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Malaysia Airlines Promotions & Codes in Malaysia for May 2019

Deals of the Day Save Up To 70%
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Deals of the Day: Save Up To 70%

Travel to anywhere in the world with Malaysia Airlines - from the USA to Perth to China and more. Save up to 70% in the Deals of the Day section with Malaysia Airlines.
Best Flight Deals to over 1,000 Destinations in 150+ Countries on Malaysia Airlines
1.5% Cashback

Best Flight Deals to over 1,000 Destinations in 150+ Countries on Malaysia Airlines

Enjoy free baggage allowance, easy online check-in, special meal requests and comfortable seats only on Malaysia Airlines.
Malaysia Airlines promotions
1.5% Cashback

Follow Malaysia Airlines on Facebook For Promotions And Deals

Get the latest flight promotions and deals when you follow Malaysia Airlines on Facebook
Malaysia Airlines promotions & deals hotel
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Best Hotel Deals on Malaysia Airlines

Look out for the best hotel deals via Malaysia Airlines' partner hotels! Best price guaranteed. Be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for Malaysia Airlines promo codes to enjoy further discounts
Malaysia Airlines promotions & deals mobile app
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Stay up to Date with Flight Discounts by Downloading the Malaysia Airlines Mobile App

Get the latest Malaysia Airlines deals and promotions when you download the mobile app. Enjoy convenience at your fingertips
One Way Penang Malaysia Airlines
1.5% Cashback

Book a One Way flight to Penang from RM69 on Malaysia Airlines

Enjoy this Malaysia Airline Promo and Explore Penang. Travel from 29 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2020. Check Malaysia Airline for oher promo. Terms and conditions apply.
Expires in 17 days
Bangkok Promo Malaysia Airlines
1.5% Cashback

Book a Round Trip to Bangkok from RM599 on Malaysia Airlines

Explore Bangkok and its famous night markets. Travel from 29 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2020. Check Malaysia Airline for oher promo. Terms and conditions apply.
Expires in 17 days
Kochi Promo Malaysia Airlines
1.5% Cashback

Book a Round Trip to Kochi from RM399 on Malaysia Airlines

Enjoy Kochi's diverse worship houses with this Malaysia Airline Promo. Travel from 29 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2020. Check Malaysia Airline for oher promo. Terms and conditions apply.
Expires in 17 days

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Domestic flights are where departure and arrival take place in Malaysia
  • International flights are where departure and arrival take place in different countries
  • Cashback will reflect an RM0 amount initially, but will reflect the correct amount within 120 days after flight consumption

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Malaysia Airlines promotions, deals and cashback with ShopBack

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Malaysia Airlines provides information on their website about daily or monthly deals for cheap fares in different destinations. However, if that is not enough, drop by ShopBack to receive deals such as flights from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne from RM1150, Malaysia Airlines Sale 2017: Save Up To 70%, 14% off on your flight ticket with Malaysia Airlines coupon, and a variety of other promo codes. 

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Malaysia Airlines – comfort and luxury without a hefty price tag

The national carrier of Malaysia, Malaysia air, is one of Asia’s largest air carriers, serving 330 flights to over 50 destinations on a daily basis. Their commitment to excellence and quality has made them a popular choice of airline ever since their inception in 1947 when they flew their first commercial flight. Throughout their 60 years of operation, Malaysia Airlines has been developing cutting-edge technology for their air fleets, investing in quality materials to ensure the safety of both their passengers and service crew. Without a doubt, Malaysia Air should be the top choice for every traveller looking to travel in both comfort and luxury – but without crazy price tags. On top of being an affordable and luxurious choice, Malaysia Airlines is also an airline with corporate and social responsibility. Since 2004, Malaysia Airlines has been in a partnership with MERCY Malaysia to provide monetary support and relief to the victims of natural disasters around the world and trains their staff to participate in relief missions around the world. With Malaysia Airlines in the picture, there is really no need to worry about blowing your travel budget – the frequent Malaysia Airlines promotion 2016 and Malaysia Airlines deals that will help you save huge on your air tickets, so you will be free to enjoy the other aspects of your trip. Bid goodbye to scrimping and saving like a scrooge – the Malaysia Airlines promo available on ShopBack Malaysia will entitle you to the best deal you can ever get, so go ahead and book your tickets now for the adventure of a lifetime!

How Malaysia Airlines started to fly in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines is owned by the Malaysian Government, through sovereign wealth fund, Khazanah Nasional, identified by its logo that is the shape of Malaysia's traditional kite. It is Malaysia's primary flight carrier that operates from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to destinations across Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe. Malaysia Airlines was founded in the year 1947, May 1st, based in Kuala Lumpur International by two Australian brothers, Theodore and Charles Wearnes. They used the Malayan Airways, also known as Malaysia Airlines currently, as the scheduled air passenger and mail services between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Malaysia Airlines' first flight was a charter flight from the British Straits Settlement of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, on 2 April 1947. Flights from Singapore flying to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang followed through by weekly schedules. By the end of 1980's, Malaysia Airlines started flying to 47 overseas destinations. The list includes eight European cities: London, Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Brussels. They also flew at this time to six Australian cities listed, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as to Auckland and New Zealand. As of 20th October 2017, the latest Malaysian Airlines CEO is Captain Izham Ismail.

They now allow customers to experience different flights by owning not only Malaysia Airlines, but also two subsidiary airlines Firefly and MASwings since 2007, which were rated as one of Asia's fastest growing airlines. Firefly operates scheduled flights from two airport bases Penang International Airport and Subang International Airport, and only focuses on tertiary cities. MASwings, on the other hand, focuses on inter-Borneo flights. Malaysia Airlines was awarded 'The World's 5-Star Airline' by Skytrax multiple times in 2009, 2012 and 2013 and received another from the World Travel Awards as 'Asia's Leading Airline' in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Fly to your dream destination by Economy or Business Class

Booking your flight tickets is just a click away visit Malaysia Airlines website for an easy and quick experience to check out fares, deals, purchasing of extra baggage allowances and even using Enrich Miles to purchase flight tickets! They update their Deals and Promotion page very often so you could be notified on new cheap fares for your ideal destination. It doesn't matter what class you are purchasing, Business class or Economy class, Malaysia Airlines accepts multiple payment methods, by using your credit or debit card under Master Card or Visa, as well as American Express but additional charges as cardholder’s issuing bank differ from the merchant country or acquiring bank country. The latest Malaysia Airlines payment method is by using PayPal with the flexibility to pay however you want even on your mobile while having your financial and personal information secured, as well as the renown payment method, Alipay, an e-wallet platform launched in China similar to PayPal but only accepts CNY currency only; customers using this option will be directed to the Alipay login page to proceed with payment. For European customers or customers paying by Euro currency for their trip, Malaysian Airlines provides iDEAL as another payment method, one that is vastly used in the Netherlands. Malaysia Airlines is also giving customers the flexibility to Pay Later but only for MHMobile users. Customers are allowed to book a flight at any Malaysia Airline outlet or contact the call centers and choose payment method by cash or card. However this payment method only accepts MYR currency and if the payment is not received within 24 hours, the booking will be cancelled.

A service fee will be charged to customers at MYR 30 for domestic flights (within Malaysia) and MYR 60 for international flights. Lastly they also provide Direct Debit services for Maybank2u users and CIMB Clicks only for MYR currency for quick and easy transactions. For online payments, a standard percentage of administration fee will be charged to customers. There is nothing to worry about in the case of online secure payment, as there are multiple layers of security for each platform such as Mastercard Secure Code, Verified by Visa, Verisign, and 3-D Secure. Just remember to check out Malaysia Airlines coupon codes and promo codes before purchasing any flights to ensure a cheaper expense trip!

Manage savings and discounts for your flights with Malaysia Airlines coupon codes

Malaysia Airlines Mobile App allows customers to easily book flights, get flight alerts, hotels, and even check on their Enrich Miles profiles with one simple click. Malaysia Airlines runs Enrich Miles for frequent flyers to redeem miles and enjoy exclusive perks like flight fare reduction, get Malaysia Airlines coupons, vouchers, promo codes for entertainment, shopping and also dining perks. By accumulating all these flight miles, you can log on to Enrich Online to select on the flight you wish to purchase then choose the option to pay fully in miles. You can also accumulate miles by booking hotels, holiday packages, shopping and much more. When you travel by Malaysia Airlines partnered airlines such as Firefly, Jet Airways and Emirates, you can also earn Enrich Miles. Other promotional deals would be on Malaysia Airlines webpage, stating how much the flight would cost, the cabin class, trip type, date to book before and travel period.

Malaysia Airlines online booking opens doors to a world of exploration and adventure

If you haven’t heard of the Enrich program on Malaysia Airlines yet, you’re missing out big time. Enrich is the frequent flyer program of Malaysia Airline. The Enrich program enables its members to earn and accumulate Enrich Miles when they choose to fly with Malaysia Airline, oneworld member airlines or Enrich partner airlines. Credit card expenditures, car rentals and shopping with their lifestyle partners also entitle Enrich members to accumulate Enrich miles. Here’s the best part – registration is free! These Enrich miles can be exchanged for flights with Malaysia Airlines and its member airlines, which only means more savings on those pesky air tickets. With such an amazing membership program that offers so many perks to its loyal customers, it is no wonder that Malaysia Airlines has earned themselves such a strong and large customer base.

Booking a trip and checking your fares in a flash

After shopping for your destination with Malaysia Airlines if you run into any unexpected problems not being able to travel, don't worry as Malaysian Airlines has reliable return policies! Your ticket can be refunded by Malaysia Airlines, whether it to the name of the person on the ticket or the person who had purchased the ticket. If by chance Malaysia Airlines are not able to provide carriage because of full cabin spaces, or if the customer decides not to use their ticket, they will be refunded for the unused ticket or any unused portion in accordance with Malaysia Airlines regulations. If international or local flights are disrupted and forced to be canceled, they will be refunded accordingly. In the case that tickets were bought by another currency, customers will be refunded according to the country's currency in which the ticket was purchased in. By cancelling your flight, customers will be subjected to a refund less any reasonable service charges or cancellation fees. For cases of lost tickets, the refund will be done as soon as possible after the expiry of the validity time period of the unused ticket. However, there are conditions where Malaysia Airlines can refuse to refund the ticket, like when an application is made later than the expiry of the validation of the ticket. So make sure to apply for a refund as soon as you can! Don't fret over shopping with Malaysia Airlines as voluntary refunds will be made by the Carrier which originally issued the Ticket or by an Authorized Agent.

Catch amazing discounts with Malaysia airlines promo

It goes without saying that flying budget is cheap – but the cramped leg space and lack of in-flight entertainment system make flights exhausting and unbearable. Furthermore, flying budget comes without checked in baggage, which usually costs a bomb. Unless you are able to stuff everything in your hand-carry luggage (props to you!), it’s best to opt for a full-service airline like Malaysia Airlines. This way, you will be able to fly in comfort and still enjoy the best price possible, what with the plethora of Malaysia airlines promotion 2017 and Malaysia Airlines deals available both on-site and via ShopBack Malaysia. Hence, you no longer have to save by surviving on food from the convenience store (or even worse, cup noodles) just to be able to afford a vacation – holidays are about enjoyment (aka gorging yourself on food)! Go ahead and book your Malaysia Airlines tickets now – you’re just a few clicks away from satisfying your wanderlust!

Lose yourself in the endless possibilities of adventure with the latest Malaysia Airlines deals

Are you sick of always heading to Indonesia or Philippines for your holidays? If you’re getting bored of always going to the same old places and doing the same old things, it’s time to spice things up a little! Think about exploring the United Kingdom, a world of rustic old charm and traditions – or New Zealand, every nature lover’s heaven. There’s a world of possibilities waiting for you out there – so don’t stick to the same old places that you are already so familiar with! Travelling should be about discovery and exploration – not about visiting the same old place again and again. If you’re worried about the bomb that comes with travelling to places further away, fret no more. Malaysia Airlines has a page specially dedicated to their deals of the day, which will help you save tremendously on your air tickets.

In Europe, there is a smorgasbord of things for tourists to do – ranging from art appreciation at renowned museums, watching football matches or appreciating the picturesque scenery is one of the many things to do in Europe. Furthermore, the standardized currency only makes transactions even easier for tourists like us! Save huge on your Malaysia Airlines booking by using the Malaysia Airlines deals available on site and prepare to experience the rustic and laid-back lifestyle of the Europeans! Be sure to check out Expedia for affordable accommodation and earn up to 10% cashback!

Want more details on Enrich Miles, Baggage Allowance and Discounts?

It is always more reassuring and quick to call up customer services upfront and get extra details on discounts, savings or promotional deals. Customers can log on to Malaysia Airlines website and scroll down, it doesn't matter which country you are calling from, as they provide a search column for overseas numbers. For local Malaysian customers or customers calling from Malaysia, dial 1300 88 3000 to give customer service a call; for long distance calls, dial +603-7843-3000 where call charges are applied. If you prefer to relay messages through email, send them over to or locate them at the Ticket Office Level 5 (Departure Level) Main Terminal Building Kuala Lumpur International Airport. For customers looking for Enrich Miles help, send an email over to or call up the same number above! Malaysia Airlines customer service operates 24 hours and is able to cater for details on new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries.

ShopBack Malaysia helps you get the best Malaysia Airlines promo on your Malaysia Airlines online booking

The frustration of trying to find a cheap flight is one that I believe every single traveller can attest to – the relatively cheaper ones are timed awkwardly, while the ones with a more humane timing will cause you to blow your travel budget immediately. Fret no more, fellow travellers – ShopBack Malaysia is here to help you get the best deal on your Malaysia Airline booking! Just by signing up for an account with us, you will be given access to an entire list of Malaysia Airlines promotion 2016 and Malaysia Airlines deals on your Malaysia Airlines booking! On top of these amazing offers, you will also be entitled to cashback on your air tickets, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible when you use ShopBack Malaysia to book your Malaysia Airlines tickets. Hesitate no more and snap up these deals – fasters fingers first!

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