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A carefully curated selection of fine fashion pieces. Sizes that fit, styles that work, comfort you'll love. Check out Peep Boutique ongoing promotions

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More about Peep Boutique

Peep Boutique loves fashion too!

Peep Boutique was started by a shopaholic and a lover of fashion so Peep Boutique has relatable fashion pieces that are perfect for the everyday Malaysian. Peep Boutique was founded on a love for online shopping and fashion during a time when online shops were not as popular as they are today. The pieces offered by Peep Boutique can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit for your mood every single day. Most importantly, these looks are tailored to be fashionable and comfortable for maximum impact. Peep Boutique wants to provide you with fashion pieces that you can wear over and over again while still looking trendy and being comfortable.

Peep Boutique offers you everything you could want

From dresses to tops to skirts, Peep Boutique has everything to set you up to be the fashion icon you always wanted to be. Dresses of differing lengths, of different cuts, and in all the colors that are in trend this season (or even next season), Peep Boutique has something for every Malaysian. Even if you are exploring your fashion sense, Peep Boutique will provide you with pieces that you can experiment with. If you are one that prefers to mix and match your items, Peep Boutique also has a wide range of tops and skirts that are suitable for all the occasions you may need to attend. When you are shopping at Peep Boutique, do keep your eye out for sale items that have their discount price next to their original price. Keep track of your savings from Peep Boutique in this way!

If you prefer to shop by collections, Peep Boutique also allows you to shop through "Featured Collections" where you can see all the items in the collection as a cohesive unit and understand more about the thought process and vibe of the entire collection. An example of a featured collection is "Own the Boardroom" where pieces that are suitable for the workplace are a blend of fun and serious.

Peep Boutique Blog

Peep Boutique has a blog with the latest style tips and tricks. With the cutest tagline "Peep into Fashion - Live, Love, Style.", this blog gives you fashion advice, fashion tips and many other interesting fashion related posts. Their blogposts include how to style boyfriend jeans, how to pull off athleisure, and even how to pair vests with other items in your wardrobe! Also, as a blast from the past, you can scroll down to check out Peer Boutique's older posts where they posted photos of real people wearing their relatable clothes.

What's the deal with Peep Boutique's discounts?

Peep Boutique offers a points rewards program where purchasing items and other actions such as following Peep Boutique on Instagram or Facebook can earn you Peep Points. For 500 Peep Points, you get a RM5 discount, for 1000 Peep Points you get a RM10 discount, for 2500 Peep Points you get a RM25 discount and for a RM50 discount all you need is 5000 Peep Points. Imagine that! On your birthday you already receive 500 Peep Points and if you add that up with all the other Peep Points you earn from everything else, you can get more than a RM5 discount! A truly great deal that is not to be missed. 

If you are new, all you have to do is sign up for Peep Boutique's newsletter and you can receive a 15% discount for your first purchase. That's a discount for you simply for being you and shopping at Peep Boutique! And if you are a student, you get an even better deal from Peep Boutique. Peep Boutique has been there and has done that and Peep Boutique knows the struggles of balancing academics with an exciting fashion sense. Thus, Peep Boutique offers students a 10% discount storewide! You no longer have to decide between back-to-school items or statement pieces, you now can choose both thanks to Peep Boutique. These are great promotions that you can take advantage off for more discounts.

Occasionally, Peep Boutique also has seasonal sales such as the "End Of Summer Sale" where you get to buy their stylish items at discounts that can go up to 70% off! Don't forget to check for Peep Boutique sales when you shop at Peep Boutique.

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If you are excited about shopping at Peep Boutique, you should be even more excited because of ShopBack's Peep Boutique coupon code. ShopBack's Peep Boutique coupon code can be used for better promotions and deals to save even more money. ShopBack's Peep Boutique coupon code entitles you to up to 3% cashback. That's a 3% discount even after all the great deals from Peep Boutique themselves! To use ShopBack's Peep Boutique Coupon Code for better discounts, all you have to do is:

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  4. Shop til you drop (but remember to shop only within the window that you were redirected to so as to ensure cashback!)
  5. Once you are done shopping, proceed to payment like you normally do
  6. While filling in your particulars, don't forget to use any Peep Boutique discounts and promotions offered to you during the sale and also don't forget to use ShopBack's Peep Boutique Coupon Code for even greater discounts!
  7. Once you're done, start tidying up your wardrobe and clear a space for your new clothes!

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Keep up to date with Peep Boutique

If you prefer up to date and convenient updates about Peep Boutique's deals and promotions, you can follow Peep Boutique's Instagram where their updates can appear on your newsfeed as you scroll through Instagram. If your preferred social media platform is Twitter, you can follow Peep Boutique's Twitter for their latest updates about their deals and promotions in 150 characters or less. Enjoy!

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