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Other Terms & Conditions

  • Cashback is subject to HungryGoWhere's terms and conditions
  • If the reservation made on merchant page is unsuccessful, do clickthrough ShopBack again and place your reservation again to ensure tracking is still active
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited
  • Please be aware that some transactions may track at a slightly different rate, but will uplift on a monthly basis, once the transaction is confirmed by the merchant.
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More about HungryGoWhere

Hungry and don’t know where to go? That’s what Hungry Go Where is for!

As the name suggests, HungryGoWhere is a platform and an easier way to find a place to eat. Your choices are endless as it allows you to search over 10,000 restaurants all over Malaysia. It gives you the dining convenience of ordering food or booking a table online.

It is also filled with food knowledge – from reviews to food guides; from commentaries and interviews to recipes.

For all foodies, HungryGoWhere is heaven!

The Food that Fits You

Do you have current cravings? Are you dining on a budget? Want to know which is the nearest dessert place?

Simply go to HungryGoWhere and search for a certain cuisine, restaurant, or location. You can filter your search further and search for what fits your budget. HungryGoWhere makes it easy for you to decide where to eat according to your dining standards.

Dining Convenience with Hungry Go Where Delivery

Food delivery and table reservations are made easy with Hungry Go Where app.

Search for your favorite restaurants in Malaysia or your favorite dish and get direct search results within seconds. Your favorite meal is not just a phone call away straight from the app.

Currently, there are only a few restaurants available with Hungry Go Where delivery but do watch out for more in the future.

The HungryGoWhere App is available for download at Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Book a Table with Hungry Go Where

Reserve and book your table at your favorite restaurants with ease.

HungryGoWhere allows you to search for a great dining place and reserve a table right away. You can book from as soon as an hour before you dine or even three months in advance! No need to make calls. All Hungry Go Where reservations are instantly confirmed and booked, so you're good to go. 

This is best for last minute get-togethers and dine-outs with family, friends, and colleagues. No more rushed decisions on where to eat only to probably regret it at the end of the meal. Through HungryGoWhere, you’re assured that you’ll have a perfect dining experience.

You can also book a table ahead of time especially for bigger gatherings or dinners. You don’t need to worry about reservations anymore because you’ve already done it as early as three months ago! All you need to do is set a reminder for you and your guests of the date, time, and exact restaurant to go.

Know What's New in Town with Hungry Go Where Malaysia

Be where the talk of the town is with their list of new restaurants.

You can browse through what’s new around town or what new specialties your favorite dining place have for you. Make each dining experience unique and exciting because listings are made sure to be up-to-date, ready for a new delectable discovery.

Eat Smart. Dine Smart.

Know more about where and what you eat before you devour them for dinner.

Restaurant reviews are readily available for you when you need them. If you’re a bit skeptical in trying something new and far from your usual go-to restaurants, you can browse through reviews and see what people think about the food and place. You can also filter your search results to view only the best and highly-rated ones.

Their Food Guide is also a good resource for everything yummy in Malaysia. Get some tips on what and where to eat. Reading their guide also gives you and idea on some must-try dishes and some great restaurant finds.

You can also get expert advice and HungryGoWhere’s own food and restaurant recommendations. You’re assured of certified and reliable review from your fellow foodies!

Restaurant Experience at Home

If your taste buds are craving for your restaurant favorites but them seem too far from you right now, or probably working on a tight budget, HungryGoWhere shares a variety of food recipes for you to get that restaurant taste and experience right at the comfort your home.

It ranges from appetizers to desserts, from easy-to-cook to expert cooking. The variety of recipes available will surely bring out the inner chef in you.

Get Great Discounts with HungryGoWhere Deals

Let’s admit it – as much as cooking at home saves you more money, but not everyone has the talent in cooking. So if you want to dine out and but still keep within the budget, there are HungryGoWhere deals that you’d surely love!

The app features different promos from their affiliate restaurants. Enjoy discounts from their daily, weekly, or monthly promotions. You can also find and enjoy some ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ deals.

Make special events more special with their occasional deals and promos like birthdays. Also get exclusive HungryGoWhere deals when you make your reservation through their website or app.

Plus, if you’re a UOB card holder, you can avail for UOB-exclusive deals.

Great food plus great deals is a total win-win situation for you!

Save more from HungryGoWhere with Shopback’s Cashbacks

If HungryGoWhere deals aren’t enough for you, Shopback will give you more savings.

Get as much as 50% discount or RM30.00 cashback when you book s restaurant through Shopback’s website.

Sign up and create a Shopback account, search for the latest dining deals and there you can find the latest deals and promos for HungryGoWhere. Deals are only valid for a limited time so make sure you avail them. But you don’t need to worry if you missed a deal. There sure would be more to come. Just keep checking Shopback for more exciting deals.

You get great savings while enjoying a sumptuous meal!

Get Updates on HungryGoWhere Promotions and Deals

Sign up for a HungryGoWhere account to enjoy dining convenience, great food, and amazing discounts. Get updates on any HungryGoWhere promo and last-minute deals by signing up for their newsletter or follow them in their social media accounts.

Now you know where to go when you’re hungry, just tap away and discover the best tasty deals in town. Enjoy great food without having to spend too much. Get the best deals and enjoy cashback for your future dining. Happy eating!