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More about My Tayar

MyTayar Malaysia, your go to site for all automotive products

Going around looking for the most competitive prices and best services for your automotive, the savings you finally get may not be so worth it after all that time and effort spent looking for the best discounts and offer. But worry no more because MyTayar Malaysia is here to solve all of that. It’s really easy to use MyTayar, you just have to follow 7 simple steps. Firstly, select the category of products your need for your vehicle. Secondly, select the distance you’re willing to travel for the service. Thirdly, select your start point location so the algorithm can calculate all possible workshops you can go to. Next, you will get a filtered result of all the products offered by the workshops based on pricing and location. You can further filter and streamline your choices by selecting the brand, application, tyre type and speed rating to ensure the best results are shown.  Fifthly, choose the products that you want to buy, perform checkout where you pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve the product. Then,  use the confirmation email to set up an appointment with the workshop. Lastly, get your vehicle fixed by the workshop and pay the balance sum, including the discounts and deals you may get, directly to the workshop.

Do visit their FAQ page to get more information on their services, such as refunds and cancellations. Other information to take note of are the discounts and promo codes that you can use for each purchase you make. Find out how the warranty works with My Tayar as well as the items that are included in their automotive packages.

How is My Tayar able to get such good deals and promotions for all automobile users!

My Tayar brings together a network of workshops to offer the best deals

That’s right, it is because they have a network of workshops that My Tayar is able to bring you the most competitive prices and promotions. Their network currently focuses on quality over quantity with the coverage of workshops lying mostly in Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Perak regions. While the products sold on My Tayar are brand new, you can also get discounts on certain products that they are clearing. These products are known as “New Old Stock” and are going at promotional prices with discounts due to the items being more than 18 months old. It’s a steal if you are not particular about the age of the item but are more concerned about the price you pay. A network of workshops also means a wide range of options to choose from, everything from car tyres to batteries offers a variety of choices. Get a chance to compare price and distance travelled to make better informed decisions and enjoy the most cost savings.

If you’re lost as to the many jargons, worry not as My Tayar provides an entire page on all the jargons used in automotive products and services. With your new found knowledge, you can now shop for the best deals and offers on My Tayar. Knowing what to look for can help you save time and money. With promo codes and discounts, imagine the amount of savings you can get when servicing or improving your automobile.

Should you find a better deal than what is available on My Tayar, just let them know and they will attempt to get the automotive dealer into their network. You can even get a reward for introducing a new automotive seller to My Tayar. Enjoying such benefits plus discounts is such a hard deal to find these days, so do keep out for any potential workshops that might benefit from joining My Tayar network of workshops. You'll have done a good deed to the rest of the community by bringing in these good deals into the network.

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If you haven’t got an account with ShopBack, what are you waiting for! ShopBack gives you 2% cashback for your purchases at MyTayar, with your purchases being tracked within 4 hours and cash redeemable within 75 days. In order to enjoy the discounts and deals, you will have to log in to ShopBack first, then click the link to MyTayar website. Once there, follow the 7 steps as explained above, don’t forget to input your promo codes at the checkout page.

Looking to improve and beautify your automotive in ways other than tyres and batteries? Visit ShopBack Automotive;for things such as phone charger for your car, handphone holder, air purifier and many other automotive gadgets for your vehicle.  Automotive servicing might mean you'll be without a vehicle for a few days, having a vehicle is important in Malaysia to travel about with convenience. Fret not, with ShopBack you can rent a car or a vehicle as a temporary means of transport until you get your automobile back. And you should have guessed it, all of these option gives you promotions and discounts too, hooray to more savings!

Visit MyTayar social media for the latest updates on their promotions and deals

To keep up with the latest deals and promotions by MyTayar, follow their social media here at Facebook and Twitter. We're talking about vouchers and promo codes made readily available on their Facebook page as well as their Twitter. All discount deals are updated regularly on their social media, so if you are following them, you can stay up-to-date with all the cost saving opportunities. Other than promotions, their social media provides articles on automotive gadgets, information and news. All car enthusiast or even regular car users can get knowledge on their vehicles and learn how to improve and handle them better. My Tayar has also been featured on various media, so you can definitely trust them and their services. It is hard to find a better deal than what My Tayar can offer.