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More about L'occitane Canada

Receive your coupons, sales, and special deals with L’Occitane Canada

The L’Occitane story begins with Olivier Bausaan at the age of 23, with nothing but a small truck, a solid knowledge of plants and their various properties, and a small alembic for distilling essential oils from rosemary plants, which he sold on the local markets of Provence, France. Olivier then started soap-making in the traditional Marseille style in 1976, acquires its first harvest of lavender in 1977 and first order of shea butter in 1980, before finally opening its first factory and store in the town of Volx in 1981.

Today, L’Occitane has grown from strength to strength, expanding to over 2,000 stores all over the world, proudly featuring the extraordinary plants of the Provence region in all of its luxury beauty products while espousing its strong support for agriculture, the preservation of rare plants and traditional cultivation techniques, eco-friendliness, and fair trade. With Shopback’s coupons, sales, and special deals with L’Occitane’s Canada store, witness slashed prices and discounts across all of their items while shopping online!

Bask in the riches and splendour of Provence

One of L’Occitane’s most iconic products will have to be the various creams, balms and serums in the Immortelle collection - the Immortelle Precious Cream 50ml ($65) and the award-winning Immortelle Divine Cream 50ml ($114) rank at the top of the store’s bestselling ranking. The Divine Cream, in particular, is a luxurious product that smoothes, firms, and protects your skin to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. In fact, it is well worth your time to peruse the other items in the Immortelle collection: native to Corsica, the Immortelle flower miraculously never fades, even when picked, boasting a longevity and ambergris fragrance that the L’Occitane team sought to imbue in its products. They have the Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam 30ml ($12), the Immortelle Divine Extract 30ml ($114) for the highest concentration of Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils, and the beautifully boxed Divine Renewal Program ($135), designed to create a 28-day skin renewal program that involves exfoliation, hydration and nutrition, tonal balance and renewal over four weeks.

It’s common knowledge, of course, that L’Occitane’s products do not come cheaply - but imagine all the savings you could earn when you start applying Shopback’s coupons, sales and special deals - because L’Occitane simply has so much more to offer, making their products hard to resist. They have the Aromachologie collection, which finds its basis in the powerful, revitalising properties of the scents of essential oils, a craft and a belief that L’Occitane has been refining for the past 40 years. Perhaps give the Aromachologie Rebalancing Black Soap 150ml ($24) a shot, packaged in a gorgeous black tub; or perhaps purchase the Aromachologie Rebalancing Infusions for Bath ($26) instead, each box coming five 20g sachets for you to dip in your bath. Start applying Shopback’s coupons, sales, and special deals to your online purchases today.

L’Occitane also has the Verbene collection, which is based on the lemon verbana plant, renowned for its use in ancient magical rituals, its healing properties, its stimulating fragrance, and the particularly soothing infusion of its boiled leaves. They have the Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance 150ml ($58), providing a fresh, tangy twist to L’Occitane’s classic verbena eau de toilette, combined with the essential oils of grapefruit and lemon from Italy. They also have the bestselling Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap with Verbena 250g ($14), a soap with a 100% vegetable base, gentle and perfect for everyday use. Another collection of note is the Cedrat line, designed with men in mind, conveying a fresh, delicate, citrus fragrance that provides a light yet refined masculinity. With after shave creams, eau de toilettes, soaps and skincare lotions, men won’t have to worry about missing out on L’Occitane. Get discounts and more when you shop with Shopback’s coupons, sales, and special deals!

Buy gifts and special sets of L’occitane products for your loved ones

Nothing makes a better gift than one of the L’Occitane’s gift sets: they are beautifully packaged, easy for everyday, on-the-go use, and feel luxurious on the skin. Consider the Delightful Hand Cream Trio ($32), which includes the Shea Hand Cream 30ml, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml, and the Pivoine Flora Hand Cream 30ml; the Shea Star Gift ($76), with the Shea Butter Hands Cream 75ml, Foot Cream 75ml, Ultra Rich Shower Cream 75ml and Body Cream 200ml, and the Extra Gentle Soap with Milk 100g; the Almond Star Gift ($76), with Delicious Hands 30ml and Paste 50ml, Milk Concentrate 100ml, and Shower Oil 500ml; or something more heavenly, like the Divine Star Gift ($236), with the Immortelle Divine Cream 50ml, Divine Eyes 15ml, Precious Cleansing Foam 150ml, and Divine Lotion 50ml.

With savings earned via gift bundles, imagine how much more you could save with Shopback’s coupons, sales, and special deals. And there’s more for offer at L’Occitane Canada’s online store, with limited edition sets such as the Aromachologie Relaxing Kit ($39), Back to School Set ($32), At Home Manicure set ($57), the Divine Youth Collection ($200) and more! Go further with Shopback’s coupons, sales, and special deals at L’Occitane Canada.

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With Shopback’s exclusive coupons, sales, and special deals with L’Occitane Canada, you can be sure to earn savings like you’ve never seen before. If you’d like to stay connected with L’Occitane, do download the L’Occitane iPhone app from the Apple store if you can, or follow them on social media to get all the latest news on their products:




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