How to Pick the Right Taipei Hotel

You’ve booked your flight tickets, set aside some spending money, and you’re ready to go on your well-deserved vacation, but there’s one thing left – picking the perfect hotel to make your trip complete. As one of Asia’s largest economic hubs, and a popular shopping district, Taipei is full of amazing hotels. From large chain hotels from well-known brands to small boutique ones, choosing the right hotels Taipei Taiwan can be a head scratching experience. To assist you along the way, here’s a list of the things you should consider when you are deciding on which hotels Taipei Taiwan offers that is right for you.

First and foremost, set a budget and filter the hotels in Taipei by cost per night. This will make sure you keep to your financial plan so you won’t end up breaking the bank. Choosing one of the cheap hotels in Taipei, however, does not mean you will be getting a poorer experience – in fact, Taipei is known for its hospitality no matter where you stay.

Second on the list is ambiance. Depending on what kind of vacation you are taking – be it a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a solo trip to escape the hustle of daily life – choosing the Taipei hotel with the right moon to fit your holiday will only enhance your experience. The hotels Taipei Taiwan boasts include those with adjoining rooms for large families, special romantic suites, or even a spa package for relaxation and renewal.

Last, but certainly not least, is location. Location is arguably the most important aspect of a hotel. To choose the perfect Taiwan hotels Taipei has, make sure to plan out your itinerary first. Know the places you want to visit, the routes you’ll be taking, and then choose a Taipei hotel to suit those needs. Not only will this help you reduce travel time and costs, it’ll also give you ease of mind when you’re not worrying about wasting your precious vacation.

Want to know about where are the best locations to stay? Read on and find out!

Taiwan Hotels Taipei – Places to Stay

One possible area of consideration would be hotels near Taipei 101. Part of the Xinyi District, hotels near Taipei 101 would be home to the most cosmopolitan district in the city, as well as the country’s finical centre. Aside from the great shopping and architecture, Hotels near Taipei 101 would also be a great choice for those looking for a first-class dining experience, due to the abundance of high-end restaurants in the area. Hotels near Taipei 101 would be a great choice for any first-time visitor to the city.

If you’re a fan of affordable snack foods, adorable survivors, and looking for the authentic Taipei experience, definitely looking for Hotels in Taipei Taiwan’s Shilin District. Hotels in Taipei Taiwan’s Shilin District would be just a stone’s throw away from the lauded Shilin Night Market, which is considered to be the biggest and most well-known night market in Taipei. With over 500 different food stores, cinemas, and karaoke bars, a Taipei Hotel in Shilin would surely be an unforgettable experience.

For the culture and history obsessed, try to find a Taiwan hotels Taipei in the important district of Da’an. The district is home to three of the city’s major universities, the original Din Tai Fung restaurant, as well as the city’s largest 24-hour bookstore. A cheap hotel in Taipei’s Da’an district might be hard to come by, but for the experience of living like a real Taiwanese, it’s definitely worth it.

Are you a busy bee who is just stopping by Taipei for a day or two? If so, then consider getting hotels in Taipei Taiwan near the city’s Main Station. One of the country’s biggest transport hubs, the Taipei Main Station sees over half a million passengers passing through its doors every day. Be sure to consider those hotels Taipei Taiwan that are near the Main Station if you intend to be one of those passengers.

Saving the best for last, the Ximending neighbourhood is a favourite for young and young at heart. Known as the Harajuku of Taipei, Ximending is a melting pot of cultures and people from all walks of life, with pubs and clubs galore. For a taste of the wild side, be sure to look for a cheap hotel in Taipei near the Ximending neighbourhood. It’ll be an experience you will never forget.

Beauty Hotels Taipei

Much has been said about hotels in Taipei Taiwan, but there is one brand so ubiquitous with hotels in the country, it’s nearly impossible to escape. Of course we’re talking about Beauty Hotels Taipei chain. With 11 different hotels over the city in every location imaginable, Beauty Hotels Taipei has made a name for itself by being affordable but yet exquisite.

One of the premium brands that Taiwan hotels Taipei offers, Beauty Hotels Taipei combines great pricing, charming rooms with quality furniture, and amazing complimentary breakfast buffets to make your holiday one that you will never forget.

Boutique Hotels in Taipei

Taipei is also well-known for its collection of quirky boutique hotels. From the City Inn Plus to the Ulysses Hotel, they each offer themed rooms that give you something to remember. Ranging from interiors that mimic an airplane to ones that mirror Palace rooms of ancient China, these boutique hotels offer something special for everyone!

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