Cashback Rates

  • Newly Registered User with first reload made - RM 10.00
  • Reload - RM 3.00


  • Reload cashback will be capped at RM3 per TnG user per calendar month
  • Newly registered user with first reload made within the same day will be capped at RM10 per calendar month
  • For example: User A registered & made first reload in January. User A gets RM10 cashback. Subsequent reloads in January will not be eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback will be redeemable within 60 days from the day of reload

Terms & Conditions

  1. ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon and deal websites)
  2. If for some reason your payment made on merchant page has failed, do click through ShopBack again and re-do your purchases to ensure tracking is still active
  3. Return to ShopBack and click through to the merchant every time you are making a new transaction
  4. If you are making 3 separate transactions on the merchant, you should click through ShopBack 3 times, each time before making a new purchase
  5. For more details:

To Ensure Cashback


  • Successfully reload a minimum amount of RM10 for each redemption
  • Reload made via ShopBack app


  • Multiple reloads in the same calendar month
  • Reloads through PIN code & auto-reload feature
  • Any other services and payments such as PayDirect, RFID, Parking, Prepaid, Postpaid, Bills, Movies, and Flights