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More about Jigsaw Health

The History behind Jigsaw Health

It all started with recurrent chronic health problems suffered by the founder Pat. Pat constantly suffered with fatigue, insomnia, gastro-intestinal problems, anxiety and depression. Pat and his son, Patrick struggled to find the cause and cure of these health problems. It was a long and challenging journey to figuring out the causes of Pat’s health problems for the both of them.

With a desire to help others who are suffering from the same fate, Jigsaw Health was born on April 19 2009. Since the company’s founding, Pat and Patrick have helped more than 90 000 customers by offering premium and high quality dietary supplements that emphasizes on Sustained Release Technology (SRT). SRT controls the release of active ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin c and vitamin b to ensure that absorption happens over time as what your body needs rather than being absorbed all at once.

Jigsaw Health prides itself in the quality of their supplements and places a high priority on the health and well being of the customer. That is the reason they do not have an autoship program which is a common practice for many other dietary supplement companies. They have won the trust and loyalty of many of their customers- more than 80 percent of orders each month come from returning satisfied customers.

Jigsaw Health’s Transparency Towards their Customers 

By aiming to provide the highest quality and the most effective supplements to customer, Jigsaw Health acknowledges that they do not offer the cheapest rates. Much of their fund goes to forming partnerships with highly reputable companies whose products do achieve results and share the same goals and aims as Jigsaw Health. This translates into the highest quality ingredients that are meticulously researched and hand picked to ensure the greatest potency. Jigsaw health takes your health seriously and will not save on a few dollars if it harms or compromises your health in any way.

Jigsaw Health is so confident on the effectiveness of their products that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If for any reason that you are not satisfied with your purchase, just call Jigsaw Health. You will be given a full refund.

Jigsaw Health Coupon for Health Professionals

Even though Jigsaw Health products are not the cheapest, they do offer a Jigsaw Health Coupon for healthcare professionals in the form of wholesale discounts who want to carry Jigsaw Health products in their own offices. With unique formulas that focus on proprietary SRT, many healthcare leaders like Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum and Dr. Keith Chambers are using Jigsaw Health products. If you are interested, all you have to do is to drop an email and the Jigsaw Health will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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