established band, or simply someone with the desire to learn your first guitar rift, there is nowhere better than to start with Guitar Center. With or without Guitar Center coupons, you will find great discounts for that dream guitar you desire. With not a lot of money, you could get that guitar delivered to your home, with That fresh guitar smell you love will be right at your doorstep.

Guitar Center: from players, for players

Guitar Center is run by people who are truly passionate about the craft. Started in 1959, Guitar Center knows how to help you rock out with style and meet your sensibilities. There is nothing like the relationship between players and their gear. This is where the strong relationships that Guitar Center has will benefit you. Because Guitar Center has the latest Fender or Gibson offerings, we cater to the most demanding of Guitar players.

Guitar Center gives you more than guitars, they live and breathe Basses, Keyboards and more too!

Guitar Center certainly has you in mind, even if you might not be a guitar player. Besides having the most comprehensive selection of the hottest guitars, it is also the home to the World's largest selection of basses, amplifiers, stringed instruments, keyboards, workstations, drums and percussion instruments. In fact, Guitar Center Online has by far the most plentiful selection of musical instruments anywhere.

Guitar Center has great refurbished products as well

With used items like Guitar Center used amps, guitars and more, you no longer have to pay full price for new products if you can't afford to. Using Guitar Center used-gear search, you can find the very best gear that are still at the tip-top condition for discount prices you cannot find anywhere else. And we are talking about up to a few hundred dollars in savings from the used gear centre alone.

Guitar Center online payment options

Guitar Center credit card payments are fast to do, making checkouts a breeze. But PayPal payment is also accepted by Guitar Center, for those who happen to rely on bank transfers for their online shopping. Guitar Center always make sure your checkouts, International or Local, are as streamlined as possible. Just fill up your particulars, including your address, and you will get your Guitar Center online goods delivered to your desired location in no time, new product smell in-tact.

Guitar Center brings to you the selections for every kind of player

With Guitar Center you get a truly diverse range of products that caters to every single niche and preference. You have the Mitchell MD100, for example, traditional styling in a full-sized dreadnought acoustic guitar form factor, but you also have Zildjian drum sticks, MTD Kingston electric basses or even Yamaha violins of all kinds. Need a particular type of Musical gear? There is a high possibility you can buy it here.

Guitar Centrer Pro Coverage Program

If you are worried about breakages to your musical instruments as they arrive. You can be glad Guitar Center gives you Pro Coverage. Designed to accommodate even the most rigorous gigs or sessions, even accidental drops are covered. Simply put, Guitar Center Pro Coverage replacement and repair plans offer you a peace of mind, with the knowledge that no matter how hard you work your gear, Guitar Center will always repair or replace your treasured equipment.

These are the factors that are covered when you buy from Guitar Center:

  1. Shipping fees covered if required for repair.

  2. Accidental damage from handling your new gear.

  3. Mechanical or electrical failures including breakdowns from normal wear and tear.

  4. No Lemon Policy.

  5. Renewable coverage.

You must note that Guitar Center Pro Coverage only extends to products over $200, so be sure to always make use of Guitar Center coupon codes to get the best bang for your buck, so you will always be getting the best products at the most promotional prices, but still fulfilling the the 200 dollar requirement!

ShopBack Malaysia gives you Cashback on top of all of that

If the discounts on Guitar Center are not enough for you, you will be glad to know that you can take advantage of more awesome Guitar Center promo codes here at ShopBack Malaysia. All the Guitar Center sales you encounter is going to be just icing on the cake when you come to ShopBack.

And if that's not enough of an incentive to get your newest guitar or instruments at Guitar Center, we offer an unbelievable 4.0% Cashback on your Guitar Center Online purchases. It brings new and wonderful meaning to saving up with your online shopping on Guitar Center. Paying exorbitant amounts of money is no longer the norm for the Fender you always wanted.

Making use of Guitar Center promo codes and getting CashBack with ShopBack!

  1. Sign up for an account with ShopBack Malaysia and sign in!

  2. Select the Cashback discount link, and soon you will be redirected to

  3. Choose your desired musical instrument or musical instruments for purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

  4. Be sure to enter any available Guitar Center codes if available, and proceed to make an online payment.

  5. Your Guitar Center product delivery should arrive within the time span. Your Cashback will be sent to your ShopBack account as well. Do note that Cashback may take up to 2 working days to be reflected in your account.

The same goes for just about any merchant site you see here at ShopBack Electronics, Gearbest coupon codes or AliExpress promotions, or any of the promotions you see give you the best savings you can have for your online shopping.

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